39 weeks of pregnant women with sudden bleeding!The hospital opens the green channel, and the surgery will give birth to babies for two minutes

On the morning of February 13th, Ms. Li (pseudonym), 32 and 39 weeks of pregnancy, came to the women’s hospital area of the Women and Children’s Medical Center in Guangzhou for a production inspection. At this time, there were a few days before her due date.She also waited for the birth of the baby safely.However, when she was waiting in line in the outpatient clinic, there was a sudden pain in her belly. When she went to the bathroom, she found vaginal bleeding. It was similar to the usual menstrual flow. Ms. Li felt inappropriate and quickly hung the hospital’s emergency number …

Many times, pregnant women will also have the signs of abdominal pain and redness before childbirth. Will these situations be a sign of Ms. Li in the expected period of delivery?

When Dr. Song Xiaoxia checked Ms. Li, Dr. Song Xiaoxia found that her vaginal bleeding was more, about 100ml, and the colors were bright red.When the normal pregnant woman sees red, the vaginal bleeding is relatively small, and the color is often red, dark red or brown.With years of experience in diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Song Xiaoxia highly suspected that Ms. Li had an early peeling of placenta.We know that the fetus supplys blood and oxygen through the placenta in the mother.Early peeling of the placenta also refers to the placenta at normal position. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, before the fetal delivery, some or all from the uterine wall peeling, just like the big tree is rooted, the fetus loses the supply of blood and oxygen.Causes fetal suffocation or even dead tires; at the same time, the placenta stripping can also cause pregnant women to bleed and shock. If the rescue is not timely, it may lead to diffuse intravascular coagulation (DIC).All in all, this is a dangerous pregnancy complication for pregnant women and fetuses.

Suddenly, the hospital immediately launched the emergency green channel for Ms. Li and transferred to the obstetrics ward of the obstetrics.Xu Wenjing, deputy chief physician of the district, organized the production department, anesthesiology surgery department, neonatal department and inspection department’s first aid team to prepare cesarean section at any time.

Subsequently, the results of the color Doppler ultrasound came out and were determined to be prematurely peeled by the placenta.The hospital operating room was nervous, but the pregnant woman’s condition could not be delayed. Nurse Wang Wenli immediately coordinated the operating room and suspended a prepared gynecological surgery. The operating room was given priority to Ms. Li for surgery.

At 10:30, the surgery officially started. Pregnant women performed a cesarean section surgery under the waist hard combined anesthesia.At 10:32, Ms. Li successfully gave birth to a baby girl, her cry was crisp and bright, and APGAR scored 10 points.The medical staff present were extremely pleased, and Ms. Li also shed tears of joy.

From 9:50 that day, the green channel was opened to 10:32 fetal delivery. Multi -department medical staff cooperated tacitly. The whole process seemed to be flowing and flowing.of.Ms. Li was very ignorant about her situation before surgery, and she felt thrilling when she remembered afterwards.

"The most important thing for rescue placenta is fast!" Director Xu Wenjing said.At the same time, she also recalled that when pregnant women do color Doppler ultrasound, fetal heart is normal.However, before the operation, the fetal heart monitoring was only 100, which was lower than the normal value, which indicated that the fetus might have hypoxia.During the operation, it was also found that the peeling area of the placenta was also large, with about 1/2, the placenta mother’s face pressure was 12*12*10cm, and the blood accumulation of the uterine cavity was as many as 400ml.Bleeding before and after pregnant women reaches 1000ml, blood transfusion needs to be performed.Fortunately, when pregnant women discovered abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, they happened to be in the hospital for delivery. If they still needed to go at home, I am afraid that it would delay the opportunity.

At present, Ms. Li has a good physical recovery, and the baby girl is very healthy. She will be discharged from the hospital.Director Xu Wenjing reminded that the common risk factors of placental peeling are premature risk factors such as hypertension during pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, excessive amniotic fluid, old age production, etc., but 20%of placenta peeling is induced by unknown reasons.This time, Ms. Li’s situation occurred suddenly. If the pregnant woman suddenly occurred in the case of waist and abdomen and vaginal bleeding, she must go to the hospital for examination immediately.

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