37 weeks of pregnancy

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, you and your child were officially considered "premature".The baby will draw the finishing touch on important skills such as sucking and swallowing, and your body may be showing signs, indicating that it is preparing for childbirth and delivery.

How many months are 37 weeks pregnant?9 months and 1 week

Which semester?Late stage

How many weeks to go?3 weeks

37 week baby’s development

In the 37th week, the baby’s head to the bottom of the hip is about 13 1/4 inches (33.8 cm) (called the long hip), the baby’s height is close to 19 inches (48 cm)), from the top to the heel (crown to the crown (crownHeat length) .1 This week, the baby’s weight this week is about 6 1/2 pounds (2,966 grams).

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, your baby has only about the length of a baby strap

Birth weight and length

The numbers related to the size are average.When you are born, your baby may be a little larger or smaller than these sizes.The length (height) range of healthy newborns can be from 17 3/4 inches (45 cm) to nearly 22 inches (55 cm). At the same time, the weight range of healthy newborns can be from 5 1/2 pounds (2,500 grams) to 10 to 10Pounds (4,500 grams).

Sucking and swallowing

The baby has practiced sucking and swallowing skills for several weeks, and is ready to start feeding after birth.The coordination of swallowing and swallowing is completed within 36 to 38 weeks.

Early semester

Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.After completing the time or period of pregnancy, the baby was ready to give birth.The past is considered to be the "full moon" between 37 and 42 weeks.However, in 2012, experts redefined and extended the definition.It is now considered that the childbirth in the 37th week is "premature", because the baby’s brain, lungs and liver continue to develop during this period.

How to deal with bad pregnancy advice

Common symptoms this week

In the 37th week, your body is preparing for delivery carefully in many ways.

Increased in contractions

In the late pregnancy, those practicing shrinkage may be more obvious and more frequent.Occasionally, the uterine muscles will become tight or stronger, and you may feel every 10 to 20 minutes.

Lost mucus plug

As early as three months, the cervical mucus would gather together to block or seal the cervix to protect pregnancy.Now, as early as a few weeks before childbirth, the changes in cervix will make the protective Sethon.

Some or all mucus plugs may fall.It can be manifested as a thick discharge with brown or red stripes.When pink or red spots and plugs are lost, it is called "bloody performance".Of course, some women have passed the plug without notice.

Although losing mucus plug is a signal that your body is preparing for delivery, this does not necessarily indicate that a major moment is in front of you.It may take a few hours, days, or even a few weeks.That is to say, if you really get lost now, please tell your medical service provider in the next prenatal examination.Please rest assured that your baby will not increase the risk of infection.


Self -care tips

At this point of pregnancy, self -care should include the end of the balanced and loose and spending time for yourself, because you will add new supplements soon.

Take out time

Although many expectant mothers who are about to work leave the entire family and sick leave at home after the baby is born, others also want to spend some time before childbirth.

What do experts say

"Although it is impossible for everyone to do it, I still want to encourage patients to try to spend some time to rest after the end of pregnancy. Even if it is only a long time, even if you feel good.The last chance of time. "

– ALLISON HILL, Ph.D. in Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology


Pregnancy in the third trimester usually means preparing and organizing newcomers.It may include cleaning, preparing for the last minute in the Tentu, shopping, collecting the required supplies after taking the child home, pre -cooking or other preparations.

In animals, nesting is an instinct, which can be prepared for the birth of the nest and the safety of young age.In humans, there is no sufficient evidence that the common behavior we call "nested" is the result of biological impulse.Maybe it is more aware that it is easier to complete things before giving birth to a new baby, which is very helpful for the preparation of bringing the child home.

You know, the baby only needs little things after taking it home.If you have a car safety seat; a safe place for the baby to sleep; diapers; cleaning conjusational jackets for a week; and a baby hat, you are golden.

If you don’t plan to breastfeed, you can also add the bottle and formula to the essential list.If you need, your partner or baby visitor can intervene and get other items you think you need after arriving.

Your 37th list

If you are willing, you can work on the "nest", but don’t care about it.Continue to exercise and perineal massage.It takes some time before the baby comes.List the last minute artificial and childbirth problem.

Suggestions for partners

When your pregnancy partner is discussing her problem with you and her medical service providers, doubts and ideas, please admit your anxiety of your childbirth without hesitation.

Ask the partner’s midwife or doctor, consult with experienced parents, and talk to his partner.It is not uncommon for those who are in your location as much as expectant mothers. For example, you arrive at the hospital or childbirth center on time, or you are nervous about seeing birth.Other common problems include:

Remember, no matter what you feel, it is natural, especially if this is your first child.Don’t hesitate to discuss your feelings with your healthcare providers, partners and other experienced family members.

In your doctor’s office

You are now used to prenatal inspection procedures.You can expect: Embarking on a scale to take blood pressure to provide urine samples to check to check whether your body is swollen and measure your baby’s heartbeat makes your service provider feel the position of the abdomen. Discuss all symptoms for cervical examinationSigns

Have time to ask questions and get answers

Question to ask

Regardless of whether you are intending to perform a caesarean section, you should take this opportunity to discuss the assumptions of the surgical program with your medical care provider.After all, according to the data of disease control and prevention center, 32 % of childbirth is completed through a cesarean section-some plans have been completed, and some are not.

What do experts say

"Although some caesarean section is arranged in advance due to problems such as front placenta, hip or horizontal or multiple inspections, it must be determined that it is true that vaginal delivery or caesarean section really occurs, unless you are actually working."

– ALLISON HILL, Ph.D. in Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Is the cesarean section part of your plan? Doctors or midwives the following questions: What are the most common reasons for you recommend caesarean section during childbirth?Can I watch my baby born?Can my partner be in the room?Do I need to tie my arm well during the operation?When can I hold a baby after a caesarean section?How long can I breastfeed after surgery?What analgesic medicine takes after surgery?If I breastfeed, is it safe for babies?How long does it take to recover?What will happen to caesarean scars?

If you have planned to have a cesarean section and determine that you don’t want to get pregnant again, you may be considering tubal ligation (tie your "tube").If so, be sure to discuss these plans with your provision; some women choose to complete these two programs at the same time, but must be planned in advance.

The upcoming doctor

Now you have completed a weekly prenatal inspection, and you will return to the office again next week.

If you have not screened the Bangeebacter B.C.

If your pregnancy is considered a high risk, or if you worry about your health or your baby’s health, the doctor may ask you to conduct other examinations.These tests can include: Bio -physical characteristic characteristics umbilical artery Doppler Dorpler, a biophysical characteristic characteristic of the fetal non -pressure test (Nst) biophysical characteristics

special attention items

Under special circumstances, this week may be accompanied by some operations, such as removing cervical rings or discussing induction.

Opportunities for childbirth this week

According to research, the possibility of delivery within 37 to 38 weeks is 24 % to 29 %.


If you undergo a cervical ring tie operation in the early stages of pregnancy and suture around the cervix to help prevent premature delivery, then this is a week when your medical service provider will remove these needles within a week.

Removing the ring tie does not mean that you will give birth immediately, so you may have a little time.Studies have shown that only 11 % of expectant mothers give birth within 48 hours of removal procedures.The average time from Zha to the average time of childbirth is 14 days.


If you are worried about your or your child’s health, your healthcare provider may recommend that you induce labor.Induction of labor means that doctors have taken various intervention measures before the occurrence of naturally.It will break into the FOLEY catheter. In this catheter, the device similar to balloons pass through the cervix, and then expand to expand the cervix

If you encounter a "nested" energy outbreak this week, please use it wisely.Do your best, only focus on the most important items on the list of things to do, and leave the rest to other times, or better, please help your partner or supportive friends or family.Keep in mind that you are equally important in the final stage of pregnancy, even if it is not more.

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