20 pregnancy

It has entered the middle of pregnancy at 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is many pregnant women who have survived hard and difficult early pregnancy reactions and threatened abortion. They gradually adapt to various reactions and life during pregnancy, and the fetus gradually grows.At this time, do not forget to conduct a check -up on time to monitor the health and growth of pregnant women themselves and fetuses.This week will usher in a second major inspection, including conventional inspections and abnormal abnormalities, which can be said to be very looking forward to and embarrassed.If you also make an appointment for the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, you will see your baby’s face expression. If possible, remember to leave a photo as a memorial.Let’s talk about which items should be checked at the 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, what changes have the body of the pregnant woman, and what to prepare for the next birth checkup.

Fetal deformed

About 20-24 pregnancy, pregnant women need to do system B-ultrasound to check fetal malformations. It mainly depends on whether the baby’s appearance and visceral structure have a big problem.Under normal circumstances, the B -ultrasound of the system needs to make an appointment in advance. Pregnant women who have not yet made an appointment must hurry up to make an appointment.What is the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, which is different from the system B -ultrasound, which mainly exclude which malformations of the fetus

Fetal system B oversive major abnormality

Note: The pregnant woman was checked on the same day through ultrasound images. It does not need to be empty. It is best to eat something before examination to promote the fetal movement of the fetus.The ductive tears lasted for a long time. Sometimes the fetus is not suitable for examination in sleep or posture. Doctors will let pregnant women eat something, go away, and check again.

Blood pressure and weight of pregnant women

The result of the measurement of blood pressure is "systolic blood pressure/diastolic pressure", and under normal circumstances, it should be less than 140/90mmHg.Each birth of pregnant women must also measure blood pressure in order to discover abnormal blood pressure and deal with it in time to reduce the harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

Blood pressure and weight monitoring of pregnant women

Weight is also a item to measure every checkup.Weight management during pregnancy is very important. Whether it is rising too fast or too slow, it is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.How to eat pregnant mothers can control their own weight, but also ensure the balanced nutrition of the fetus

Fetal heart rate

Fetal heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats per minute per minute.During the checkup, the doctor will use the fetal heart to measure the fetal heart rate.The fetal heart sound sounds like the "bombardment" of a small train, and the normal range is 110 to 160 times per minute.Regardless of whether the fetal heart rate is too fast or too slow, the fetus needs to be alert to hypoxia.

The normal range of fetal heart rate is 110-160/min

Gong Gao, abdomen circumference

Palace high is one of the data of the size of the uterus, which helps dynamically observe the growth and development of the fetus, and estimates the weight of the fetus.If abnormalities such as fetal development and huge children are found, it can be treated in time.

Pregnant women’s palace high observation of fetal development

The abdomen is the value measured by the belly button for a week.The values of the abdominal circumference and palace height can be used to evaluate the size of the uterus and the growth and development of the baby.How to measure the high abdominal circumference of the pregnant woman’s palace

Pregnant women’s abdomen determines fetal growth and development


Blood routine is mainly used to understand whether hemoglobin, white blood cells and platelets are normal.If you only need to do the blood -drawing project on the day of the birth check, pregnant women do not need to be empty.If you still need to do other blood drawing items, you need to consult the doctor in advance whether the doctor needs an empty and blood routine test results. Generally there are several common situations: if the value of hemoglobin is low, that is, <110g/L, it is prompted that pregnant women have anemia problems., I need to consider iron supplement.If the value of white blood cells is high, that is,> 15×109/L, you need to consider whether the pregnant woman is infected.If the value of platelets is low, that is, <100 × 109/L, it will affect the coagulation function. Pregnant women are prone to bleeding. The cause needs to be judged and handled accordingly.

Urine routine

Urine routine refers to the health of the urine system with expectant mothers.In the routine urine testing indicators, urine protein needs to be focused on.There is no protein in normal people’s urine. If there is protein, you need to exclude pregnancy hypertension and kidney disease.

Note: When taking the urine specimen, take the middle urine, that is, first urine the urine, to rinse the leucorrhea, and then use the container to connect the urine.

During this time, pregnant women who have been worried about the fetus without fetal movement must pay attention. You will feel the fetal movement at any time. When will the fetal movement start?What does it feel?The fetal movement is like a small fish vomiting bubble?

① Passing and shortness of breath

Beginning in the second trimester, the blood volume increased, and the peak of 32 weeks of pregnancy reached a peak, an increase of more than 45%over normal circumstances.The amount of blood volume has increased by nearly half, and it must be run by the heart.At this time, the heart will increase the heart rate by 10-20 times per minute, and the heart myocardial contraction is increased, thereby circulating the increased blood volume and the original blood capacity.Therefore, the heart burden after pregnancy is aggravated, and pregnant women will feel panicked.

Pregnant women have shortness of breath in the second trimester

Pregnant women occasionally feel the shortness of breath. This is because the diaphragm of the uterine bar is squeezed into the lungs, making you feel unable to breathe.If you are a twin mother, this phenomenon may be more serious.If this happens, stop and rest, so that the baby can get enough oxygen;

② Do not urinate frequency

Pregnant mothers will not run to the toilet often. That is because the uterus moves from the pelvic cavity to the abdominal cavity, which temporarily relieves the pressure on the bladder.Is pregnant women frequently urine?How to relieve frequent urination?

Frequent urination in the middle of pregnant women relieves frequent urination

③ constipation

Pregnant mothers may have constipation, which is more common in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy.If you have already appeared this signs, you must pay attention to your diet. In addition to rationally matching three meals a day, you must also pay attention to the intake of pepper, pepper, cumin, star anise, cinnamon, and spiced powder.It is easy to consume intestinal moisture and reduce gastrointestinal secretion, causing stomach pain, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

Constipation in the middle of pregnancy in pregnant women

④ Increase secretions

With the increase of the uterus after pregnancy, the cervix will become larger. The pH of the vagina is stimulated by high progesterone and estrogen, and some changes will also occur.And the fetus is a sources of the same type (half from the mother and half from the father), so during the pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s resistance is in a sluggish state, and the immune system is also closed.Do not reject the fetus, and do not know bacteria and viruses. At this time, vaginitis is easier to relapse or occur. Relatively speaking, vaginal secretions will increase, which is normal.However, if the secretion is odor, the secretion is tofu -like or the vulva itching should be medical.

Pregnant women’s vaginal secretions are increased to prevent vaginitis

⑤ Afraid of heat or cold

Pregnant women have a bad appetite during pregnancy, and they eat less. The basic metabolic rate will be lower than usual. Relatively speaking, the heartbeat will not be so fast, the body temperature will not be very high, and the excitement will be reduced. ThereforeEarly pregnancy will be afraid of cold; in the middle of pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate will not only return to normal, but also higher than usual. At this time, pregnant women are in a state of excitement, so pregnant women will be afraid of heat.It is because of the changes in the basic metabolic rate that it can cause pregnant women to be afraid of heat in the early stages of cold.

Pregnant women are afraid of cold or hot during pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women will do the next birth checkup after 4 weeks.There is a project of glucose tolerance for the next production inspection, that is, "sugar tolerance", which is used to check whether expectant mothers have gestational diabetes.

In addition, according to the specific situation of pregnant women, doctors may also arrange other examinations.For example, if pregnant women have high -risk factors for premature birth, doctors may arrange B -ultrasound to measure cervical length.If the system B ultrasound or other examinations are prompt, pregnant women may also need to be a fetal heart B ultrasound.

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