77 people!Anqiu People’s Hospital is publicly recruited!

According to the needs of work, in 2023, the Anqiu People’s Hospital is now publicly recruited from the society 77 (see the "Public Recruitment of Public Recruitment Staff of the Anqiu People’s Hospital in 2023"). The announcement is as follows:

1. Recruitment position and quantity

2. Recruitment scope and conditions

(1) Comply with discipline and law, and righteousness;

(2) Professional skills and physical conditions for post requirements;

(3) Those who apply for medical positions with medical posts, have the priority of physician qualification certificate, and standardized training certificate for physicians;

(4) Other qualifications for recruitment positions.Fresh graduates must obtain an academic degree certificate required by the applicants before July 31, 2023;

(5) Application of personnel from other medical units in this city must also submit the unit’s consent to apply for certification;

(6) Those who have one of the following circumstances shall not register:

1. Reading full -time ordinary colleges and universities non -fresh graduates;

2. Active soldiers;

3. Those who have been punished by criminal penalties and have been expelled from public office shall be identified as those who have serious violations of discipline and regulations in the civil servant examination and public recruitment of public institutions;

4. If the suspected violation of discipline and law is being accepted the relevant special organs of the relevant authorities, it has not yet concluded;

5. Personnel and superiors of other circumstances that are not employed by laws and regulations and other situations on the relevant regulations on avoidance.

3. Recruitment program

Recruitment is implemented in accordance with procedures such as registration, qualification review, written test, interview, medical examination, publicity, and other procedures.

(1) Report name

1. Registration method: adopt online registration method.

2. Registration time: June 21, 2023 to 17:00 on July 2nd

3. Related requirements: Candidates will fill in the complete "Anqiu People’s Hospital 2023 public recruitment staff registration registration form" (attachment 2) (must be attached to the recent positive crown -free photo), "Anqiu People’s Hospital 2023 Recruitment Registration Registration Registration RegistrationElectronic version of the Electronic Edition and Registration Certificate Material Electronic Edition (please make the photo of the registration certificate in order into a PDF) and send it to the email address in the form of an attachment: aqrmyyzgk@163.com, the theme format of the issuer’s theme formatUnity: Application position+name.

4. Registration certification materials:

(1) Personal valid ID card (front and back);

(2) Graduation certificate and degree certificate of college and above, and the degree obtained outside China must provide relevant certifications of the Ministry of Education. Fresh graduates have not obtained their academic qualifications and degree certificates during the registration stage.You must provide a photo of "Recommended Employment";

(3) Qualification Certificate, Practice Certificate, Standardized Training Certificate of Standardized Training;

(4) Qualification Certificate of Title (Provided by Jobs required by job title);

(5) Social security certification (provided by jobs with work experience);

(6) High school graduation certificate (provided by the full -time college and above of the high school starting point from the high school starting point);

(7) Entry registration of other medical units in this city must provide a certificate of approval.

5. Note

Each person is limited to one post, and the email is delivered only once.If the information is not timely, inaccurate, incomplete, or inaccurate the requirements, the applicants shall bear the corresponding consequences.The materials submitted by the applicants must be true, accurate and complete.If the information and materials of the candidates are not true or do not meet the recruitment conditions, they will immediately cancel the qualifications of the application.Candidates’ performance during the application period will be one of the important contents of public recruitment inspections.

(2) Qualification review

Recruitment hospitals are responsible for qualified review of applicants.

1. Preliminary qualification trial.The hospital conducts preliminary qualifications based on the registration materials reported by the candidate through the mailbox.For those who pass the preliminary examination, the hospital will inform the applicants by SMS, and the candidates shall be responded in time after receiving it; candidates who pass the qualifications shall pay close attention to the recruitment work announcement issued by the recruitment website.

2. On -site review.The on -site qualification review arrangement is performed before the written test, and the qualified person will issue the "Written Examination Test".If the on -site qualification review fails and the on -site qualification review is not performed at the prescribed time, the written test qualification is canceled.

Candidates need to bring the following materials to participate in on -site review:

(1) Original and photocopy of ID card;

(2) Original and photocopy of academic degree certificates, the original and photocopy of the employment recommendation table of the employment recommendation table for fresh graduates have not obtained the graduation certificate;

(3) The original and photocopy of the high school graduation certificate (the requirements for the postal degree of the application of the post are provided by the full -time specialty of the high school starting point);

(4) Fill in the complete and printed paper version of "Anqiu People’s Hospital Public Recruitment Staff Registration Form in 2023";

(5) Original and photocopy of qualification certificate, practice certificate, regulatory certificate (provided by those);

(6) Qualification Certificate of Title (Provided by the job required by the job title);

(7) Social security certification (provided by jobs with work experience requirements);

(8) Other medical units in this city must bring the unit to agree to apply for the original certificate;

(9) 2 inch photos of myself.

The materials submitted by the applicants must be true, accurate and complete.If the information and materials of the candidates are not true or do not meet the recruitment conditions, they will immediately cancel the qualifications of the application.Candidates’ performance during the application period will be one of the important contents of public recruitment inspections.

3. Qualification review runs through the entire process of recruitment. If it is found that it does not meet or fakes the registration conditions in any link, the qualifications for applying are immediately canceled.

(3) Exam content and methods

The exam is combined with written tests and interviews.Written tests and interviews take a percentage of calculation results.

1. Written test

The written test only takes one subject, and the examination subjects are set up according to different majors.Mainly examine professional knowledge engaged in posts.Special textbooks are not specified in the written test.In order to ensure the basic quality of new people, the minimum qualification score line sets the written test setting, and the recruitment unit shall be determined according to the number of job recruitment and written test status.According to the recruitment position and the recruitment plan (after the nuclear reduction), the interviewer is determined according to the written test score from high to low.If several candidates have the same written test scores, they are determined to be a candidate for the interview. The number of writers has a vacant position, cancel the recruitment plan, and the official website of the written test results hospital is announced.

2. Interview

According to the characteristics of the post, a structured interview method is adopted. It mainly examines the comprehensive quality and professional work skills of applicants. The interview results are announced on the hospital’s official website after the interview.

The interview notice and relevant requirements will be notified separately on the official website of the hospital. Please pay attention to the majority of candidates.

3. Total score calculation and ranking

After the interview, calculate the total test score of 50%of the written test scores and interview results.The score is calculated to the two digits after the decimal point, and the end is four.According to the total scores of the exam, the ranking of the ranking from high scores to low scores.As the total score of the candidate’s exams in the recruitment position has the same scores, the ranking order is determined from high to low scores from high to low scores.

(4) Sports test

According to the sequence of the interview score ranking, the person who enters the scope of the examination of the medical examination according to the ratio of 1: 1 shall be organized by the hospital to conduct a medical examination.

Candidates shall be borne by candidates. The medical examination standards and the project refer to the "Notice on the Revision of the" General Standards for Medical Examinations (Trial) "and" Notice of Civil Servant Recruitment Medical Examination Operation Manual (Trial) "(Notice of Council (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Femalens) Execution, the state has other regulations.During the medical examination, candidates who are already pregnant can be extended to perform chest threatening and other examination items.If the re -examination is required in accordance with the regulations, it is not allowed to conduct at the primary inspection hospital. The re -examination can only be performed once.Candidates who have not participated in the medical examination at the prescribed time and place are deemed to have given up.

(5) Public announcement and recruitment

The proposed employees who are qualified for inspection and medical examinations will be announced on the official website of the hospital.If there are objections during the publicity period, the hospital makes a conclusion in accordance with relevant regulations.At the expiry of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the hiring, our hospital has proposed an observation opinion and signed an employment agreement.If it affects the problem of hiring and verified the problem, it will not be hired.

Fourth, related treatment

Refer to the implementation of the relevant treatment regulations of Anqiu City Public Institutions and Hospital.

Five, he

Candidates should carefully read the recruitment announcement and attachment, and understand the latest information released by the official website of the hospital in a timely manner. The personnel entering the interview scope must maintain the communication and effectiveness.

Candidates must strictly abide by the relevant policies and regulations of public recruitment, comply with the unified arrangements of the recruitment unit, and fail to obey the normal work arrangements, unreasonably make trouble, disrupt the normal recruitment work order during the application processdeal with.

This announcement is interpreted by the People’s Hospital of Anqiu City.

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June 21, 2023

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