5 kinds of foods are the "protecting gods" of fetal vision. If pregnant women eat well, the baby can have a good vision.

There are some prospective dads and mother -in -law who are highly myopia, for fear that the baby’s vision will be affected in the future, so during pregnancy, you want to supplement the fetal vision through nutrition.The vision of the fetus is related to the genetic genetic genetic and the acquired growth and development. The diet during pregnancy cannot play a decisive role, but the pregnant woman can eat well, and the fetal vision can be better.

If the pregnant woman is deficient in calcium, the child she given is 3 times the chance of suffering from myopia. Therefore, she also needs to supplement sufficient calcium for the vision of the fetus during pregnancy.

After the baby is born, the mother’s diet is also closely related to the vision development of children. If the diet structure is unreasonable, it is one of the important reasons for the influence of children’s vision development.

The lack of lactating mothers in zinc, if you do not pay attention to the intake of soy products or carotene, it will also cause insufficient nutrition in your body and further affect children’s vision development.

The lack of HDA in breast milk will also affect the baby’s vision. If breastfeeding cannot be performed for its own reasons, it should be added to the baby in time to add DHA baby formula milk powder to promote vision development.

Take more foods containing vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to develop the vision of the fetus. Specific moms can appropriately take more foods rich in vitamin A after pregnancy. For example, common carrots are very good ingredients.In addition to the rich vitamin A, carotene and other nutrients, carrots also contain dozens of other nutrients, which is helpful for maternal and infant health.In particular, it can improve maternal and infant immunity and play a prevention of disease.Pure natural vitamin A has better effects than vitamin A. Many expectant mothers choose to eat carrots appropriately after pregnancy.But the prospective moms must pay attention to that the more you eat, the better, and eating too much carotene poisoning, it is not good for the body.

The best source of vitamin A is the liver, cod liver oil, milk, and eggs of various animals. Plant foods such as carrots, amaranth, spinach, leek, green peppers, red heart sweet potatoes, and orange, apricot, and persimmons in fruits.

Multiple intake HDA foods

From 7 to 9 months of pregnancy to the fetus before and after birth, if there is a serious lack of HDA, adverse consequences such as visual neuritis and blurred vision will occur.

DHA believes that everyone is no stranger. This nutrient is not only conducive to fetal intelligence, but also helps vision. Therefore, we often hear pregnant women to eat more sea fish.This is because there are rich Omega-3 fatty acids in oil-based fish, and Omega-3 fatty acids are transformed into DHA raw materials, so it can help fetal vision and development.

Of course, pregnant mothers can also eat some fish oil appropriately, but pay attention to choosing the brand and dosage. It is best to take it under the guidance of a obstetrician. After all, it is a three -point poison.

In addition, it is not recommended that pregnant women eat canned fish foods. It is best to buy fresh fish to cook. It is recommended that pregnant women eat 1-2 fish a week.

Condition more vitamin E food

Vitamin E has a antioxidant effect, which can inhibit the peroxide lipid response in the crystal body, expand the peripheral blood vessels, and improve the effect of blood circulation.But infants and young children cannot take vitamin E directly, so they need to be supplemented by diet.

Soy oil, peanut oil, and vitamin E in bananas are high. Each 100 grams of peanut oil contains vitamin E12 mg. It is the main source of vitamin E during the diet. Mothers during pregnancy and lactation should pay attention to supplementation.

Take more grain grains

The nutritional content of grains of grains is higher than the so -called fine grains, such as oats, millet, soybeans, which are rich in vitamin B, and vitamin B1 is one of the source of nutritional sources of visual nerves. Vitamin B1 is insufficient, and the eyes are easy to fatigue; vitamin B2 B2; vitamin B2;Insufficient, it is easy to cause keratitis.

Therefore, mothers should not be partial during pregnancy. You can eat some soybeans, fresh milk, sesame and other foods in moderation.

eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a often heard. People who lose weight can achieve the effect of low calorie intake. People who love beauty can achieve the role of skin beauty. In terms of protecting the baby’s vision, eating more vegetables and fruits is not small.

Vitamin C is one of the components of human eye crystals. If the lack of vitamin C is likely to cause problems such as crystal turbidity.At the same time as pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers eat fruits and vegetables, they can also consume more nutrients such as vitamins and anthocyanins that help fetal vision development, which is very helpful for fetal vision health.

Mountain mulberry

Shan Sangzi is called the "protector" of the eyes because it can accelerate the ability of purple quality to promote the acuity of human vision.

The anthocyanin ingredients in the mountains and mulberry can effectively inhibit the enzymes that destroy the eye cells. In addition to the mountains and mulberry, you can also eat more other flowers rich in flowers such as red, purple, purple red, blue and other vegetables., Fruit or berry, such as: red beet, red tomato, black cherry skin, eggplant, giant peak black grapes.


Don’t look at it with blueberries, but in fact, the nutrition inside is very effective. The anthocyanins in the blueberry are very high. This is quite good for the baby’s development.Mom’s skin is also moisturizing.After understanding the fruits of blueberries, pregnant mothers usually eat more.

Fish soup

This food must be very familiar with the pregnant mothers. The fish is rich in protein and DHA. The taste is delicious. Because of the low fat content, the pregnant mother is not easy to gain weight, so it is easy to be accepted by pregnant mothers.

After the pregnant mothers drink the fish soup, remember to eat the fish also, so that the nutritional intake is more sufficient.


In terms of nuts, because of its high oil content, it is not recommended to eat too much daily.For example, eating walnuts, pregnant women eat 3-5 a day, it is almost the same, eating too much is risk of getting fat.In addition, pregnant mothers are not recommended to buy a bumper walnut and buy food with a shelf life at a regular supermarket.


In particular, I must recommend wolfberry to expectant mothers, which have the effects of clearing the liver and clear eyes, which is good for itself and the fetus of the fetus. Wolfberry is rich in carotene, as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc.Nutrition of the eyes.However, pregnant women should pay attention to eating wolfberry in moderation to avoid a large amount of consumption.

There are many factors that affect the baby’s vision. Diet nutrition is just one of the important factors. Which food is specifically selected to promote the development of the fetus or baby’s vision. During pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers can be carried out according to their own taste.

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