510,000 people research: Chinese people drink milk or increase the risk of liver cancer and breast cancer?Can milk still drink?

"Mom, don’t give your baby milk anymore in the future. Some studies say that drinking too much milk will cause cancer."

"Who do you hear nonsense? My grandson is growing up, so I have to drink more milk to replenish calcium."

Grandma Zhang, 63, is an accountant. After retirement, he went to his son’s house to help take care of the grandson in the kindergarten.A few days ago, Grandma Zhang saw a new batch of milk at the supermarket at the gate of the community, so he hurriedly bought two two boxes to get home for his grandson and wanted to supplement your baby nutrition.But after seeing her mother moved back two boxes of milk, she told her not to buy milk next time. What was the situation?

It turned out that when Grandma Zhang’s son was surfing online, he saw that "Chinese people drinking milk will increase the chance of incidence of liver cancer and breast cancer."But after hearing his son’s words, Grandma Zhang retorted him and said, "Who has never drank milk by the Chinese, you have also often drank it from an early age, and your body is not good?"

Although her son was speechless by his mother, his heart was still unwilling to give the baby milk.Seeing this, I believe you are also very curious in front of the screen. Whether this milk can drink or drink. Whether the online remarks have nothing to do with scientific experiments?Don’t worry, we will look down, and will answer your doubts one by one.

It is believed that many people know that milk contains rich nutrients, which are suitable for all ages, so milk is one of the common drinks in Chinese families.However, in recent times, "drinking milk will increase the risk of Chinese people with liver cancer and breast cancer." Is these remarks true, and should milk continue to exist in Chinese families?

In fact, online remarks are not groundless.

Chinese researchers and British researchers published a data report on "dairy products in specific cancer" in the "BMC Medicine" magazine.

This research is mainly for the 510,000 people in my country (age 30-79, no history of cancer, with 60%of which women, 40%of men), have tracked and visited for nearly 11 years.

Researchers divide the subjects roughly: at least once a week (about 50 grams/day), at least once a month (about 50 grams/day), rarely or never eat dairy products., Perform the control test.

After 11 years, the researchers comprehensively and compared the information of these subjects, and found that the risk of dairy products greater than equal to dairy products per week increased by 12%than those who did not eat dairy products.Increased by 17%.So through this experiment, the final conclusion: "The more dairy products are closely related to some specific cancers in the human body."

As soon as this conclusion was published, it caused a lot of sensation in my country. Many young people were willing to believe in the test conclusions of scientists and not let their families drink milk again.However, there are also many elderly people like Grandma Zhang at the beginning of the article do not think that drinking milk carcinogenic views, so can milk drink?

A professor at Oxford University responded to this. He believes that this test has great limitations and does not strictly control the types of dairy products and other diet variables of dairy products. Therefore, this can only be used as an observation categoryIn the control test, there must be a causal relationship between dairy products and cancer directly. Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone blindly restrict the intake of dairy products.

Many people may be confused, and they can’t help thinking: "Although it cannot directly prove that milk can cause cancer, but if it is really harmful to the human body? Why not sell sales directly across the country?"

This is because as of now, there is no direct evidence that can prove that dairy products will affect human health, but through a large number of experiments, it can be known that consumption of dairy products will bring the following benefits to the body.

Many people may have experienced the experience of being urged by parents since childhood, and even many families have ordered their children to drink fresh milk, and they also ordered the business of "getting milk daily".And according to the latest "Guidelines for Nutrition Diet" released in 2022, each person should consume 300-500g milk per day, which is 200g more than 300g per person released in the 2016 version. What is the reason?What benefits can milk bring to the human body?

1. Protect blood vessel health

We all know that blood vessels are the largest system of the human body. It is covered with various organs and tissues throughout the body to supply nutritional transportation and blood circulation of the whole body to ensure the normal operation of various organs of the body.

Once abnormalities occur, it will induce a variety of diseases. In severe cases, it may also threaten people’s life safety, so it is very important to protect blood vessels.Someone will ask here that blood vessels do not look like skin. We can contact care with hands. How should blood vessels be protected?

In fact, as early as a few years ago, the magazine of "Liu Ye Dao" mentioned that adults drink 150-300g milk daily to reduce the incidence of vascular disease by 23%.Because research has found that milk is rich in potassium, it can help maintain the stability of vascular elasticity and stress of the arteries, thereby reducing the emergence of vascular disease.

2. Supplement of calcium

We often say that "the child is too fast, we must give calcium supplementation", but what role does calcium play in the human body?

Calcium is an important component of tooth and bones, and it is also an important element that exists in muscles and nerves.In the case of long -term calcium deficiency, it is very likely that muscle spasm, physical fatigue, osteoporosis and other symptoms are very likely. This is why everyone pays attention to calcium intake in life.

Milk is a drink with more calcium content in us. Studies have found that the amount of calcium per 100g of milk can reach 100-120ml.And the calcium elements in cow milk are most likely to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, so this is why it is recommended to drink appropriate amount of milk in life clinically.

3. Improve sleep quality

People with a slight insomnia in life may have such experience: "It takes about 10-30 minutes to fall asleep, and it takes only 5-10 minutes to sleep after drinking milk." What is the reason?Can milk still improve people’s sleep quality?

Yes, milk does have the effect of sleeping.Scientific research has found that milk contains a substance called "Syminopine", and this substance can stimulate the human body to secrete 5-hydroxylin. 5-hydroxylidin can directly inhibit the excitement of the neuroma central system, make people feel fatigue, thereby reaching to achieve the fatigue.The effect of sleep aid.

4. Enhance resistance

We all know that resistance is an important mechanism for the human body to eliminate foreign bacteria and viruses and clear its own damage and death cells. Therefore, the improvement of immunity is very important for our physical health.

Although many of us know that scientific exercise and regular life can improve our immunity, for those who are limited to some time, in fact, try to improve their own immune capacity by drinking milk.

Because protein is a direct substance that constitutes an immune globulin (enhanced immunity and prevent infectious diseases), and milk contains a large amount of high -quality protein and mineral elements required by multiple human body, so milk can improve people’s immunityability.

Through the above, I believe that many people have learned the benefits of milk to the human body. Perhaps you can’t wait to go to the supermarket to buy two boxes in front of the screen.But here I remind everyone that although milk is good, it is not suitable for everyone. If you belong to the following special groups, please do not drink milk.

First, milk allergies cannot drink.

We often hear people’s pollen allergy and dust allergy, but have you heard of milk allergies.Some people may hear this word subconsciously that milk can bring so many benefits to the human body, even if allergies cannot prevent the love of milk.In fact, this idea is very wrong.

Although most patients with milk allergic patients have mild symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain after drinking milk, there are also a few patients who have an allergic shock. If the shock cannot be treated in time, it is likely to threaten life safety.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to milk allergies. If you do not believe that you should seek medical treatment immediately, you must not take allergies as a play.

Secondly, the lactose is not resistant to stay away from milk.

The so -called lactose intolerance refers to the lack of a substance called "lactase" in this type of human body. Its main function is to participate in the digestion and absorption of lactose in the human body.Maybe many people will doubt, what is the relationship between lactose and milk?

In fact, many people don’t know that more than 99%of sugar in milk belongs to lactose. If "lactose is not resistant to people" consumes milk, it will cause lactase to indigestion due to lack of lactase, causing abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and other discomforts.Symptoms, in severe cases, there may be shock.

Furthermore, patients with kidney stones are not suitable for drinking milk.

Every time clinical doctors, doctors tell kidney stones to stay away from milk. What is the reason for this?What is the relationship between milk and kidney stones?

In fact, the emergence of kidney stones is mainly caused by excessive calcium elements in the body.If the patient continues to drink milk with high calcium content, it is likely to increase the symptoms of stones.

At present, there is still no direct evidence or experimental research that can prove that milk will increase the chance of cancer, so everyone does not need to over -care on the Internet.You can follow the "China Guidelines for Nutritional Diet" in moderation, but here is a reminder to the special group mentioned above to stay away from milk.

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