2018 latest pregnancy divorce compensation standard

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In my country, there is no clear compensation standard for divorce damage compensation. There are often many factors in practice. What should I do if the woman is pregnant?Out of the protection of the disadvantaged groups of pregnant women in my country, men generally do not allow divorce during pregnancy.However, the woman’s initiative to divorce, the court will ask the man to give compensation based on the actual situation.Find French Open Xiaobian for you to introduce you.

According to my country’s laws, the man shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy or within 6 months after childbirth or 6 months after pregnancy.The provisions of the law reflect the special protection of women, fetuses and babies within a specific period.This is because the body and mind of women during the above period are in a relatively weak state. If the man proposed divorce during this period, it will have a very unfavorable effect on the woman’s physical and mental health, the health of the fetus, and the health of the baby.Therefore, the law restricts the prosecution of the man during the period.

First, the regulations are not absolute. In some cases, the man also allows divorce.For example:

1. The woman’s pregnancy is caused by adultery with others after marriage (because the woman has her own fault; because at this time, there is no state of a weak physical and mental state in the state of weakness; at this time, the woman is no longer in a weak position.On the contrary, the man is in a weak position; it is the result of the situation of the two parties that best protect the interests of the weak.)

2. After the woman is small, physical health has recovered.

3. The man was abused and unbearable.

4. One party has a situation that endangers life and personal safety.

2. However, during the woman’s pregnancy, the man has one of the following situations, which leads to divorce. The woman has the right to request damage compensation:

1. Dry to get married,

2. Those who have a spouse; live with others during pregnancy,

3. Carry out domestic violence,

4. Abuse and abandon family members.

3. If the woman proposes a divorce during pregnancy, her treatment is not much different from ordinary divorce cases.

The woman’s compensation is not because it is still not during pregnancy.The compensation depends on whether there is a legal provision. If there is no, one party requires that there is no legal basis for compensation, but if the other party is willing to compensate or score less property in order to divorce early, this is also possible.Its compensation is mainly due to: medical expenses, misunderstanding, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation fees, hospitalization subsidies, nutritional expenses, disabled compensation (living subsidy for disabled people), disabled auxiliary appliances, and living expenses for supporting people, etc.constitute.

Divorce is a matter of the husband and wife. After the divorce, a series of follow -up problems will be arisen, which requires relevant legal policies to regulate the issue of divorce compensation.The standard of pregnancy divorce compensation shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the "Marriage Law" in my country.When you are involved in pregnancy and divorce, you need to understand the relevant laws and regulations in order to protect your rights and interests.

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