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When you are pregnant, go to the hospital for examination. What you must do is to take blood test HCG.We all want to know the solution when we get the report form, but I will find a doctor to see the team that will have been lined up for a long time.Don’t worry, let’s let you learn to read the report in 3 minutes, you can watch it on your way.That is, you can see the results in the first time to make your heart, and you can pass the queue time. It is really beautiful!

1. What is HCG?

HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin, and HCG stimulates the human body to produce progesterone and prompts the placenta to mature.

HCG generation

When the fertilized eggs are in bed, it will stretch out the branches -like tentacles and grab the uterine wall. These angles are human fleece (secreting HCG), which will form an early placenta.

When grasping the uterine wall, some people will have a small amount of bleeding, and there is a slight increase in body temperature. This is the reaction of the uterine wall being traumatized. This is the bed response.

When the placenta is not mature, these hairs will become more and attached to form a thin film.These choricular membranes are gradually covered with blood vessels, becoming the connection between the initial mother and embryo interaction, and metabolic waste.

The growth of this kind of fluff is doubled. Generally speaking, HCG doubles the next day in the early stage (before 8 weeks of pregnancy).

Another important role of HCG is to reduce the rejection of pregnant mothers.There is a parasite on the body that is an embryo. Generally speaking, the human body’s immune system is attacking, but HCG confuses the mother and tells you that this is safe and it is your own, so the human immune system will not launch.

2. What is the normal value of HCG?

Generally normal people’s HCG free measurement value is less than 3.1 (IU/L). If more than 5 (IU/L), you can consider the possibility of conception. If you exceed 10 (IU/L)), you can basically determine your pregnancy.

HCG rose rapidly in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, and the value of each two days can be doubled. For example, the 10th day is 100, and the 12 days will be about 200.After about 8 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value gradually decreased, and it was relatively stable at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

HCG mainly depends on its own double situation

It should be noted that although the HCG has a corresponding reference value in the early pregnancy, the value of different pregnancy weeks has changed a lot. It can be said that there is no standard value, so we mainly look at its double value, not a single ones, not a single ones.Value.

Similarly, the basic value of HCG varies from person to person. The value of different pregnant mothers in the same gestational week is very different, and there is no comparability between each other. It can only be compared with themselves.

Instructions for the unit for detecting the HCG value

μg/L (micro gram/liter), MIU/ML or MU/ML (milli international unit/ml), IU/L (international unit/liter) are all units that appear on the blood HCG checklist.In the latter two units, MIU and MU are the same (MIU I mean "international").

It should be noted that the units used on the checklist of some hospitals are NG/ML (Nike/ml), which is an old unit, 1ng/ml = 1 μg/L.

3. The urine HCG is weak yang, do you want to keep your fetus?

HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a kind of glucose secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta. HCG testing the test paper can accurately detect the HCG concentration in human urine. The HCG test strip can be preliminarily judged as early pregnancy.

There are individual differences in urine HCG test results

Generally speaking, urine HCG can be positive after 37 days of menopause.

However, there are significant individual differences in the morning and evening of urine HCG positive results. Some of them can appear positive results in less than 30 days of menopause; some are negative after 40 days of menopause, and a few may have false negative or false positive results.

Weak positive may be short menopause time

HCG is weak and positive, and the possibility of early pregnancy is very high. It may be because the menstrual discontinuation time is short. You need to continue the test to see if it will turn into a strong yang in the future.

If the ovulation period is wrong, the real pregnancy time may be later than the menopause time, and the HCG concentration is not enough to show weak positive, and it can also continue to be tested.

It may also be a problem

Another may be that the fertilized eggs occur when they are in bed. At this time, there is no need to blindly take fetal preservation measures.If there is a miscarriage before 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus itself has problems. If the external factors are avoided, healthy fetuses will not abortion naturally.

4. Is the HCG value low?

Generally speaking, starting from 8-10 days of pregnancy, HCG can be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy by doubled every two days. For example, today 258, if the day after tomorrow is about 516Essence

Blood HCG value is low

In the early pregnancy period, if the blood HCG value occurs low, it may be due to the error error, or the cycle is relatively long, or the bed is relatively late, and the actual pregnancy week is smaller than the calculated weekly weeks.At this time, it should be checked again the next day. If the situation is good, it doesn’t matter.

The blood HCG value is low and doubled

If the blood HCG value occurs low, check again the next day. If the number of rises is not doubled, you need to go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound at 45 days to determine whether ectopic pregnancy.

Internal pregnancy, but HCG has doubled

If the B -ultrasound is in -uterine pregnancy, but the HCG value continues to be low and doubled, it may be caused by the slow development of embryo development.If there is no accompanying bleeding, abdominal pain, etc., you need to go to the hospital for tire protection in time.

If the embryo itself has no problem, after effective treatment, HCG will double up, indicating that the tire protection is successful.If the HCG value continues and decreases significantly, for example, today 30, 40 the day after tomorrow, and 2 days 48, such a HCG value must be abnormal, and the success rate of tire protection is extremely low.

The relative and absolutely bad of HCG

If the HCG value has increased significantly, but it is still so worse than that of doubling, it is relatively bad, don’t care.

In addition, if your HCG is tens of thousands of, then some pregnant mothers are not so fast to appear. It is normal. For a relatively large base, the increase in quantity and multiple increases are two different things.Because the number of HCG has increased a lot.

If the value is in one range, for example, it only doubles in 6 days, then this situation is not very wonderful.

It should be noted that the contrast and double HCG value must be paid attention to 8 weeks ago.

After 8 weeks, the HCG will reach the peak, and then it will fall sharply for about 10 days, because the real placenta forms, and its mission comes to an end.

5. How much is the HCG value of ectopic pregnancy?

The HCG value can help the diagnosis whether it is an ectopic pregnancy, but it needs to be determined in combination with other testing methods.And it must be judged by continuously check the value of HCG.

HCG of ectopic pregnancy does not double the increase

The blood HCG monitoring values in normal pregnancy have doubled in the early pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy does not have this feature, which can be used as a basis for assistance.

The original HCG value of the first ectopic pregnancy is the same as internal pregnancy, because it is only the location of the fertilized eggs with different positions.The early development of fertilized eggs is the same, but for the ectopic pregnancy, due to the weakness of the fallopian tube muscle and poor blood supply, the subsequent HCG secretion is very low, the appreciation of the appreciation is less daily, and the 48 hours will increase by less than 50%(but some people have the original HCG initial HCG’s HCGRising normally).

If the blood HCG is continuously determined, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is greater than the number of days.

Therefore, the auxiliary diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy requires continuous monitoring of the blood HCG value, and the simple HCG value cannot be used as a diagnosis basis for ectopic pregnancy.

Auxiliary diagnosis combined with progesterone value

If it is difficult to confirm it with HCG, it can also be combined with the value of blood progesterone for auxiliary diagnosis.The level of blood progesterone in ectopic pregnancy is low, which is recognized by medicine. Therefore, the value of progesterone can also be used as one of the early diagnosis.

Determine the position of the gestational sac through the B -ultrasound

When there is a doubt about ectopic pregnancy, the position of the pregnancy sac is determined through the B -ultrasound, and you can clearly check whether it is an ectopic pregnancy.

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