36 -year -old actress Xuansheng second child!Frequent bleeding during pregnancy is poor, and the two husbands are unusual in three years

On July 7th, there were media reports that the 36 -year -old Taiwanese actress Tao Yanman gave birth to a second child and got a daughter. He is currently recuperating in the hospital.

In the photos provided by the agent to the media, Tao Yiman wore a operating hat and mask. She just gave birth to a child and she looked a little weak. She was holding the newly born daughter in her arms.Essence

At the same time, Tao Yiman also publicly shared his psychological process of the second child and production.

According to her own, the second child is much tired than the first child. At the same time as pregnancy, she also needs to split energy to take care of her eldest daughter. In addition, it has an impact on the body when the first child is pregnant.Essence

In the early and middle stages of the second child, Tao Yiman often occurs with bleeding. Frequent bleeding during pregnancy is too dangerous to pregnant women, but she has experienced far more than these.When she appeared, she couldn’t help but lament "it is really willing to support it every day."

After finally being in the third trimester, she caught up the epidemic increasingly, making her whole person very anxious, but did not dare to go out to disperse, afraid of being infected, so her emotions have been very depressed.

Tao Yiman’s pain continued until production. Due to the epidemic, whether it was a mother or a partner, it was necessary to perform a fast screen before surgery. This also made Tao Yiman very stressful and was afraid that he was positive.

Not only that, Tao Yiman’s original due date was on July 9, but because it was advanced in advance on July 5th, it can only be arranged immediately on the 6th of the next day.Essence

And this time she used the anesthesia in the peritoneal of the peritoneal. Although the pregnant woman could not feel the pain during production, she was awake throughout the process. This is actually a great challenge.

It does not mean that the birth of a child does not mean the end. Instead, it is a new beginning. Tao Yiman said that the most important thing at present is to raise the child and want to accompany them to grow up.

It can be seen from the sharing of Tao Yiman that the whole process from pregnancy to production is very difficult, and she can also experience her mother’s greatness and hard work.Come and take care of children is really emotional and regrettable.

In 2006, Tao Yiman was well known to the public in the variety show "I Love the Black Small" in the variety show "Tao Zi". After that, she starred in classic Taiwanese idol dramas such as "Mo Fei, this is love", "fall in love with buddy", beautiful ones, beautifulHer appearance and moving singing made her attract great attention.

The development of the acting career is quite smooth, and she is happier in terms of feelings.In 2018, Tao Yiman married the son of the former economic minister of Taiwan Province. Although the wedding was low -key, many major characters were present to congratulate.

After getting married, Tao Yiman was pregnant quickly. The eldest daughter was over two years old, and she gave birth to her young daughter. She got two little cotton jackets and a family of four was full of happiness.

Although Tao Yiman is currently intending to temporarily slow the development of the career, many audiences feel unfortunate, but this is also her personal choice. I hope to accompany the children more. How do you think of her choice?

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Author: Tao Tao Cans

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