5 major pregnancy contraindications, pregnant mothers can do it with confidence, these things do not need to be careful

As we all know, pregnancy is a thing that needs to be cautious and cautious, and there are more and more taboos of pregnancy. Sometimes these taboos make pregnant mothers fear and feet.Moon was originally a happy process, but so so -called taboos made pregnant mothers exhausted, and even anxiety would be overly anxious during pregnancy.

In fact, pregnant mothers are not as delicate as we think, and babies are not so fragile. It is not wrong to prevent pregnant mothers from preventing it. However, there are some traditional taboos. In fact, there is no scientific basis.Moms live harder. Today, let ’s talk about a few traditional taboos. There is a lack of scientific basis. Moms can rest assured to do it.

1. Can’t say three months before pregnancy.

The old man often said that you can’t tell you good news in the first three months of pregnancy.This statement also knows that there is no scientific basis. It is easy to have miscarriage 3 months before pregnancy, and even 80%of the accidents occur 3 months ago.

This is mainly because the fetus is still unstable in the first three months of pregnancy, and there are many uncertain factors. This period is also a critical period for fetal growth and development., So it is recommended to wait for the fetus to stabilize and tell you the news.

2. Resolutely cannot make up and skin care.

This is also a common misunderstanding.In fact, cosmetics and skin care products are not so terrible, especially skin care products. Pregnant mothers can still maintain their skin during pregnancy. Now many businesses have developed special skin care products for pregnant women.Yes, pregnant women should avoid using effective products during daily skin care.

Sometimes pregnant mothers still need to attend some important occasions during pregnancy, so it is also possible to make up with cosmetics occasionally. This can also make the pregnant mother’s complexion better.become better.

The left side of the pregnant woman is a recommended sleeping position, because this can prevent pregnant women from being compressed by the lower abdomen veins and cause edema.But it does not mean that you can only use this sleeping position in October. The premise of the choice of sleeping position is mainly based on the comfort of pregnant mothers. Therefore, as long as you sleep comfortably, it is necessary to alternate sleeping positions.The side sleeping position is good for the fetus. It has always been used as a sleeping position, which not only affects sleep, but also causes insomnia for pregnant women.

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