35 -year -old women are pregnant after breaking up. What are the suggestions?

As long as you want your child, you also have enough financial ability, and it is a good choice to have your own child!

Some girls are unwilling to get married and wait for her husband and mother -in -law to buy sperm and pregnant children directly, so I personally think that it is normal for you to give birth to your child.

Here, there are several suggestions for your reference:

First of all, I personally think you don’t have to resign.The state has special protection regulations for women. Women do not allow units to dismiss their employees during pregnancy and lactation. Otherwise, you can go to the Labor Arbitration Commission to sue the unit.

In addition, the state regulations have not stated that they must be married to enjoy this treatment, so they can enjoy both unmarried and marriage.

If the rules and regulations of the unit must be married to enjoy this treatment, you can complain to the relevant government departments, because the national law is over the rules and regulations, which means that the unit rules and regulations must comply with laws and regulations!

The most important thing is that as long as you do not resign, the cost of having a child can be reimbursed, and the salary during maternity leave is also a state subsidy!It is said that these two money are given by the state, but they are sent to the mother through the unit.Don’t resign and miss such good things.

In addition, there will be medical insurance if you have a job. In case you get sick, you can reimburse it. If you take your child’s economy, you are not very affluent, and you need to calculate carefully.

Even if you work in a toxic and harmful post, you don’t have to resign.As long as you tell the leaders and the personnel department of pregnancy, they should immediately replace you to a non -toxic and harmless post until your breastfeeding is over.

Secondly, since you are not ready to get married, the source of the economy is very important!Even if the breastfeeding period is two years, you can not worry about work with your mother’s living expenses in the most difficult two years. Therefore, it is recommended not to resign impulsively.

How to operate it, you can understand the government’s social security hotline 12333.There are all cities in this phone, and you do n’t need to consult a real name, so you can call it many times, and even a place in one place and a place, which is more reliable than asking you from the personnel of your unit!

Many people in the personnel department of many units also call this phone consultation when you ask questions, so consulting directly with the government is the most reliable approach.But don’t give up the country’s protection of women and children!

In addition, if you have economic difficulties in the future, you can also check the provisions of family and family relations in the Civil Code. Even if it is a child and a child, the child’s father is responsible and obliged to raise his children to grow up.

Therefore, even if you are very hard, even if you are not prepared to be responsible for your child’s father, you can still give yourself a little room for you to know the rules of the law.

In addition, if you confinement is ready to ask the moon, or the confinement center, or do you ask your parents to help take care of it?These are the best thoughts in advance.

But don’t think that parents should help you take your child in confinement.Your parents do not have this responsibility and obligation, you must keep in mind this.People do n’t help you are the duty, helping you is love, and you must have a grateful heart.

In the end, it is very hard to take the child to confinement. It is recommended that you take a monthly time during the confinement, so that your mother will not be too tired.After maternity leave, please be a nanny or a clock to reduce the workload of your mother, so that it will be longer, and it will not make your mother too tired to complain too much!

Of course, if your parents are unwilling to set up a handle, your life is more difficult!During the confinement period, you can go to the confinement center or invite the moon. You can ask a nanny at the end of maternity leave. I install many photography at home and monitor the situation at home at any time.

Or find a freelance career, or work at home, or elastic work, so that you can give you sufficient time, energy, and financial ability, so that your mothers can live a comfortable life.

Of course, even if you are not in a formal unit, please be sure to ask the staff of 12333 or the citizenship center, how can you buy government pension insurance and medical insurance to ensure that you will always rely on in the future and dare to see it!

Because you have to face life alone, getting pregnant and having children, planning and preparing must be done well.In this way, you can make yourself and your child live a normal and comfortable life, so that you will not be a family member and a drag on society!

In the end, if you are unemployed, you can also ask how 12333 applies for unemployment benefits.If you ca n’t go through, you can also ask how to apply for relief.

Please be prepared, self -reliant, full food and food, relying on yourself is the king of the right way!

I wish you all your wishes, mother and child health, and happy life!

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