33 -year -old actress is pregnant!Self -exposure of bleeding during pregnancy and climbing out of the toilet to find her husband, once revealed the entertainment circle

Recently, the actress Xu Yaoxuan suddenly promised to get pregnant through the social account official, which instantly caused widespread heated discussion.For this name, everyone may not be familiar with it. The popularity is not high. The most do behind the scenes.

He has also participated in "Brothers of Waste Chai", and also collaborated with Yao Chen "The Days of Being with the Steaming", but because there are not many plays, they have not attracted attention.But with the fire of short videos, she also focused on shooting her life videos to share her interesting experience and get attention.

However, she never responded publicly and discussed with her personal emotional problems, so everyone did not know her details.But now the official announcement is really surprising.Throughout the chat, Xu Yaoxuan admitted that he stopped changing, but because of raising tires and considering the health of your baby.

It is admitted that because of busy work during pregnancy, I have been in the crew for a long time, and my mood is very bad.At one time, even the typer was shaking, resulting in the poor condition of the whole person.

In order to let her relax her body and mind, she released her pressure and irritability, and she also took her out for vacation, trying to adjust it.I did not expect that the accident happened. When she was waiting for boarding at the airport lounge, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and immediately ran to the toilet.

It turned out that she had bleed suddenly. She was a mother who had not experienced such a scene at all.

He also exposed his details at the time, thinking that he or his child had something wrong. He cried out of the toilet to find her husband everywhere.

Fortunately, her husband was online and sent him to the hospital for examination. As a result, there was no danger and no big deal.However, there is a effusion in the uterine cavity, and you need to stay in a dangerous period in bed rest.For the baby, Xu Yaoxuan was put down everything. Whether it was acting or short videos, he kept his heart at home and survived the crisis.

That’s why it has been broken for a while. Now that she has improved, she will report to you through the short video account, and use her own experience to give you a popular knowledge.

Prior to this, Xu Yaoxuan was frequently spit out because he dared to cause controversy too much.As a Chinese opera graduated, she admits that there are indeed many rich second generations in the school. Most of them are good tea at home. No special means are not used at all. Who can see?

In the interview, she revealed the shady of the entertainment circle. As an actress, she said that she had experienced things she had experienced in person.

Some predecessors bullied the newcomer, because their lines were not good, and they were unwilling to admit their mistakes, so they threw the pot to the newcomer and became the other person out of the air.For this phenomenon, the director also opened his eyes and closed his eyes, giving the other person a step, and did not dare to offend.

It is also revealed that such things in the entertainment industry are not black actors and directors, but for who to see the movie.Such a short word shows the entertainment circle vividly.

In other words, it depends on who has the right to say that it can be said, so it is willing to be hidden by the hidden rules.Under the invasion of the capital era, whoever speaks is the direction of the hidden rules, just like weak meat and strong food.

To be honest, it is very angry, but it is also the disadvantage of this circle.It is hoped that the relevant departments can increase their efforts and let the actors who have the strength and acting skills get a fair opportunity to bring high -quality works to the audience.Let this circle water be clear, so as to completely change the problem of hidden rules in the entertainment industry.

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