4 Sisters repeatedly pregnant, and they were sent away after birth 60 dolls, saying: None of them are their own!

Pregnancy is a big event for every pregnant mother.It can be said that every pregnancy production is a ghost gate.The pain of pregnancy is only known to the pregnant mother who has experienced it!Therefore, women should not get pregnant easily, no matter which country women are.

However, in the distant Mexico, there are such 4 sisters. They are almost ” "pregnancy -year -old", but strangely, these 4 sisters have no husband and boyfriend.So, how do they get pregnant?It’s simple because this is their career.It turned out that these 4 sisters belonged to ” Surrogate Mom ”.

These 4 sisters are from the countryside of Mexico. Because of poor family conditions, they do not have any source of living expenses.Therefore, I can only think of surrogate for those rich people.Some infertility and rich people who want to have children will find them to be surrogate. In this way, these 4 sisters are pregnant again and again, and have children again and again.To others, the sisters also said that none of these 60 children belonged to their own!

As a surrogate mother, this is undoubtedly very cruel.But when they chose this profession, they are destined to face this cruelty.Because of the dedication of these surrogate mothers, there will be more complete families.Today, there are 60 families, and they have become complete because of their dedication, and these four surrogate mothers just live with a child’s 100,000 yuan salary.Every day in the dilapidated house, I rack my brains for the birth of a child.Because of the continuous production of continuous year, these surrogate mothers are getting worse and worse, and I don’t know how long they can last.I have to sigh, there are so many poor people in the world!

Although she is a surrogate mother, these mothers sometimes miss their children, hoping to have some connections with children who appear from their belly to witness their growth.However, most families refuse to let these children recognize them.Because in the eyes of these people, these surrogate mothers are just the ” ‘tool’ ‘for having children. After using it, it is enough to send some money. They don’t want to have any other contact with these people.

Because of the family’s poverty, these 4 sisters did not dare to make any requirements for those golden masters. They could only watch their children silently. One after another, strangers who went to the stranger to be a mother and dad.This kind of sadness must be unbearable as a mother.

Now, these surrogate mothers are also over 40 years old, and there are so many children, but none of them belong to their own children, which is also very pitiful.I do n’t know if they can have their own love, their children, and sincerely wish them to find a man who is good to themselves, a good home.

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