31 weeks of pregnancy

Your baby is about a coconut size now.

How is my baby’s situation in the 31st week?

They are still slim, but they will increase the weight in the next few weeks-an increase of 200 grams per week.

Even at this stage, all babies are different, and your baby will have its own way of exercise.Familiar with this and understanding models is very good.Then, if the condition is relieved or changed significantly, you can quickly contact the delivery or hospital.

The baby’s movement will not slow down at the end of pregnancy.The story of the ancient wife happened because their space was small.In fact, the slow movement may be a sign of the baby’s problems. Therefore, if you notice this, please contact the delivery of a ward or hospital immediately.

Watch our video and understand why the baby’s movement is important here.

Week 31’s pregnancy symptoms

What is contraction?

You may feel that the uterus often becomes tight and harder for a few seconds.These painless, irregular contractions are normal in the second half of pregnancy.

If they become painful or regular, please call to help the midwife.

Understand the four ways to prepare for childbirth.

"I clarify the financial situation before the maternity leave and try to save money as much as possible, so when I have no full income, this will have a buffer." A mother said.

My fingers were injured and kept numb.why is it like this?

Even your fingers will be affected by pregnancy.If you find that your fingers become numb, you may suffer from wrist tunnel syndrome.

As long as it is likely to shake hands, if you use the keyboard, try to keep your elbow above your wrist.If you are trying to deal with pain, please consult a doctor or a midwife.

Cacultus, indigestion, heartburizing and constipation are quite common symptoms during pregnancy.

This is our guide to 10 common pregnancy issues (how to avoid such problems).

Feel clumsy?

As the bumps become greater, you may feel awkward and lose balance.If you ride a bicycle (although the fixed bicycles in the gym are easy to use) or embark on a bus or train, be careful.

Medical scholars must check the bumps of falling or violent impact.

What to do in the 31st week

Sleep beside you

In the late period, it is recommended that you sleep on the side.Studies have shown that the risk of supine sleep is related to the increase in the risk of death.The proposal includes nap and sleep at night.Read more information about pregnancy and sleeping posture.

Your prenatal care

If this is your first child, your mother -in -law or general doctor will measure the size of your uterus and check which direction you should now go in the day of the appointment.The ideal childbirth posture is that the baby is facing down, and the baby is leaning backwards, but the baby still has enough time to turn, so don’t worry about them in the hip position at this time.

They will also measure blood pressure for you, test the protein content in your urine, and discuss the results of any screening and testing you conducted after a date.

Further understand your prenatal appointment schedule.


It is best to work in the tip shape.Plati helps enhance the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles-not only helps to prepare for childbirth, but also helps you cope with continuous growth, and raise your baby after childbirth.

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