2.14 Do not step on the pit!Some chocolate has nothing to do with health, only full of mouth

Liang Qingyue Cover Journalist Zeng Ya

Chocolate is the "senior veteran" in the 2.14 and "Tanabata" gifts, which will inevitably buy and buy for TA.But in fact, there are a lot of bending in chocolate, and you step on the pit without paying attention.How to avoid the pit?Listen to the suggestions of Liang Qingyue, director of the Nutrition Department of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu.

Not all "chocolate"

It’s all real chocolate

One of the details that consumers may ignore is whether there is a "generation" in front of the "cocoa butter" in the chocolate food raw material table.According to the relevant standards of my country, "chocolate" must be made of cocoa products and (or) white sugar as the main raw materials.The cocoa products here are raw materials made of cocoa beans.And cocoa is actually fat in cocoa beans.Albon is made of hydrogenation technology with other vegetable oils, and then adds pigment flavor to the taste of chocolate flavor by adding pigment flavor.Cocoa beans and cocoa butter are 5 to 10 times more expensive than cocoa butter.

From the perspective of food safety, chocolate and album -cocoa chocolate approved by the country are safe and reliable foods.However, the "chocolate" made of cocoa butter does not have those antioxidant substances in cocoa beans. Therefore, it is not good for health, and it is more to satisfy the appetite.More importantly, cocoa buttermia made of plant oil hydrogen may produce trans fatty acids. If you consume too much, it may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Chocolate Health List List

① The highest level: 100%pure black chocolate

This type of chocolate has only cocoa components and has no other added, but it is indeed very bitter. Those who cannot "suffer" must be cautious.

Recommended index: four stars

② Golden section

This type of chocolate does not add sugar, or replace it with sugar, and some will add some dietary fiber to enter.In addition, in order to ensure the taste, some of them will add a small amount of additives, which is the best recommendation for people who cannot "suffer"!

Recommended index: five stars

③ silver section

The main feature of this type of chocolate is: add sugar!additive!Generally, for the sake of good taste, many of these chocolates, the first one of the ingredients is white sugar. It can be seen how much sugar is added, so buying chocolate depends on the ingredient list!

Recommended index: two stars

④ Bronze section

Many of these chocolates are our favorite when they were young, such as gold coins chocolate, Russian purple fur chocolate … but they are not real chocolates, not only contain addy sugar and additives, but also add ages for plant oil.have eaten.

Recommended index: not recommended

Chocolate consumption

No more than 50g every day

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one will be." With this fast customs clearance guide, the chocolate for TA will be the most delicious and healthier high -quality chocolate!

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