48 -year -old Xu Jinglei was exposed to pregnancy. She really wanted to give birth?

A few days ago, because she wore a slightly wider clothes, somehow began to pass her pregnancy.

Although the entertainment industry now has a child.

But do you forget Xu Jinglei’s original remarks?She frozen eggs 9 years ago and also said in the interview that "preparing surrogacy".

Therefore, I guess that even if she finally wants a child now, it may not be born by herself!

After all, there are a lot of sins that older women are going to suffer.

Self -awareness is like her, and she will not put herself in a dilemma for a child.

Why do I say she is self -conscious?

Looking at her ins, you know that playing the piano, writing, traveling, cooking … will always be a good, quiet look.

It is described in four words: free and free.

Nearly half a year, Xu Jinglei seemed to be the exception of several big flowers that year-

Unmarried and unmarried, both parents, friends, love human body, and a bunch of hobbies, life is fully obeyed.

The secular rules are all invalidated here.

The others seem to be in the Vanilla Field.

It is light, but it is natural to be involuntary behind it.

Even Zhou Xun has recently been repaired because of his variety shows that he cannot resonate with young people.

Only Xu Jinglei, she seemed to come to the entertainment industry, and she would leave.

Lightly like playing a game of life, she was sleepy and followed the entertainment leader, but she couldn’t figure out her like the wind.

Especially the Beijing circle who once walked in Beijing, who had said, said that they had escaped all the restraints.

It even evolved into a representative of independent women.

Of course, saying that these do not mean, I praise Xu Jinglei and feel that some of the others are not good.

Everyone has their own choices, I just curious:

Xu Jinglei, who is lonely, where did her capital come from?Where did her confidence come from?


Raise as a boy

As a post -70s, Xu Jinglei was similar to the same age as women of the same age.

Do not apply powder, not weak and charming.

As soon as he shot, he sent a villa to his lover Wang Shuo.

You know, the Beijing man loves the deep love for this girl and praises "big honey".

When Gao Xiaosong talked about her, she was often excited: "You can’t be called Mi Mi, not only beautiful, but also a fan."

What kind of fan?Feng Xiaogang’s "Old Artillery" has shown examples.

"You go to the street to fight, I will help you to move bricks; you go to the street stubborn piano, I help you sing harmony, you are beaten into a plant man, I raise you for a lifetime."

Xu Jinglei outside the movie did do it.

Cao Kefan interviewed Wang Shuo and confirmed to him: "Did your house buy it Xu Jinglei?"

Wang Shuo said, "It’s true, don’t you spend money on your Shanghai men? We have always spent money for men in Beijing, and I have a soft rice. I eat soft rice, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is, who is a soft rice.Who’s money? "

At the end, I made up a sentence: "The one I like in Beijing’s women is that they take themselves as men."

This is not false.

Wang Shuo likes Xu Jinglei, not only because she is beautiful, it is probably because she looks like a boy.

Speaking of which, Xu Jinglei thanked her father.

Because she has a father who has become a set of educational concepts, she has deliberately raised her as a boy from an early age.

When Xu Jinglei was still in her mother’s belly, the neighborhood neighbor observed for a long time and agreed that she was a boy. Who knew that the girl came out at the end. After the father learned of it, he sat alone on the sofa for a long time.

You must educate your daughter -in -law than other children!

When the people across the country did not know what children’s education was, Dad Xu had already begun studying foreign parenting books.

Every day, I have time to step on the 28th bicycle and go to the oldest library in Beijing to copy educational books.

That note was full.

When Xu Jinglei was six years old, Dad Xu decided to let her learn calligraphy because of her good job.

In addition, English, back ancient texts, writing, writing diaries, reading four masterpieces, running … one does not fall, all arranged.

Tiring than the current children.

Dad Xu also has a rule to prevent her from reading Song Ci. He believes that the graceful things are too sticky and even if they are soft, but their children are full of affection all day, and they always return to Xiaojiazi.

Under such strict discipline, Xu Jinglei’s nature has been suppressed, but it has indeed become talented.

Xu Jinglei described his childhood shadow more than 5 pm every day, and his father came home from get off work.

Perhaps the rebellion when he was a kid was now released, and Xu Jinglei had a strong rebellion consciousness on Xu Jinglei when he grew up.

It can be said that there is a pursuit of freedom, until more than forty, and it is still in a long period of rebellion.

But Xu Jinglei’s dad’s tiger’s father was different from Lang Lang’s father. Although he was severe, he gave the child a sense of security.

With a routine inspection of calligraphy homework, Xu Jinglei did not finish writing. She was unwilling to rewrite it twice. When she checked again, she secretly took out the passage a few days ago.

After his father found out, he did not beat or scold, but accompanied her to draw the rice character with his own hands.

Since then, no matter how busy, the child practiced the word every night.

It is the best education to lead by example.

Later, Xu Jinglei wrote in her famous blog, "He is the most work dad in the world."

In 1982, Xu Jinglei was 8 years old. Dad Xu resigned from the iron rice bowl of the bulb factory and founded a neon factory.

At the beginning, the family was barely lost, so I had to collect waste, picking it out from the inside, and earning some living expenses.

In order to exercise the child’s hard work, Dad Xu stipulates that she must pick up for two hours of waste in the cold and windy yard after school.

Xu Jinglei was cold and cold, her grandmother was distressed, but her father insisted on not loosening: "The more difficult it is, the more you can exercise the will of one person."

That being said, the next day he bought a thick cotton glove to put it on Xu Jinglei, and he drank it with hot water.

I have written the influence of a native family more than once, and Xu Jinglei is no exception.

This rigorous and generous love is like a foundation. No matter what it grows from the inside, the rhizomes are developed and the branches are lush.

On Xu Jinglei, what grows is strong self -awareness.


Dajimi in the Beijing circle

Xu Jinglei, who originally wanted to take the dancing and dancing department in China, was in the middle of the test room in the examination room.

The beauty around her is like a cloud, and when she is in the upper class, she seems to have the slowest learning to learn the position in the group.

So she chose to escape and escape a lot of lessons.

At this moment, the appearance of a big man filled her mental emptiness.

In 1994, Xu Jinglei, who was in his sophomore year at the age of 20, met Wang Shuo, who had already become famous at the age of 36.

Wang Shuo is a typical Beijing old artillery, and loves authentic Beijing Dashu.

"Xu Jinglei is a rock fruit, and is the most positive in Beijing Fan’er. The handsome play is a young man who does not repair the border. I especially like this kind of person, otherwise I feel particularly tired.Who do you look at? "

The two developed rapidly and they called every day.

Xu Jinglei said that he was a mentor, and later Wang Ziwen also said that Wang Shuo was a spiritual pillow.

As the soul figure of the Beijing literature and art circle, Wang Shuo, who is famous for his success, naturally baptize the girls at the spiritual level.

But the soul fits again, and after all, the outsiders can not escape the contempt of "extramarital affairs".

At that time, Wang Shuo had been itching with Shen Jiaxu for 7 years, and the two had a 6 -year -old daughter Wang Mi.

Don’t look at Wang Mi that it was not big at the beginning. What an impact on this extramarital affair has caused her to be estimated.

Some classmates ran to ask her with a star magazine: "How did your dad look at her?"

No one knew what Wang Mi answered at the time, only to know that Wang Mi in the future said that he was very angry:

"At that time, I asked him why he was not at home and stayed outside the hotel. He said to write novels. Write fart novels! They all hid me, thinking that I don’t know, but I don’t know what to know. Don’t ask me how to know.I. Who thinks that the child is stupid and he is stupid. "

But for these harms, Xu Jinglei naturally ignored it, and in the present words, it was very moral.

The young Xu Jinglei rushed directly to Shen Jiaxu to "forced the palace": "I have swayed in and out of your house, so let me give me me."

Shen Jiaxu watched the young girl in front of her ten -year -old girl who said firmly: "You don’t understand, I’m her mother, you can’t replace me."

However, this consider self -consider "Wang Shuo’s mother" and determine that she can tie her husband in her life in her life.

In 1996, Wang Shuo divorced, and Shen Jiaxu took her daughter away from the United States.

This time, no one can stop Xu Jinglei pursuing "true love".

More importantly, this true love can take her to the height that she has never been able to see, seeing the scenery that the average person is uncomfortable.


Top Hua Dan

In the temperament, the love and evil are all colored, and Wang Shuo’s hope of Xu Jinglei is deep:

"In our Beijing, the outstanding representative in the 1950s was Liu Sora, and he could write and write songs. The outstanding representative in the 1960s was Faye Wong. In the 1970s, I hope it is Xu Jinglei."

For this reason, Wang Shuo spared no effort to push Xu Jinglei on the line.

At the beginning, he fell with Feng Xiaogang’s film company.

Be sure to let her do the heroine of "A Wind and Snow Moon".

As a result, Xu Jinglei has since been smooth in the film and television circle. Today, she is the resource coffee Liu Haocun.

However, Xu Jinglei obviously has more audiences. The most famous role in "Perform Love to the End" made her a popular lover and directly reached the top line.

When the actor did this, it was actually difficult to surpass, not to mention that she was not here, and 20 years ago, she had the idea of being a director.

After all, the top resources in China at that time were in front of her, and she knew how to use these.

In 2003, directed by Xu Jinglei’s debut "I and Dad", Wang Shuo invited her to starring Ye Daying, the veteran of the Beijing circle.

Later, several literary films finished filming a lot, and began to move to commercial films.

A "Durara Promotion" was justified to send her to the director club of 100 million yuan, and even as early as the issuance, the cost of advertising was used to get the cost.

Under Wang Shuo’s blessing, Xu Jinglei became famous at the age of thirty and strong.

If it is not to say that it has nothing to do with men, it is probably the so -called talent.

One romantic love movie "There is only we know in one place" of the famous rule of law coffee Wu Moufan, or dragged Wang Shuo’s launch as a screenwriter, which directly caused Teacher Wang’s artistic career to be inadequate.

But it is undeniable that no matter what method is used, Xu Jinglei has completed the accumulation of "original capital" from zero to one.

This became the foundation of all her wanton and willfulness in her future.

At this time, Xu Jinglei’s vigorous self was properly released, and he didn’t care about the scandal with various colors.

In 2004, she fell in love with Huang Jue because of the "Letter of a Strange Woman" and was photographed together with the United States and Dai couple ring.

In a word, the fact that this pair of love was accidentally stamped at a movie conference at a film conference.

At that time, Fan Bingbing also provoked that he was looking forward to passionate play with Huang Jue.

These two sentences, no matter what, Xu Jinglei couldn’t bear it, and posted a Weibo back: "Every time I hear what brother, grandpa, I feel the breath of the old society comes."

Later, Xu Jinglei tried the water music scene and entangled with the musician Sambo for a while.

In addition, there are Han Han, Zhang Yadong and so on.

The more real hammer was a kiss with Jackie Chan in the car.

But the old Xu section Gaoming is here.

Wang Shuo’s feelings for her are not as simple as men and women. He once said:

"My money is her money, her money is my money. After I die, the money is her, and she returns to me when she dies."

It looks like the friendship of life and death.

Huang Jue and his wife Mai Zi also recently played a variety show. In the variety show, Huang Jue said that his ex -wife knew, of course, it was Xu Jinglei.

Mai Zi and Xu Jinglei are still similar to them. Many people believe that this is another Guanwang class.

But that’s all the past.

And the most paradoxic of these scandals is,

Xu Jinglei’s bright personality can always make people want to enter the upper layer of talented filters on her own layer.

As if a talented girl is different from ordinary girls, naturally willful.

Under the momentum of praise from the outside world, Xu Jinglei walked in the among talents, inspired, and then precipitated himself, and then pulled away without pride.

Although the man around him came and went, Xu Jinglei was completely different from Zhou Xun’s love brain.

The girl who was shrouded in love since childhood is not strong for love. She and every predecessor are friends.

The longest period is to stand with Huang.

The biggest reason to be together is also comfortable, making her comfortable.

Later, she entered the electronic magazine industry, blogging, handicrafts, and so on.

Most of the beginnings, most of them were silently pulled away.

But this does not prevent her from living.

It is also in line with her consistent attitude of life: "My goal is to be a miscellaneous family, and then I am very happy every day."

Her desire for everything was not strong, she tried it, and after being happy, she left.

The material desires in life are even more unsuccessful. Do not buy famous brands, do not eat mountains and sea flavors, and do not buy luxury cars. The only need is to take a first class when traveling, and there is a good computer.

The demand is just one thing, she has long enough capital.

If you think about it, you will not be attached to the stars in the Fame and fortune.

Back to the initial question, what is Xu Jinglei’s so free confidence?

The most basic is the bottom of the family, plus a more exquisite self -interest, and the desire is not much bottom.

Xu Jinglei lived as a self -centered woman, and letting him come and go, and it is always herself to please.

Of course you can praise her or question her, but she will not care about any of your views, nor can she affect her life at all.

It seems to be light and light, but in fact, the knife and guns are unable to enter.

Therefore, whether you are pregnant or not, is there a child with one more child? It is still a news on others. I am not surprised at Xu Jinglei.

If she has a child, she wants a child, who has nothing to do with her father, and it has nothing to do with whether she was born!

However, recently I found that the newly -promoted little flower Li Gengxi and Wu Lei’s gossip girlfriend Xiang Han is her artist.

It seems that although Lao Xu is not in the rivers and lakes, she has always had her shadow.

I just don’t know what new tricks can she play in the future?

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