4 early pregnancy methods determine whether to get pregnant

How to judge whether you are pregnant? What are the early pregnancy reactions when you are pregnant? Many pregnant mothers want to know if they can be pregnant earlier, so how long can I test it after pregnancy? What can be used to test whether it is pregnant? Let ’s work with the mother together with the mother.Baby Health Xiaobian to reveal the various signals of early pregnancy reactions!

Everyone knows that if you are just pregnant, you can’t feel it. If you want to know if you are pregnant as soon as possible, you can use some methods to judge.There are many ways to judge whether you are pregnant. Different methods require different time. Generally speaking, the test for one month or 7 to 10 days after menopause is more accurate.The most common methods for detecting early pregnancy are blood HCG testing, B -ultrasound, basic body temperature examination, and early pregnancy test strip.

1. Blood test (HCG) test

Blood testing (HCG) was the earliest to know the results of pregnancy.You can do the blood HCG test in about 10 days after the same room.

2. Type B check

Diagnosis of pregnancy with B -ultrasound is the most correct and reliable method.One week after the monthly period, through the type B examination, there can be a circular aura in the uterus on the type B ultrasonic screen, also known as the pregnancy ring. The dark area inside the ring is amniotic fluid.Fighting.

3. Basic body temperature measurement

Some women can measure body temperature after waking up every morning for contraception or infertility. At this time, the body temperature is called the base temperature.Generally, the body temperature before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees, and the body temperature rises by 0.3-0.5 degrees after ovulation, and it holds it for 12-16 days, with an average of 14 days. If the high temperature curve of the basic body temperature exceeds 18 days, it can be diagnosed with pregnancy.

4. Early pregnancy test paper test

Generally, pregnancy can be measured after a month of discontinuation, but sometimes because of many factors, some women will be a little later. If you test negative in test strips, it is recommended to do blood tests.Experts remind: The correct test rate of early pregnancy test strips is very different, ranging from 50%to 98%, so the test results of early pregnancy test strips cannot be trusted.Early pregnancy test strip The working principle of self -testing of pregnancy is to detect the HCG value, that is, the value of the human chorionic gonad hormone.For premature examinations, because the amount in the body is small, it is not easy to detect, and it is not increasingly obvious until 10 days to 14 days.The time for testing with early pregnancy test strips is about 14 days after sexual behavior, and you can test whether there is pregnancy from urine.The best early pregnancy test time is 18 days after sperm eggs meet.

It should be noted that if the early pregnancy test strip is stored for too long (more than 1 year), or the early pregnancy test strip is moisture, and it is not noticed that it is stored under normal room temperature (should not be cold), it may fail, and the test results will be false negative.EssenceIf the pregnancy has just begun, or there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), the sample of the HCG level in the body is generally low (generally only 1 minute), and must be carefully identified whether there is a weak positive -detectionThe zone band only appears faintly.After 3 months of pregnancy, the level of HCG decreases, and urine detection sometimes appears negative or weak.Under extreme cases, such as hydatidal, fleece cancer, and HCG in the body are too high, urine detection does not show positive.

Editor -in -law of maternal and infant Health: The above content is a detailed explanation of the 4 early pregnancy methods to determine whether pregnancy is pregnant. I hope that all women of childbearing age must learn the method of judging early pregnancy reactions in life. I wish you good pregnancy!

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