62 days of the summer curtain opening today: Jingzhang Jingha high -speed rail plus multiple general speed line trains to speed up

As the summer vacation approaches, the 62 -day railway summer transport has begun.Starting at zero today, the National Railway Beijing Bureau has launched the train running map in the third quarter. Not only did the Beijing -Zhang Zhang and the Beijing -Kazakh high -speed rail increased, but Zhangjiajie to Beijing West and other general -speed trains also "relegated" to accelerate.At the same time, the Beijing Railway’s summer operation map is opened simultaneously. In the summer, the Beijing Bureau will open 86.5 pairs of Lingke.

After the operation map was adjusted, the 5 high -speed rails of the Beijing -Kazakh high -speed rail, the Beijing -Tang Dynasty intercity, the Beijing -Guangzhou high -speed rail, the Beijing -Shanghai high -speed rail, and the Beijing -style high -speed railway, the five general lines of Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, and Jinshan were allWith great adjustments, it will significantly improve the overall function and operating efficiency of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Road.

According to the railway department, the role of the Big Passenger Station hub has been further prominent since one year since the operation of Beijing Fengtai Station.After this map, K270/69 times from Luoyang to Beijing West, K42/1 time from Jiayuguan to Beijing, K264/3 of Baotou to Beijing, etc.hair.

"Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei" on the orbit is further optimized and upgraded.After the operation map was adjusted, the trains around Beijing were opened, and the train to Beijing to Beijing was added to the train -Gu’an Station increased 6 pairs of general -speed parking trains.The 1.5 pair of the train opened the train, the Handan Station increased the CR200J power concentrated vehicle group "Hulk" 2 pairs, 1 pair of general speed trains, 7 pairs of new Beijing Tang intercity trains.A high -speed rail seat.

Multi -trip -to -speed trains are "relegated", and the operation time is further compressed.From today, the railway department will increase the K965/8, K967/6s from Zhangjiajie to Beijing West to the train from Jilin to Shanghai.Qinhuangdao’s 2604/1, 2602/3 times to improve the level to fast trains, more scientific and balanced arrangements for Puchai passenger trains to stop stations and stop time to further improve the quality of Puchai passenger train services.

Starting today, the Beijing Railway’s summer operation map is opened simultaneously.Summer passenger transportation from July 1st to August 31st has a total of 62 days.During the summer, the National Railway Beijing Bureau is expected to send 71.15 million passengers, with an average of 1.148 million daily, an increase of significantly over the previous years.Due to the multi -layer superposition of student flow and tourism flow, Nantong, Nanchang, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Harbin and other directions have strong passenger flow. In order to meet the needs of passenger flow, the Beijing Bureau opened the 86.5 pair in time.(Reporter Sun Hongyang Correspondent Zhang Yong)

Source: Beijing Daily

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