4 weeks of pregnancy but "menstruation"!Is it a false shock or a threatened abortion?

Sissi has been pregnant for a month, but the abnormal situation in the previous two days scared her enough. Everyone knows that after pregnancy, women will have menopause.However, a few days ago, Sissi found that she had "menstruation".This scared her, hurriedly called her husband, and went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor told her not to worry, this was because of "molten bleeding."

Don’t be nervous, this is normal!

After pregnancy, vaginal bleeding occurred in the menstrual period, which made many pregnant women feel nervous and confused. Why do I still come to "menstruation" after pregnancy? According to normal laws, after pregnancy, women will have the image of menopause.Menstruation is the bleeding phenomenon that appears after ovulation. It also means that the uterus is healthy, and then prepare for pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, the fertilized eggs successfully imposed on the endometrium, and women are not ovulation. In the case of Sissi, they are clinically called "molten bleeding", and Chinese medicine has become a "stimulus".

What are the causes of molten bleeding?

After the fertilized eggs, bed bleeding is a normal physiological response. In the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnancy sac did not fully occupy the uterine cavity.Causes guidance of bleeding, and this situation often occurs in healthy women, which has no adverse effects on babies and mothers.

In addition to the above situations, there is also a special phenomenon. After women conceive, fertilized eggs are unstable, and the placenta has not been stable, and it is just close to the menstrual period. Therefore, there are still mature eggs.It will fall off the body, causing the phenomenon of "menstruation".This type of bleeding generally disappears after three months of pregnancy, without having to worry too much.

Note! Breakal abortion and ectopic pregnancy can also lead to vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, women with aura abortions and ectopic pregnancy will also have vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.Many times, it will be mistaken for normal menstruation, not attracting attention, causing irreparable consequences.Vaginal bleeding in aura abortion and ectopic pregnancy women generally do not have a stable cycle, and generally endless bleeding, and also accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdomen swelling and abdominal pain.

Extra -class classroom:

Four methods to identify "Aunt Auntie" and "Bed Bleeding"

Color distinction: The normal menstrual color is red, and the bleeding color of the bed is mostly pink or brown.

The amount of quantity: The color of the bed bleeding is generally lighter, with a small amount, and there will be no increase in the amount. The aunt will start from the beginning.

The length of the cycle: The normal cycle of the aunt is about 4-7 days, and the bleeding of bed is generally relatively short, which ends in about 1-2 days.

Stomach pain can also be distinguished: Generally, auntie, women will have dysmenorrhea, and the bleeding in bed is mild abdominal pain. Compared with the aunt, the pain is milder. If the abdominal pain is intensified, it may be other phenomena.

If you are really unspeakable, it is recommended to go directly to the hospital for examination, or choose an early pregnancy test strip or test stick for testing after a little observation.

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