48 -year -old Li Yan died of suicide!There is no son in life, and her husband derails her back female back thorns.

On the evening of July 5, bad news came from the entertainment industry!

Chinese pop female singer Li Yan died unfortunately due to depression, only 48 years old.

The first thing that discovered Li Yan was her 80 -year -old mother, and the bad news was Li Yi’s sister (second sister) Li Silin.

Li Silin revealed to the outside world that Li Yan was unfortunately suffering from depression a few years ago. He recently turned his condition and was gone at home on July 2.

After the family members were sent to the hospital urgently, the treatment was invalid. On July 5th, Li Yan resigned with the world.

As soon as this news came out, it shocked the entertainment industry.

Deng Ziqi, who had participated in "Singer" with Li Yan, mourned, "My God, I can’t believe it, I can’t imagine how much pain behind your smile!"

Yuan Yawei, who is also a singer, is unwilling to believe in the news of Li Yan’s death.

The actor Sun Honglei also expressed his sorrow for the first time.

Li Yan’s friend Xiong Dailin wrote "I hope you will find your perfect love in your life." Suspected that Li Yanli may be related to her unfortunate marriage.

Like the stars in the entertainment industry, netizens also expressed their difficulty after hearing the news of Li Yan’s death, and could not believe that after a generation of songs had been sued others.

Indeed, Li Yan’s debut for 30 years, she used many songs such as "DI DA DI", "Sword and Horse Dan", "Miss You 365 Days" to bring happiness and hope to countless fans.

When she appeared in front of the audience, she was always sunny and cheerful. In front of the camera, she passed the smile and optimism to countless audiences.

No one would have thought that she would die early due to depression.

Perhaps the Li Yan we saw in front of the camera was just as perfect as she showed as much as possible.

Where we can’t see, Li Yan has long been physically and mentally exhausted and suffers.

Speaking of which, she gradually crushed Li Yan, maybe her failed marriage.

Li Yan’s ex -husband Bruce is a wealthy businessman who has been in love with Li Yan for many years.

In 2011, 36 -year -old Li Yan and her 16 -year -old Bruce held a grand wedding ceremony in Hong Kong.

After becoming a wife, Li Yan’s biggest wish is to have his own baby.

But she had a manual conception 9 times, and the results ended in failure.

After the hope of becoming a mother is almost out of time, Li Yan no longer forced his child.

She gave all her mother to two stepdoms. She looked like her stepdoms, and often exposed the happy moment of a family on social media.

Unfortunately, men are always attentive, and rich men.

Bruce has rumored many derailment. At first, Li Yan also touched her husband, and said that her husband was not good in front of the media.

But Bruce was derailed again and again, and Li Yan, who was discouraged, had to give up this marriage.

At the beginning of January this year, Hong Kong media exposed the news that Li Yan and her husband were separated, and Li Yan was thinner to only 42 kilograms because of marriage problems.

What is even more frosty is that Li Yan’s two stepdoms stabbed her back again. They did not read the grace of Li Yan’s breeding at all, and revealed to the media that Li Yan was the "culprit" of their father and mother divorced.

Looking at the two children who raised themselves betrayed themselves, Li Yan’s sadness could be imagined.

But she didn’t say anything, but she just took the social account of two steps to express her chill.

The ex -husband’s family is more than that. It is reported that Li Yan and the ex -husband signed a pre -marital agreement. Even if the ex -husband was derailed, Li Yan went out of the house, and his wealth was empty.

Although Li Yan is not a lack of money, she has achieved wealth freedom by her ability.

But she’s hard -working to her family and her ex -husband’s family, but now she is worthless. Even if she is not her fans, she will be inconsistent for her.

Li Yan’s girlfriend has repeatedly disclosed in front of the media that the fact that the derailment of Bruce is so happy and free to live, and only Li Yan can’t get out for a long time in pain.

I think that before life, Li Yan must have thought of surviving.

On the day of her life, she also left a message to the fans, "I will cheer. During this time, I hope you are healthy and happy. I miss everyone very much. I am working hard."

However, she comforted the fans, but ended her life.

Today, Li Yan suddenly chose to leave the world in the most desperate way.

May her go all the way, and there is no pain in heaven!

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