33 -year -old actress official announced that she was pregnant!Unexpected bleeding during pregnancy scared the legs soft, climbing out of the toilet to find her husband

Female star Huaibao is a difficult choice. After conceiving the baby, she will face a temporary suspension of work. The impact of this matter on the female star is still quite large, so the female celebrities who can decide to have a baby are very very good.Courage.

On March 11, the 33 -year -old female star Xu Yaoxuan appeared on a social platform. She said that she had been pregnant for three and a half months, and the news caused heated discussion among netizens.

Xu Yaoxuan is an actor. She has appeared in "My Father My Soldiers" and "Iron Blood Tea City". In the past two years, he has not released film and television works, but she has been active on social platforms.

However, some netizens found that in recent months, she did not update dynamics, so many people were worried that Xu Yaoxuan came out to respond to everyone.

As soon as she came up, she told everyone the good news of pregnancy. The baby came suddenly. When Xu Yaoxuan found that he had a baby, he was still filming in Dalian.

At that time, her mood was excited and worried. He told his husband the first time. With the discussion of the two people, they decided to leave this little life. After all, this was their crystallization of love.

After returning home after filming, Xu Yaoxuan began to go to the hospital for examination. The conditions were very good, and the baby was healthy.When Xu Yaoxuan was filming, she often worried about her baby because she often needed to do some large movements.After the pregnancy examination was completed, Xu Yaoxuan’s heart finally let go.

Xu Yaoxuan said in the video that when she was pregnant with her baby, Xu Yaoxuan and her husband wanted to go to the outside world. By the way, they celebrated the arrival of the new life. Unexpectedly, before the plane was sitting, there was an episode.

In the lounge of the airport, Xu Yaoxuan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and this strangeness was very wrong, so he went to the toilet to check it, and then found that he had a sign of bleeding.

After all, it was the first pregnancy. Without experiencing such a thing, Xu Yaoxuan was very scared, and even scared her legs. She almost climbed out of the toilet to find her husband. After hearing the news, her husband took her to the hospital.

Fortunately, there is no problem with the baby, just simply the uterine cavity effusion, just rest more.

When Xu Yaoxuan said these words, my heart followed up. After all, it was the first time, and my heart was still panicked, but fortunately, the child had no problem.

From the perspective of Xu Yaoxuan’s affairs, mothers should pay more attention to rest during early pregnancy, do not overwork, do not panic when encountering such a thing. As soon as possible, seek help from family or people.

Too much panic may lead to serious development, so calm down in the event and think about how to deal with it.

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