30 -year -old accounting in charge of intermediate struggle!Sleep after 6 o’clock after 24 o’clock, stress and learn to cry while learning

I am a brief introduction to the guest interview:

Forum nickname: All Ru Ru’s

Hobbies: reading, walking

I like a word: The front road is mighty, everything is as expected.

Favorite teacher: Teacher Gao Zhiqian, Teacher Dajiang, and Hou Yongbin, the rankings are not distinguished

The help brought to me online school: establish confidence and easily pass the intermediate accountant exam

Current position: Sub -branch accounting supervisor

Annual salary:

Test the currently passed: intermediate accountant

Plan for future occupations: Note meetings within three years to become financial managers, not just accounting

At 10 o’clock in the evening on October 18, 2019, the news that suddenly brushed the intermediate results in the circle of friends, and the spirit was immediately inspired.93.

The heart was quite calm.I thought about it countless times during the preparation process. This was too difficult. I was too hard. The moment I mocked the results, I must cry.But I really saw my grades, I just smiled.After all, those hardships have been survived, after all, when I walk to the test room step by step, I have been sure that I can take the test!

I am 30 years old and the bank accounting director. When the child was more than one year old, he signed up for an intermediate accountant exam.The unit work is very busy. After get off work, marketing, meetings, training, and examinations have hardly broken. They have to accompany their children who have not seen a day and other children who come back for a day, but this is my dream.I studied accounting in college. I passed the accounting qualification certificate in my freshman year, and my sophomore was admitted to the junior.Because of the need to work experience in the intermediate level, I have not been able to register. After graduation, I have delayed various things after graduation. In order to work hard to improve, coupled with marriage, pregnancy and having children, do work that has nothing to do with majors every day. I feel in my heart.But there is always an unable to let go: I must take an intermediate accountant!

Since I have been graduating for several years, I have been busy with work, and it may be difficult to study by self -study, so I signed up for the high -efficiency and evidence collection classes of China Accounting Network.Originally, I had to try to learn a little better than myself. After listening to a few lessons, I deeply fell in love with all teachers!Teacher Gao Zhiqian’s language is humorous, but the accounting is very rigorous; Teacher Dajiang is so handsome that even if the lecture is so attractive; Teacher Hou Yongbin will give examples, tell stories, also editors, and such boring disciplines in economic law.It is just about the effect of cross talk … the three teachers successfully promoted my new male god, Hu Ge has forgotten to clean it early!

As the saying goes, good memory is not as good as bad. When I study, I have always been used to writing. I do n’t idle in the process of listening to the class. I quickly take notes, just to deepen the impression.Every time I finish studying, I will write all the knowledge points with memory.Accounting practice writing points, formulating formulas, writing methods of economic law, or numbers that need to be remembered.Write as much as you think of.After writing, check the omissions or wrong places and write it again.After listening to the basic class, write it again, write the knowledge points of the wrong question part after listening to the question class, and write the key knowledge after listening to the lecture class.Before the exam, I could almost write the knowledge framework of the book.

Due to the busy work, I was an intermediate level in two years. I only took the accounting practice in the first year. The time was sufficient and there was no pressure. From the registration in March to June, I spent more than two months.Only the complex chapters such as long -term equity investment and merger statements were listened to the basic classes, especially long -term equity investment and merging statements.The exercise class did not start in late June.The exercise class ended in early August, and then began to sprint class.In the second year of financial management and economic law, March-May Basic Class+Trial Guide, Basic Class of Economic Law in mid-June-July, Trial Guide, mid-July-mid-August Exercise Class, and then start two doors.Check out the sprint together.It is relatively easy to take two years of test. It is recommended to complete the test in one year.

In 2019, I prepared for intermediate subjects. I usually work too busy. I compressed the greatest time. I do n’t go home at noon. I start to listen to the class in the unit restaurant for 20 minutes.Just stand up and walk a few laps, and if you can’t, you can pinch your thighs.At night, I coaxed my child to sleep and climbed up to listen to the class. Due to the tight time during the day, I never slept before 12 o’clock in the evening. In the month of the exam, I even stayed at two or three o’clock in the night.When you are sleepy, go to take a shower and continue to learn.Although I slept late at night, I insist on getting up before 6 o’clock every day, go out at 6:30 to carry the economic law, and then go to work at 7:30 …

Listen according to the chapters every day. After listening to the test guide, do the test guide, do the questions, and answer questions if you wo n’t know, and strive to understand every question on the test guide.After finishing the whole time, watch the textbook directory and write every knowledge point in silence. After writing, open the book to check it, see what you write wrong, what you miss, and consolidate the problem with the problem.Print the lecture on the exercise class first, and then listen to the class after finishing.When I heard the last sprint before the exam, Teacher Hou Yongbin smiled and blessed everyone. Teacher Gao Zhiqian joked that the possibility of 90 points was unlikely, but it was impossible to take less than 60 points.Teacher Da Jiang also said, believe in himself, there is no problem.I looked at the key knowledge points I wrote silently. I was very calm in my heart. I have such a long time to accompany and encourage. I have so long of my sweat and hard work. I am not nervous at all. I can definitely test it.

The next day, I went to the examination room. When the family outside asked me how it was, my mood was very complicated. After so long, I finally ended. The title is not difficult. I have confidence to pass the exam.There seemed to be a lot of things to say in my heart, but only smiled and said, no problem!

I know that I am not smart and no longer young. Memory is far less than that when I go to school. I can only use time and more efforts to make up.During that time, it was really hard, and the pressure was so large that I cried while learning, but fortunately I insisted.Looking back now, thank you really.After the test scores came out, many colleagues said that I was Xueba, but I know that the so -called school dominant settings are just a few nights than others …

For me, the biggest impact is still mentality. After passing the intermediate level, the whole person has a lot of confidence.For the first time, I felt the happiness and satisfaction brought by learning through hard work, and also strengthened my determination to test the bet.At the same time, the unit’s leaders also attached more attention to me, and I started to let me start participating in some audit projects, not just simple financial work.

The intermediate level is just a transition. This year, two note meetings are reported. It is planned to pass within three years. Continue to work with the accompaniment of the online school. Maybe the note is the dream of every accountant!

The following pictures are the books I have read in the days of struggle, the words I have written, and the pen used,

I would like to commemorate my history of intermediate struggle

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