44 -year -old Sister Jin Guan Xuanwa is gender!High -profile show pregnant belly, and kissed the tattoo male husband again

Katti, the elder sister of the Kardashian family, had previously been pregnant, and recently revealed the gender of the baby’s baby through a very individual way.Cotti can succeed in pregnancy, which is indeed very difficult. At the age of 44, she has always wanted to have a love crystallization with the tattoo male husband.

It can only be said that Cotty has married the right person. Since she is with the tattoo male husband, she has been immersed in happiness, so Sister Jin wants to give a child for the tattoo man anyway.

1. Sister Jin Xuanwa’s gender, the official announcement method is so special

Sister Jin’s tattoo male husband is Travis Buck. He is the drummer of Blink-182. This time, the gender of the official announcement is also through the most good way he is.

Sister Jin was sitting on a tattoo male husband. As the tattoo male husband drumped, the latter ribbon appeared and was blue.There are such habits abroad. There will be an official ceremony to announce the gender of the child. The pink indicates that it is a female treasure, and the blue represents the male treasure.

There are also many families who proclafed their children’s gender by piercing balloons. The balloon will be put in advance in the balloon.

When Sister Jin and tattooed men were in love, she sprinkled dog food all day, and after marriage, she continued to sprinkle dog food.

Sister Jin is one of the most Buddhas in the Kardashian family. She can’t match other sisters in her career, but now she is emotionally envied by other sisters.

Sister Jin and the tattoo male husband kissed again. When the two attended some activities to walk the red carpet, they often publicly kissed their tongue. Before that, netizens were often vomited too numb, wasn’t they showing a show?

And it turns out that these two are really true love!

Second, the way Sister Jin Xuan Xuanzhi is also very special

At the concert of the tattoo male husband, Sister Jin was excited to announce the news of her pregnancy.After all, Sister Jin is too difficult to get pregnant at this age. Who can think that she can still encounter true love that can make her fight!

Sister Jin, who was pregnant, was also very sexy!The gauze and black clothes were transparent. In a few months, Sister Jin was going to be a mother for the fourth time.And she had three children and her ex -predecessor before, and her ex -dwelling show still appeared in the reality show in the Kardashian family. For Sister Jin’s remarriage, her predecessor has always been unhappy.

However, all this does not affect Sister Jin to show affection crazy, nor does it affect the tattoo male husband’s love for Sister Jin.

The tattoo male husband kissed Sister Jin’s pregnancy. The 44 -year -old sister Jin now really feels full of water. She has no pursuit in her career. Relying on marriage and pregnancy, she searches for herself.

And Sister Jin’s tattoo male husband looked a little weird, but he has always been a warm man.So including Queen Mother Kardashian and other sisters in Kardashian, they have a very good impression on Buck.

Sister Jin is now pregnant, and she often shows her daily life during pregnancy. Sister Jin, who is immersed in happiness, is lazy to care about the ambitions of other sisters in her career. It is enough to have a tattoo male husband.

Kim Kaishan has always been lying in a relatively lying state, but now he is pregnant and has to add Dadin to the Kardashian family.Except that Ken Dou did not have children, other sisters gave birth to a lot.

44 -year -old Sister Jin Guan Xuanwa is gender!High -profile show pregnant belly, and kissed the tattoo male husband again

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