Life is here (1).

I divorced Chen Yu, and everyone thought that I was just awkward with him. It is estimated that I would lick up again in a few days.But no one expected that I was serious. I moved away from the wedding room and pulled all his contact information.Chen Yu was panicked. He came downstairs in my house and asked if I would like to give him another chance. I dumped his hand.

It was a rainy night on the day of divorce with Chen Yueyi. I went to the hospital to do a birth check in the hospital.I want Chen Yushun to drive over to pick me up, but the news could not wait for the response after the news was sent.I opened Chen Yu’s WeChat, wanted to make a call for him, and worried that he was busy working. When he was bored, he opened his avatar, but saw a circle of friends he issued three minutes ago. Welcome to return to China.

The only pure white jasmine picture in my heart was a photo of him and a girl. At a glance, I recognized that the girl in the photo was Fang Yuanyuan and Chen Yu’s first love girlfriend.Bai Yueguang, which he never forgotten.In the photo, the girl is wearing a pure white dress, long hair and shoulders, and her pure and sweet looks are moving. The birds stood in front of Chen Yuyan, and smiled particularly sweetly.

Chen Yu’s eyes were gentle, watching the girl affectionately, and a dazzling smile from the corner of her mouth. It was the expression that I had never had when I got along with me. There was a tingling in my heart.Exit the circle of friends, the information is still raining outside. Can you come to the city hospital to pick me up?He didn’t return, and I thought I would not return in the future.Since playing last month, he was not as gentle and considerate as me.I thought he was too busy at work and didn’t dare to disturb him. Now if he wants to come, he should know the news of his first love returning to China.

Tears slipped from the corner of my eyes. I wiped the tears on my face and planned to get a car back.You can wait for a long time at the door of the hospital, and you can’t wait for a taxi.I curled up in the corner helplessly, looking at the pedestrians and cars coming and going, and I felt that my four -year companionship was like a joke.

It turned out that I had never walked into his heart, and the more I felt more annoying, I just took out my mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Yu. Let’s divorce.Perhaps the emotional instability of pregnant women is too sensitive.Less than two minutes after the news was sent, I started to regret it.

While Chen Yu was ready to withdraw the news earlier, he saw Chen Yuecci returned to my WeChat.Jiang Ting, which one do you sing?At four o’clock in the evening, Chen Yue returned home on time. I couldn’t care about my own cold. After wearing a coat, I went to the kitchen to cook ginger sugar water.And took Chen Yuman’s suit jacket, and said with a smile: You are back.

Chen Yu pulled the tie on his body and sat on the sofa at will, Jiang listened: What do you mean?I pulled the corner of my mouth.Chen Yu … you misunderstood, I am a pregnant woman, and my mood went up for a while, but I didn’t hold back that news.Chen Yu glanced at me, maybe he thought of that circle of friends.He frowned impatiently: Fang Yuanyuan is my ex -girlfriend, but what can that happen, that’s all the past, you take your dirty mind, and the old speculation is the purity friendship between me and Fang Yuanyuan.Friendship.

After listening to this, I felt even more funny, and I was a little unconvinced: How pure, I have never seen any pure friendship, and I also called the other party as a pure jasmine.Maybe I was poked by me.Chen Yue was even more angry, Shanting Guan Lao Tzu’s affairs.I just meet with my classmates for two glasses, what does it have to do with you.A housewife who has no culture and turns around the Guotai all day. Where can I get a finger of Fang Yuanyuan, not to mention whether I will recover with Fang Yuanyuan.Even if the two of us really rear, it doesn’t matter. We can pass it. We must not get a divorce.

After his words, he threw the kettle full of ginger soup on the ground, and fell back to the bedroom, leaving me alone for three months, bending down, cleaning the glass scum in the living room,Essence

I know that Chen Yu was angry, but he was not the first time. Every time he was angry, he would always dry me aside in such a rude way, and I was a person who could heal himself without coaxing.Therefore, every time Chen Yu loses his temper with me, I take the initiative to ask for peace.As Chen Yue’s temper is getting higher and higher, I have never cared about me.

Because in my impression, Chen Yu has always been a silent personality, so I never care about what he said to me, even if he insults my career and degree in front of me, I can laugh and laughIt is said that Chen Yu was just a knife -mouth tofu heart.But today, I don’t want to lie to myself as before.

The more the rain outside the door was like my mood at the moment. I held my head and cried in the living room for nearly night. It was until Chen Yuqi’s night toilet saw me who was lying on the sofa.Caring: How do you fall asleep here?Sleeping sofa is not good for the children in my stomach. Has my mother told you?My face was froze suddenly.At this time, he only cares about the children in my stomach.

So what can I count?I wiped my tears and sat up with my body.Chen Yu I want to divorce you.He frowned and thought I was making trouble again.If you still think so, I can’t help it, because Fang Yuanyuan is not only my ex -girlfriend, but also my business partner now. Do you understand?Forget it, you do n’t understand to tell you about your education.Look, he is insulting my occupation and education again.I blushed my eyes and tried to make myself look less embarrassing. I was not joking, I want to divorce you.

Chen Yu, don’t be funny, just have your ability to work, if I have not supported you, you can’t live a long time ago. I actually want to divorce me. Why don’t you think about it? Without me, you will be in your future.How to spend.There was a trace of contempt in his tone, as if he had lost him.I really can’t live in the future, but in fact, this is indeed the case, but now I don’t want to lie to myself as before.

As for Chen Yu, I will find a way to forget him.I sneered: Why can’t I feed myself?Do you forget that before I was pregnant, the novel I wrote sold IPs and made two million things.Yes, my profession is a web writer, and because of this discrimination of Chen Yu.He is a master’s degree in Chinese language and literature.A martial arts often say: Only people who are not culture can write things like novels.

Forgive me, online literature is all garbage, but he is not willing to be heavenly. He married a wife who wrote garbage works home and had to face her all day.It’s ridiculous to think about it.I said to Chen Yu once, "Without you, I might be better than now.Chen I really regret marrying you and moving away.

Chen Yu didn’t expect that I would talk to him like this. He frowned and said: You really think about it, we divorced.What about the child in your belly?He thought I would have some commemorative, but I was serious this time. I thought about it. We divorced. As for the child, did the child go to the hospital?To say this, I don’t have any hesitation. A family who is not in love with each other is destined not to be happy even if he is born.If you are ruthless, we will divorce tomorrow, don’t regret it.

Chen Yue seemed to be angry, and he left the door without returning to leave.Looking at his back, I couldn’t help crying: Obviously we shouldn’t be like this.I and Chen Yu are a bamboo horse who grew up in an alley. He is three years old. He is the king of the child in the courtyard. I just followed him to call his brother’s fart.In the memory, Chen Yu’s mother joked and said that I liked Chen Yu so much.The aunt in the courtyard laughed, but only I was serious.Later, the hutong was demolished, and I did not contact Chen Yue.

After all the end of the college entrance examination at the age of eighteen, I thought I could confess to Chen Yu by the opportunity.The big boss, mother is also a professor of university, coupled with the pleasing personality, often teased Chen Yu’s mother laughed.

However, when I was a junior in my junior year at the age of 21, Chen Yu broke up because she did not match the family conditions.I returned home from the school that night, and I saw that Chen Yu was crying in the corridor. I held my breath and couldn’t help but handed a paper towel to him.He glanced at me lightly.Then I said a few words, and listen to our marriage.What did you say?I stunned God.

Although I have always dreamed of this, I know that Chen Yu really wants to marry me, do you like me?I asked carefully with my teeth.Chen Yu did not answer me, but the closer he was, he could almost see that there was no pore on his face, and he would slowly adapt to you, marry me, and I will hurt you in a lifetime.

At that moment, I was like a little raccoon with a honeypot. Don’t mention how sweet in my heart, I can’t wait to hold Chen Yu’s hand to dance to suppress my joy in my heart.I still nodded and answered softly: What happened later, when the water happened, I became a real woman.The moment I hugged Chen Yu, I knew I was happy.

In the early morning of the next day, Chen Yu couldn’t wait to take me to see his parents, and couldn’t wait to order our affairs earlier.But Chen Yu’s mother was unbalanced because of Fang Yuanyuan’s identity, and I was just the daughter of an ordinary family. I was not alone, but I was too lazy to do it, but I still felt happy at that time.

After graduating from college, I put down the work in my hand to take care of Chen Yu at home.When Chen Yu was allergic to soy sauce, I didn’t let go of the soy sauce at all, and changed her tricks to make him all kinds of delicious.Chen Yu has a cleanliness, and he must be washed by hand, and I will help him wash them one by one. Even if you wear cotton clothes, it is no exception.

One winter, I even gave birth to a bubble bubble because of helping him wash a expensive suit jacket.I thought he was going to wear this dress the next day, and I washed the clothes for a whole night without complaints.As a result, because I was too hard, the cuffs of the coat accidentally washed off a button.Chen Yu pulled the tie and scolded me. I blushed my eyes and apologized while crying.

Looking back at the past, I am really a complete love brain, and even people who are not worth it can like it for so long.Fortunately, everything will end tomorrow.

Before the day the next morning, I woke up early from the bed, and tears almost soaked my pillow.I turned on my phone, and the time was only about five o’clock. Maybe it was a divorce today.Emotions were too excited, I put down my phone and fell asleep.But this time I turned over and said, I couldn’t sleep, but I had no choice but to sit up and prepare for a mobile phone.Who knows that it happened to receive the call from Chen Yu, what’s the matter, nothing happened, and there were two hours of the Civil Affairs Bureau to open the door. Thinking that there were less than two hours, you would be able to lift your husband and wife relationship with you.I’m so happy.

On the phone, Chen Yu’s voice seemed a little tired, but I was too lazy to guess his emotions. Who said no?You don’t really think that we have been happy in the past two years.Over the years, in order to please Chen Yu and his family, my tiring mental struggle has almost made all the best solutions.In the past two years, I have been raising you.You asked yourself. In the past two years, you have done nothing at home. Have I forced you to go out and turn a penny?After listening to Chen Yu, I sneered again.

When we just got married, I just happened to graduate from college. Didn’t I think about going out to work?But Chen Yu’s mother told me at the beginning.She said that the woman had to focus on her home and her husband. I resigned to take care of Chen Yu at home. As a result, it was his sentence that I didn’t have to do anything at home. He was raising me.I was so angry that I couldn’t speak.

Chen Yue on the other side of the phone was still listed one by one for more than two years of marriage, but I couldn’t stand it anymore.He roared at the phone: I did nothing at home. The meal was made of nanny, and the clothes were washed by nanny. Your mother was also taken care of by nanny. I did n’t do big things at home.yes.Isn’t the role I have played in the Chen family over the years, isn’t it a free nanny?After I finished speaking, I didn’t wait for Chen Yu to answer the phone directly.

When Chen Yu’s car came to pick me up, I had packed my luggage and was ready to go home for a few days.At the beginning, Chen Yue persuaded me to say a few words, but when I saw me packing clothes, he said lowly: Where do you go and move out.

I continue to say: Since they are divorced, how can I continue to live here.Chen Yu was silent for a long time, and finally came to the end of it: As you arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two of us went through the divorce procedure, and the moment of getting a divorce certificate, my tears flowed down, but I told myself that it was that was that it wasTears of joy, from today, I only live for myself.

Chen Yu naturally saw my tears that was out of control, couldn’t help but mockery, and now regret it.I will listen to it late. I won’t look back. He looked at me highly. All of this was made by you, no wonder others.

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