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I used the ventilator during the third trimester.

Hello sisters, I just sucked oxygen before going to bed. I saw the private messages given me by the backgrounds. At this moment, I was a bit emotional at this moment. I think it is really necessary to tell everyone what women will experience during pregnancy.If you are preparing for pregnancy or considering whether to be a mother, I hope this will provide you with a real reference.

First of all, as a mother in her 30s, I must say that having a small life connected to the blood is the best thing in my life, none of them.But today I must tell you that the process of pregnancy is really not so easy. At most, you can adjust your body appropriately through scientific nutrition and exercise, so that your complexion and state look better.But these things still have to experience.

· First, nausea, vomiting, appetite, extremely sensitive smell, emotional fluctuations, etc. brought by the rapid changes in the body’s endocrine.For example, I spit for 3 months in the early pregnancy, that is, I spit bile when I drink some water. Although there are no reactions of the sons of the sky, most people will become sensitive.That is, the fetus will increase the squeezing organs and let them be home.

You see that my stomach is so big that he is so big that he has squeezed my internal organs.First of all, he will squeeze to your heart and lungs to make you breathe well, especially why I go to the ventilator in the third trimester, that is, I can’t breathe (the voice is virtual).

· And you usually have oxygen cylinders. As soon as you get at night, you feel that the whole head will be funny (the beauty that is unclear?), And at the same time, you will squeeze the stomach, then you may be full during the dayHungry, he also has to control the amount of food. He will squeeze your bladder. It is common for a dozen toilets a day, and it is often a wave of unrest and one wave.Good.

In this process, you may experience more uncomfortable pubic pain.Why does pubic bone hurt?The reason is to make the child take delivery more smoothly, so the body will secrete a kind of hormone softening, so once the child is too heavy or a inch of energy wow, it begins.

And this position is very embarrassing, how do you describe that pain?Do you know the little mermaid?Every time I take a step, the trembling is supported by willpower, especially when I sit down and stand up, it feels really sour.(Do everything possible to make yourself have a better experience), and then he can’t sleep all night.You see that you do n’t breathe and breathe the pubic pain. At this time, you can go to the toilet wow ecstasy. There is also a stretch mark that is difficult to withstand life during pregnancy.

But when I was pregnant, the child grew up too fast until the third trimester was covered with patterns, and it was really ugly like watermelon.Later, I could only control all methods to control him and fades to a certain extent, but he couldn’t do it like before.

There are still many risks that may be reached during pregnancy, including many friends around me who have gestational diabetes and pregnancy hypertension requires daily blood sugar, especially sugar is not very happy and very enjoyable.

· Like me, I have a friend. He got herpes zoster during pregnancy. It was simply an ecstasy, that is, life is better to die, and he can really be described in this word.So I want to say that you do n’t just look at the external performance. Of course, it is very happy to bred a new life (definitely not to spread anxiety). All painful symptoms vary from person to person. He is not so scary, but he must beIt’s not a very relaxed.As some people promoted to go shopping on the street, the physical damage caused by fertility to women is that objective reality is really not so good.

Of course, we can use some scientific methods, such as nutritional diet (and scientific movement+reasonable schedule+nutritional supplements), so that we do not gain too much weight, but we really want to recognize the reality of pregnancy, so I hopeThe sisters are all doing this effective and feasible change, including my original intention, including me to make this account, at least make myself eat better and use it more comfortably.(Do everything to make yourself have a better experience).Good for ourselves because we are weworth the best.

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