8 months of pregnancy, sudden hemoptysis multi -department relay to save mother and daughter

Reporter Chu Yan

Correspondent Cui Qun Mao Lingzhi

Ms. Wu is 31 years old and has been pregnant for 8 months. If no accident, she will usher in her second baby in February.However, a sudden hemoptysis pushed two lives to the edge of death.At a critical moment, the doctor started a relay and raced with the god of death, and finally protected his mother and daughter peace.

A few days ago, Ms. Wu started hemoptysis from time to time. At that time, the doctor who took the consultation considered that her condition was not serious. She was afraid that the hemostatic drug would affect the fetus and did not do special treatment.At 11 am on January 10, Ms. Wu felt unwell and was taken to the rescue room of Xiamen Hongai Hospital. Within half an hour, the hemoptysis was as high as 500ml!If blood does not stop, hemoptysis is likely to block the trachea, cause suffocation of pregnant women, or a blood -loss shock. Both lives will face death threats.The Ministry of Emergency Medicine immediately opened the green channel to stop bleeding from the minimum impact on the fetus, and urgently called the maternity hospital team, intensive medical department, anesthesia surgery department, interventional treatment department, and respiratory department.The departments quickly assembled and carried out multi -disciplinary emergency consultations in the rescue room.

"Further hemostatic operation will hurt the fetus!" "The fetus has been 34 weeks, and the chance of survival is very good at this time!" "We try to complete the cesarean section surgery in about half an hour!"The production hospital team first removed the fetus and then stop bleeding through interventional treatment.Soon, a baby girl weighed 4.3 pounds was born and suffocated mild.The neonatal doctors performed the tracheal intubation for the first time. After the recovery was successful, they transferred it to the neonatal department.

To save time, the doctor seamlessly opened the next operation in the same operating room.The thoracic surgery performed bronchoscopic examination for Ms. Wu. The interventional treatment department carried out vascular intervention therapy and found the bleeding point in time. It turned out to be bleeding from the right bronchial arteries. Through intervention, the blood finally stopped.After the operation, Ms. Wu was sent to the Department of Severe Medicine to continue treatment.On January 12, Ms. Wu aware of her consciousness, her life was stable, and she was about to move to the obstetric ward.

At present, the baby supports breathing through non -invasive ventilator, and uses breast milk to donate the breast milk of Curry’s caring mother to feed the breast milk.

Director Shen Kaijin, the Ministry of Emergency Medicine, said that the relay of life of the multi -department room was intertwined to ensure that the mother and baby were safe.Ms. Wu’s bleeding is pulmonary-bronchial fistula, and the specific reasons need to be further checked.

Source: Xiamen Daily

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