8 major reasons for fetal positions, 5 small methods of corrected fetal position, pregnant mothers can try it

From the moment we were confirmed to be pregnant, we worried that the baby’s health in the stomach had never stopped.We began to pay attention to our habits, pay attention to our diet, but in August of pregnancy, we were found to be incorrect.

What is fetal position?

The fetal position is the part of the fetus near the cervical mouth when the pregnant woman gives birth, which is the first part of the fetus.

What is normal fetal position?

The fetal position that is most consistent with self -considering childbirth is the fetal head of the fetus, the neck is bent, and the top of the head is in the cervical position, which is the pillow position we often say.In addition, it belongs to the abnormal fetal position.About 97%of babies were first exposed in the body when they gave birth.

Will the fetal position turn right?If the fetus is not large before 7 months of pregnancy, and the uterine space is relatively sufficient, the baby can move freely in the uterus, and most babies will automatically turn right.But in the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus reminded the reminder to become larger, the uterine space is getting smaller and smaller, the fetal activity is limited, and it is difficult to change the fetal position in itself.

8 major reasons that cause abnormal fetal position

Reasons for pregnant women

1. Pregnant women’s uterine malformations

2. Uterine disease, such as uterine fibroids

3. Placenta (prefabricated placenta, low placenta)

4. Pregnant women’s pelvis narrow

5, amniotic fluid abnormalities

The fetal position caused by fetal causes

6. Multi -fetal pregnancy 7. Excessive fetal

3. Fetal malformations

So is there any good way to help your baby turn right?

There are indeed some good ways to help pregnant women correct the fetal position. You can try your chest and knees, moxibustion, and swimming, which are very good.Some special positions can provide enough space for the baby, and provide the baby to provide the necessary only to eat only the fetal position.

1. lying on the chest and knees

Mom kneeled on his knees, his upper body bent on the ground, and his elbows supported the ground.Put your face on the ground, raise your hips, and persist for 10 to 15 minutes.2, supine position

Mom sat on the bed and put a pillow behind.Then lie on the bed on the upper body, hold your legs and support your hips and legs, and persist for 10 minutes.

3. Sideline

The side lying position here is not clearly pointed out whether it is left or right.This depends on the direction of the baby’s back. If the baby’s back rushes to the right side of the mother, the mother will use the left side to lie on the left side (on the left);Lien below.Persist in 10 minutes.

4. Moxibustion

Traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion has a long history of treatment. Moxibustion on the acupuncture points of Sanyinjiao is good for the incorrect effect of the fetal position after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Ginger therapy

This method is also very simple. Mom can buy ginger (not dry ginger). After washing, mash it and wrap it with gauze on the small toe joints (to the Yin acupoint) for three consecutive days, and the fetal position is free.

Today, I write more detailed articles in the article, hoping to help those pregnant mothers who are being injured in the fetal position.If you also have some tips for treating abnormal fetal positions, please leave a message to tell me

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