42 The catholic period is the critical period of postpartum recovery. There are five major taboos.

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"Confinement" is actually the popular name of the "puerperium". The confinement time of science is 30-42 days. This is the most critical period for maternal physical recovery.At the same time, during the confinement, because the new mother’s body became weak, the resistance and immunity decreased significantly, so it was also a period of high incidence.Therefore, confinement must be taken seriously, and some taboos must also know and abide by it appropriately. This has an impact on the physical and mental health of the new mother.

1. Avoid contact with cold and cold

When women have children, physical loss is very large, it is easy to be weak after childbirth, and their physique has decreased significantly. It is easy to catch a cold when it is attacked by cold and cold. It is easier for joints to be invaded by wind and cold.Essence

Therefore, during the confinement, you cannot contact cold water or eat cold food. Otherwise, diarrhea will be prone to, which not only affects the recovery of the maternal body, but also affects the baby’s gastrointestinal function through breast milk.

2. Can’t just lie down, nor can you be too tired

After childbirth, the new mothers are fatigue. Some new mothers lie down and lazy all day long. Some new mothers feel that they are doing everything as far as possible. In fact, these two situations are unscientific.Essence

New mothers who confinement should pay attention to rest, combine work and rest, lying down for a long time, which is not conducive to intestinal peristalsis and lochia elimination; while standing for a long time, long -term movement, too fatigue will easily fall into confinement disease, resulting in back pain and back pain.Legic acid, tendonitis, etc.

3. Can’t control your diet for your body

Some new mothers think that after giving birth to a baby, there is no need to add too much energy in the body. Such ideas are wrong.

In fact, the energy required for new mothers after childbirth has not been reduced, but it will continue to increase as breastfeeding babies and their bodies recover. Mothers who are breastfeeding should strengthen nutrition.

It is not easy to gain weight because you are afraid that you eat well in confinement and eat more supplements. You can control your usual diet. This is not good for physical recovery and reduces the quality of breast milk.

4. Reject the same room

It takes about 42 days to return to the normal size of the new mother’s uterus. If you feel that your body recovers almost in the last few days of confinement, you will be infected with Bao Da, and you will endanger your health in severe cases.

In addition, if the baby drinks formula, the new mother can restore ovulation in one month after giving birth. At this time, the same room is also prone to conception. It can be said that the follow -up problem is cumbersome.

5. Do not eat eggs too much

People who often listen to the older generation said that at that time, the most of the eggs were eating the eggs, almost 5-8 daily, so cook a large bowl of eggs every day for the confinement mother to eat.

Although the nutritional value of eggs is high and it is easy to be digested and absorbed, this does not mean that the new mother eats a lot of eggs every day. The new mother eats 1-2 eggs a day.And it can also cause heart burden.

Therefore, in the 42 days of confinement after giving birth, the taboos should still be kept, which is very helpful for physical recovery and future health during puerperium.

1. Maternal cannot take a bath or wash their hair

Many elderly people think that women cannot take a bath or wash their hair while confinement, otherwise the cold wind will invade and leave the root cause.This statement is indeed a certain reason, but there are also unscientific places.

If you pay attention to keep warm during confinement, the maternal can wash his hair and bath according to the physical recovery situation. Especially now the living conditions are better. Many people live in the building. There are air conditioning and heating at home.If the body is almost recovered, you can wash your hair and take a bath. There are many mothers who have given birth. After giving birth to a child, wash your hair in less than a week.

2. Replenishment after giving birth

It is not wrong to supplement the appropriate postpartum, because the mother needs more energy to restore the body and breastfeeding baby, but it is not advisable to replenish it. You cannot dinner the chicken soup and meat soup of angelica, astragalus, red dates, and human ginseng.Maternal drinking, this is very easy to make constipation, endless exposure, and even "unwillingness" also increases gastrointestinal burden.

3. Do not eat vegetables, fruits

Although maternal cannot eat cold and cold foods, this does not mean that the mother cannot eat vegetables and fruits.

If the mother does not eat fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the month, it is easy to obtain constipation, and it is easy to cause nutritional unevenness and lack of vitamins.Therefore, you should eat fresh vegetables every day during confinement, such as carrots, lotus roots, daylily, caulong, etc. If you are afraid of the fruits, you can soak it with hot water and eat it.Essence

4. Maternal cannot be blowing

Some pregnant mothers have confinement in the hot summer baby, but the elderly in the family think that the maternal cannot be tightly closed the door of the room, and even the fan and the air conditioner are not blowing. This is actually very unfavorable to the recovery of the mother.In addition to being irritable because of the hotness, it can make bacteria breeding and affect health.

In fact, the maternal room can open the window in the morning, and it can also turn on the fan and air conditioner when it is hot. As long as the wind is not blowing against the mother and baby.

Scientific confinement is the most favorable for new mothers. The wrong way to confinement is not only not conducive to physical recovery, but also to accelerate the body, and even let the new mother look in shape, poor complexion, and advance menopause.Therefore, after the puzzle period is over, the new mother should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to see the recovery of the body, and there are not well recovered places to adjust and restore according to the doctor’s suggestion.

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