49 -year -old entrepreneur in the same room after drinking and getting pregnant with unexpected pregnancy. Can children ask?Listen to the reproductive doctor what to say

There are often such plots in TV series. The male and female protagonists are chaotic after drinking, and most of them are unexpectedly pregnant.

The plot in the TV series occurred in real life. The 49 -year -old entrepreneur Wang was a friend of me. He was upright and started. He started to give more than 100 private entrepreneurs who solved employment problems from more than 100 people.At the end of last year, there was a business at the end of last year, and there was an entertainment, and I drank a lot of wine during the table.However, everyone drank too much, and some people accidentally said: Pharaoh, why don’t you have a child? Isn’t it possible? Although President Wang is a little dizzy, he still feels a little ashamed.When I got home, the wine was not awake, so I had a room with my wife. As a result, this time, a month later, the wife found that she was pregnant.Pharaoh is happy and worried, what should I do if this child is unhealthy?Very distressed.

Drinking and hurting the body, especially injury to germ cells.Do you want the child who is passionate after drunk?

Whether pregnancy is healthy after drinking can be analyzed from the perspective of alcohol on sperm, eggs and fetuses.

Let’s talk about sperm first. Sperm mature in the tube tube is about 64 ~ 72 days, so that mature sperm can be discharged from the body normally and conceive the woman.Therefore, from this perspective, if men drink in the same room that night, it will generally not affect the health of the fetus.

The fertilized sperm was formed three months ago, which can make the woman pregnant, indicating that the semen is not affected.

However, the impact of alcohol on sperm is very large, which will cause genetic mutations, and the probability of malformations in the fetus will increase.If you plan to have a child in the near future, the man drinks too much alcohol, and you need to conceive at least one sperm mature cycle, that is, it is best to consider conception after three months.

Therefore, for men, it is mainly to evaluate the impact of alcohol on mature sperm.

Besides eggs, normal women generally excrete one egg in a menstrual cycle, and individual women will excrete two or more eggs.

If men are only influenced by alcohol, for women, alcohol not only affects the eggs, but also has a greater impact on the body.After all, the fetus must grow for 280 days in the mother’s body. The probability of alcohol can increase the probability of abortion, which will also cause the fetal organs to develop poorly.

Therefore, for women, from the mature secretion of eggs, to fertilized eggs, to the development of the fetus, that is, from the first three months of pregnancy (at least three months), until the whole pregnancy, and the post -pregnancy breastfeeding period, you cannot drink alcoholWant to a healthy baby, you can’t touch a little wine!

A series of influence on the fetus on the fetus is called a fetal alcoholic score.Alcohol will have irreversible damage to the central nervous system of the fetus and various organs, which not only can greatly affect the fetal intelligence, cognitive and intellectual disorders, but also may cause organ development malformations, and even cause the fetus to die.

Drinking after pregnancy, there is indeed a possibility of unhealthy fetal fetus. You can’t be lucky. You must check in time!

The effects of alcohol on fetal health are mainly during pregnancy. Drinking women during pregnancy can cause abnormal development of the fetus.

For President Wang, he did not drink alcohol in the past three months. The same room on the night of drinking was basically an impact on sperm.Pharaoh is relieved. With the wife’s check -up on time and careful inspection, a big fat boy was born, and now the child is full of moon, and all indicators are also very healthy.

After this incident, President Wang also realized and decided not to drink anymore in the future.


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