34 -year -old actress Liu Nanxi is finally pregnant!For 10 years of pregnancy, the process is difficult, and the husband and wife are embracing and weeping too excited

In the entertainment industry, there are only two kinds of artists, one is an artist who wants to have children, and the other is an artist who does not want to have children.

Artists who do not want to have children are all kinds of reasons, and artists who want to have children all want to pass on to generation.

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to have children can succeed in pregnancy. For example, well -known actress Lin Zhiling, who prepared for a few years after marriage, finally got his wish.

In June, Liu Nanxi, a 34 -year -old actress Liu Nanxi, finally became pregnant.

Seeing that there were two bars on the pregnancy test paper, Liu Nanxi was about to jump up.

These two bars are not Yiyang, nor Eryang, not Sanyang nor Siyang.

It is more than a bar, which is exactly the extra bars, which proves that Liu Nanxi’s hard work has not been in vain for ten years.

According to the data, Liu Nanxi and her husband met when they were 18 years old. They were all high students in Chinese opera and were university.

Liu Nanxi fell in love immediately.

Subsequently, the year when Liu Nanxi graduated, Liu Nanxi, 24, officially married her husband.

Such emotional experience is too legendary.

These two husbands and wives can also be called a bamboo horse. The two are the first time for each other.

However, after they got married, they were pregnant for 10 years and did not succeed in pregnancy.

This also caused them to doubt whether there was a problem with the body of one of them.

Fortunately, after 10 years of hard work, after a very difficult process, they finally conceived.

After learning the news, the husband and wife were crying, embracing and celebrating.

It’s too touching.

But then again, it is too early to celebrate whether to celebrate so early.

Generally speaking, the early stages of pregnancy must be low -key, and it is not suitable for publishing in five or six months. Until all the birth checkups, ensure that the child has no problem.

It will be announced to the outside world when it is almost close to delivery.

Because the news of pregnancy in the later period is the most appropriate behavior.

I announced the news of pregnancy too early, and there was a little adventure.

Data show that Liu Nanxi was born in Hebei in 1989 and graduated from Chinese opera.

Liu Nanxi is the same as the well -known actress Song Tie and Jiang Kai. They are all classmates in the same class. Their relationship is pretty good.

Liu Nanxi’s representative works include "Ugly Girl Invincible" and so on. Compared with other actresses, Liu Nanxi’s career has not developed well.

Especially because Liu Nanxi was particularly married, Liu Nanxi could not keep up with the footsteps of other unmarried actresses in his career.

Later, in order to have children, Liu Nanxi had been preparing for pregnancy, which wasted a lot of opportunities.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Liu Nanxi even had a child, and for a while, he hadn’t gone out for a long time.

It is not as good as Liu Nanxi’s popularity.

I have to say that it seems that Liu Nanxi is at the age of 18 to meet the actress of love. It is very difficult. For love, Liu Nanxi basically pays all his ability in his life.

In order to get this love to get a crystallization of love, Liu Nanxi also tried his best and wanted to have children.

Fortunately, Liu Nanxi today has finally succeeded.

She has also been 34 years old. After giving birth to a child, she also focuses on taking care of her family and children.

It seems that her actor career may not make a glory anymore.

What do you think about Liu Nanxi’s situation?

When I met love too early, is it lucky or unfortunate?

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