4. She would rather die in the micro -novel, and she would not let him know that she was pregnant.

Infatuation Break (4)

From here to give birth to a child, it has been more than eight months. Ya Na took the child in the middle of the middle to the hospital.

This is a postpartum inspection, and the nanny has followed.

Check the child again, everything is normal.

Arisa heard that his child was going to the hospital to check his body, and he immediately went to the hospital to pick up their mother and son.

Ya Na saw him standing there: "We can go back soon, and you have to run again."

Ya Na’s work is very busy, and the nanny is indispensable. After giving birth to a child, Ya Na is even more beautiful.

There is a lot of unclear charm, which may be a halo of motherly love after being a mother.

Arisa loves her very much, but she feels that she has a child and can no longer be worthy of him.

She didn’t want to drag him because of her child, and he deserves a better girl.

This is five years, from immature to mature, Ya Na is more beautiful and moving.

Five years ago, after Yu Zhentian, he returned to Jiangcheng after jumping from Zurich.

The people of the Su family knew that he took the cruise ship he was sitting in Zurich.

The parents of the Su family knew that Zurich liked him, but he didn’t know he liked Susan.

If you do n’t see anyone, do n’t see the corpse, Zurich has become the taboo of aftershocks.

Because too many people saw Zurich jumping the sea, but not many people heard Zurich, they did not know that Yu Zhentian had been in bed with Zurich.

A young and beautiful girl disappeared into the sight of everyone.

The Yu family and the Su family are both good, but because of this, the Yu family and the Su family have less.

A man, he actually fell asleep the innocent girl, and said such words, he could not refuse.

What is not a scumbag? He has never encountered girls like Zurich.

This lesson told him to remember his life, not every girl can touch it.

Since Zurich jumped into the sea, he thought of her crazy, and knew that he liked the little girl, but everything was too late.

He later sent someone to find it, but no one had seen Zurich.

Every time I dreamed, I just heard her ask him if she had loved her.

If I knew that she had her in her heart, I would not lose her.

Susan and him still met, but he had stopped loving her.

But Susan loved him, even if the family opposed them, Susan did not give up.

He used to turn around Susan, and now Susan turns around him.

Why can’t these two people be together and harm others.

Susan used to refuse to return, and Zurich liked to confess. Yu Zhentian took Zurich in Susan, but he did not expect to go to bed with Zurich.

This is why Zurich jumps in the sea. She dares to love and hate.

With a child, she won’t go to Yu Zhentian, she just don’t let him know, she is pregnant.

She wants to let Yu Zhentian know that even if she is dead, she has to tell Yu Zhentian. Not all girls can touch them, and stay away from all girls.

He has been scared in recent years. This girl is really ruthless. She actually tells him that love is not possession.

Her love was shocking and shocked the aftershocks. It turned out that some people’s love could bring devastating.

At first he thought he could find Zurich soon. As long as he saved her, he could not do anything.

But for a few hours of anxiety, it feels heartache now.

Let him know that Zurich is not just a single love, he has been deeply trapped in it unknowingly.

He also loves Zurich. At that moment, he regretted it, and he should not be so affectionate.

But there are no longer Zurich, and regrets are unsuitable.

He went to the Su family to find his father Su, and told them.

He will no longer love others in the future, and he will take care of them by Zurich in the future.

But where would Su Su’s mother want to see him, her daughter was so well -behaved and sensible.

As long as he said he didn’t love her and rejected her, his daughter would not entangle him.

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