5 kinds of free and unbounded underwear, which one do you like best?

Good -looking lingerie is everywhere, and comfortable underwear is picked.Female friends know that a free, unbounded underwear will not be sultry all day long, and the road is windy.In daily life, 5 kinds of underwear we often like, which one do you like best?Victoria underwear takes you to find out.

The 1st is no steel ring underwear

We have already passed the era of underwear with steel rings. Without the bulky and crab of steel, through the three -dimensional cutting technology, the double -layer fabrics are sewed and fitted along different chest shapes.Don’t worry about the size of the steel ring, and don’t worry about the marks, soft and comfortable, very comfortable.

The second paragraph is no trace sheet

No marked underwear is also called a piece of underwear without any stitching. Even if there is a steel ring -free underwear, it also uses a hidden steel ring process. There will be no marks around the chest.The whole underwear does not have steel bones, soft and comfortable.Coupled with the design of the light cup noodles, it is particularly easy to match the coat, and there will be no embarrassment of the traces of underwear.

The third paragraph is a mulberry silk underwear

Its special thing is that the material is a natural silk that enjoys the "fiber queen". It belongs to protein fiber, which can not only play the basic function of blocking the chest. There are 18 kinds of amino acids in the silk.The soft and silky touch won the love of women.

The 4th paragraph is underwear vest

This is a vest with a built -in cup or chest pad. It has the role of vests. It is free to wear. There is no sense of tight -fitting. You can wear daily homes and outside.Love.

The 5th is latex

Compared with traditional sponge underwear, the texture of natural latex fabrics is lighter and transparent, 70%lighter than traditional underwear, plus more than 6,000 air -to -hole design, which is more comfortable to wear than not wearing.Natural latex fabrics also have the effects of inhibitory, mitigation, hydration and humidification.Coupled with 4D three -dimensional cutting technology, different chest shapes have different choices. A 4D magic cup underwear that can breathe has become the ideal type of underwear in each woman’s mind.

Have you tried these 5 kinds of free and unbounded underwear?

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