16 years ago, the poor couple in Anhui gave birth to 5 twins. His parents gritted their teeth and insisted on unwilling to give away. What was later?

In 2006, Chen Qiangbiao in Dashi Township, Taihu County, Anhui Province was accompanied by his 7 -month -old wife Shi Youqin to a hospital for a production inspection.

The obstetrician and gynecologist touched Shi Youqin’s big belly and said seriously, "It’s not normal, how can it be so big in 7 months."

Shi Youqin was sitting on a stool, but her stomach was high, like a swollen atmospheric balloon. Shi Youqin joked, "You can be a dining table."

After Shi Youqin said this, she breathed a breath. This big belly made her particularly uncomfortable, her breathing was not smooth, and her lumbar cervical spine was particularly painful.The obstetrician and gynecologist asked Chen Qiangbiao to help history to have a B -ultrasound. She also followed him and wanted to know what was going on.

Entering the B -ultrasound, Shi Youqin was lying on the bed difficult. The doctor helped her to lift her clothes. The sharp belly was exposed to the air. The instrument was placed on Shi Youqin’s belly, and two small faces appeared on the screen.

At this time, Chen Qiangbiao’s mobile phone rang. He covered his phone, "I went to answer the phone outside." Shi Youqin nodded. The doctor saw Shi Youqin’s tension and comforted, "rest assured, it’s okay, the baby looks healthy."

Shi Youqin just wanted to speak, and the doctor suddenly surprised, "Why do you have another child?"

Shi Youqin was stunned. What does it mean to have another child?

In February 2006, Chen Qiangbiao, 27, married his girlfriend Shi Youqin. They set up a few tables of wedding wine in Dashi Township, Taihu County, Anhui.

Not long after getting married, the fish breeding Chen Qiangbiao died of a lot of illnesses. He tried to use various medicines and did not save it. He asked some experts to see, and he couldn’t understand how the fish was sick.

In the end, Chen Qiangbiao not only did not make money by fish ponds, but instead lost all his savings, and owed more than 100,000 yuan in debt.

Chen Qiangbiao sat at home with a desire, Shi Youqin looked in his heart in his heart, and gave him a hoe. "Since you can’t raise the fish, can you not plant crops? After planting, we can live a good life."

Chen Qiangbiao’s eyes were red, and all the savings of his life were all set up in the fish pond. He apologized to Shi Youqin. Before he said, Shi Youqin shook his head, "I understand, we can work together"Essence

Chen Qiangbiao, who cheered up, picked up his hoe and walked to the ground. At this time, it was spring plowing. He had been lazy for a few days.

Shi Youqin sent Chen Qiangbiao to the ground. When she returned to the house, she felt a little disgusting and vomiting. During this time, Shi Youqin’s appetite has always been bad. She just thought it was not adaptive.The idea.

Although Shi Youqin did not have a child, children in rural areas marry early and have children early. Like Chen Qiangbiao at the age of 27 and Shi Youqin, he was married to his parents.

Shi Youqin has heard many people say the symptoms of pregnancy. She unconsciously touched her belly and murmured "I’m pregnant?" She was alone at home, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt pregnant. She came to the clinic in the village.Let the doctor show it.

"Congratulations, really get pregnant."

Shi Youqin smiled happily. She walked to the field in a small step, shouting Chen Qiangbiao, beckoning to him, and motioning him to come up quickly.

Chen Qiangbiao’s trousers were covered with soil. He looked at Shi Youqin with a smile and asked curiously, "What’s wrong?"

In the face of Chen Qiangbiao, Shi Youqin didn’t know how to say exit. He couldn’t say a complete sentence, but his face filled with a bright smile.

Chen Qiangbiao was even more stunned, "Are you rich?"

"Have a child."

Shi Youqin snorted from his nose, and this man thought about money, thinking about the child in his stomach, Shi Youqin did not continue to vomit Chen Qiangbiao, worried that he would set a bad example for the child.

Chen Qiangbiao seemed to be settled, and his eyes blinked without blinking. He didn’t say a word. Shi Youqin pushed him, "Are you stupid?"

Chen Qiangbiao took a few steps back and stabilized, and laughed, "Xiaoqin, you are pregnant! It’s great!"

Chen Qiangbiao’s voice was too loud, and others who were still working in the field came over. Shi Youqin wanted Chen Qiangbiao to whisper, but Chen Qiangbiao was too excited and kept cheering for his children.

The folks gathered to congratulate them, praising Shi Qin is a blessing, and he was pregnant for a long time as soon as he married.

Chen Qiangbiao was all mud in his hands. He touched the legs of his trousers randomly and helped Shi Youqin to his home. He chatted on the way and explained that she should not be too tired.

Because Chen Qiangbiao lived in the village, he waited for Shi Youqin for 3 months before he came to the town to receive a certificate.

In the past three months, Shi Youqin’s belly seemed to be a blowing ball, and the bulging was round. Chen Qiangbiao was worried about her walking.

When the family planning office in the town, the staff inside saw Shi Youqin and they came in and asked curiously, "You have been 5 months old, come to apply for a mandatory certificate?"

Shi Youqin said with a smile, "Only 3 months, come to apply for a permit."

The staff looked at Shi Youqin’s stomach frown, took their marriage certificate to see the date, and looked up at Shi Youqin’s belly, dissatisfied, "You must get pregnant before getting married, this is not possible."

After hearing that, Shi Youqin was unhappy, and directly refuted the staff, "When will I get pregnant, I must be clear, just 3 months."

The staff put down their marriage certificate, and said badly, "Unmarried pregnancy is unmarried first, and your belly is experienced for 5 months.Essence

Shi Youqin was in a hurry, and Chen Qiangbiao was also anxious. He knew that the unmarried pregnancy was not good at Shi Qinqin’s reputation, let alone in the village, some people might not be able to arrange the child.

Chen Qiangbiao scolded the staff angrily, and Shi Youqin righteousness stated that he was absolutely not unmarried first. The child was 3 months.

Other staff members at the Family Planning Office hurried forward to play the round, and they apologized politely to let other staff members apply for a quasi -student certificate of Shi Qinqin.

Shi Youqin’s heart was relieved, "You wait, I go back and get the evidence to show you."

The staff who quarreled with Shi Youqin and his wife was so angry that if it wasn’t for a colleague, I am afraid that he would continue to argue with the Shi Youqin couple.

After Chen Qiangbiao and Shi Youqin came out of the door of the Family Planning Office, they were very annoyed. Shi Youqin stopped him and touched his belly.

Shi Youqin said that he would do it, and he rushed to the hospital with Chen Qiangbiao rushed to the hospital.

Shi Youqin said that when she was only 3 months, the doctor looked up in surprise and seeing that Shi Youqin’s expression was not as fake. Let Chen Qiangbiao help her to do a B -ultrasound.

This is Shi Youqin’s first B -ultrasound. The cold liquid was applied to her bulging belly. Shi Youqin seemed a little nervous. Chen Qiangbiao stood beside and held her hand.

The doctor moved back and forth on Shi Youqin’s belly with the instrument, and finally stopped at a point. He said to Shi Youqin with a smile, "It’s a twin, congratulations."

Shi Youqin laughed. When her mother gave birth to her, she was pregnant with twins. The doctor was clear. If there were twins in the family, there would be people in the next generation.

The doctor carefully checked Shi Youqin, and told her to check on time. "You can’t care about twins, you must do a checkup on time."

When Chen Qiangbiao heard Shi Qinqin’s twins, the whole person was stupid. No matter who said what to say to him, Chen Qiangbiao only nodded.

The doctor laughed and explained some of their precautions, so Chen Qiangbiao helped history to have a piano to go home to rest.

After leaving the hospital, Shi Youqin did not rush home. "We go to the Family Planning Office."

The staff of the Family Planning Office saw Shi Youqin come again, and the smiley face greeted him. Shi Youqin went straight to the staff who quarreled with her and put the B -ultrasound on the table."Big month."

The staff picked up the B -ultrasound and looked closely. The information such as the pregnancy cycle was stated. The staff knew that they were wrong, and apologized to Shi Youqin in a good attitude. "I’m sorry, I’m wrong, I’m very sorry."

Shi Youqin didn’t say anything. He took the quasi -student certificate and Chen Qiangbiao home.

Time passed day by day. Shi Youqin’s belly was like a bulging ball. It was nothing to see in the hospital in the village, but Chen Qiangbiao’s heart was hung high.

When Shi Youqin was 7 months pregnant, her stomach could already be used as a table. Moreover, Shi Youqin often felt pain in the lumbar spine and difficulty breathing. It was difficult to say a word for a long time.

Chen Qiangbiao was nervous. He advised, "Otherwise, let’s go to the county hospital to see it." The women in the village are pregnant, and most of them are at the village health institute.

Shi Youqin agreed. Chen Qiangbiao took Shi Youqin to Taihu County Hospital for examination. The doctor saw Shi Youqin’s big belly. "How many months?"

Chen Qiangbiao answered for only 7 months. The doctor frowned and asked if they had a B -ultrasound check. Chen Qiangbiao took out the B -ultrasound checklist at 3 months, "with twins."

"The twins will not be so big for 7 months." The doctor gave them a list, "Go to the B -ultrasound".

Chen Qiangbiao did not dare to delay picking up the list, and lifted Shi Youqin to the B -ultrasound room.

Shi Youqin felt uncomfortable. He went out of sweat for a while. The nurse pushed a wheelchair to let Shi Youqin sit up and push it for inspection.

Chen Qiangbiao helped Shi Youqin onto the bed, and put her hand on Shi Youqin’s back, letting her lie down slowly.

The doctor looked at Shi Youqin’s big belly unconsciously and took a pillow and padded her. Shi Youqin opened his mouth and exhaled.

The doctor moved on her stomach with an instrument and saw two children. When she just wanted to say, Chen Qiangbiao’s phone rang, "I went out to answer the phone."

Shi Youqin whispered and moved his stomach a little. The instrument in the doctor’s hand was beside him.Not twins. "


Shi Youqin was shocked, and she asked in a hurry, "Is there anything a child?"

The doctor said with a smile, "You are pregnant with triggea, and the triplets are rare. You are really blessed."

Shi Youqin took his heart slightly, but he had no smile on his face. The economic situation in the family was getting worse and worse. A child was not easy to support, let alone three children, how they should raise them.

At this point, Chen Qiangbiao came in, and the doctor congratulated him again.Chen Qiangbiao froze for a moment, and did not know the excitement of the twins at the beginning. He was the same as Shi Youqin. He had no money at home.

Chen Qiangbiao smiled and said a few words. The doctor continued to checked Shi Youqin. He held his phone and wanted to call the family to report the goodbye. "I’ll call a phone call and tell my uncle."

As soon as Chen Qiangbiao came out of the door of the B -ultrasound room, the doctor turned Shi Qinqin slightly. She noticed that there was a shadow behind a child, worried about what was.

Shi Youqin turned slightly with the help of the nurse, and the doctor’s eyes were almost posted on the screen, "Oh".

Shi Youqin listened to the doctor’s slightly surprised tone, a little worried, "What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the child?"

The doctor appeased Shi Qin’s emotion and shouted another doctor. The two went to the screen and looked at the screen for a few seconds, and suddenly laughed. "You are really amazing.see".

Shi Youqin did not say a lot of surprise. The trigger had just sank her mood to the bottom. Now she learned that it was the twins. Her eyes were red, as if she was crying in the next second.

Nurses and doctors comforted Shi Youqin and told her that medical technology is very developed now, and she and her children will definitely be safe.

Chen Qiangbiao stood at the door and kept paying attention to the movement of Shi Youqin. When he saw that the doctors and nurse were around her, and hurriedly hung up the phone in, "What’s wrong?"

The doctor first congratulated Chen Qiangbiao’s twins, and soothed the nervousness of their husband and wife.

Chen Qiangbiao’s face couldn’t see a little bit of happiness at all. He was as worried as Shi Youqin. They had never seen four twins. Now Shi Youqin was pregnant with four twins, which made Chen Qiangbiao’s heart instantly mentioned his throat.

The news of Shi Youqin’s twins had wings, and quickly spread throughout the countryside. Many villagers wanted to see what the four twins looked like, but they were worried that they would disturb Shi Qin.Essence

The villagers who were familiar with Chen Qiangbiao listed his daughter -in -law’s experience in producing pregnancy. The Chen family and the historian took turns to keep Shi Youqin day and night, fearing that she would bump.

The bigger the month of Shi Youqin, the more swollen her hands and feet were, the weight of her belly made her bend, but she bent down and her breathing was even more unpleasant.

The hospital is also very concerned about Shi Youqin. He often communicates with Chen Qiangbiao with the state of Qin Qin. Doctors communicate with each other and prepare for the plan for Shi Youqin.

As Shi Youqin’s situation became worse, the original due date was January 2007. On December 6, 2006, she was promoted to the operating room for cesarean section in advance.

Chen Qiangbiao and his family waited anxiously in the operating room. He walked back and forth in the hospital corridor. Shi Youqin’s mother folded his hands against the window, and he said in his mouth to bless his daughter and grandson peace.

Time passed one minute and one second. The first baby’s cry came from the operating room. Chen Qiangbiao stepped to the door and looked inside through the glass.

Like Norkei, the baby cried out one after another, and Chen Qiangbiao’s heart gradually let go.Congratulations to Chen Qiangbiao, "The boss is a girl, and the second child is a boy."

Before talking, another nurse ran out and shouted, "Hurry up to prepare the fifth set of things, it is five twins!"

As soon as he came out, Chen Qiangbiao was stunned, and more and more fear came out of his heart, and his hands and feet were cold and stiff at the door of the operating room.

Shi Youqin, who was in the operating room, did not hit much because of the anesthetic, and she clearly heard that when the doctor said that she was pregnant with a five -child, she frightened her eyes and fainted.

Doctors in the operating room are anxious, "Hurry up and see the mother!"

After some soldiers were chaotic, the nurse and the doctor sat paralyzed in the operating room. The newly -in nurse pushed 5 babies and confessed Chen Qiangbiao.

After Shi Youqin woke up, she and Chen Qiangbiao looked at each other and lay back on the pillow weakly. How to raise these 5 children became the biggest problem in their hearts.

Most of the money produced by Chen Qiangbiao and Shi Youqin this time was borrowed from relatives. Now there are 5 children, and their brains are buzzing.

The news that Shi Youqin gave birth to five twins spread all over the country. Even after many people learned about the economic situation of Shi Youqin’s family, they also called her to ask if she could support a child.

Shi Youqin immediately refused, "We must raise the children in poverty and will not give away."

Chen Qiangbiao asked the reporters to come to the interview for the five twins. "We have no culture and are afraid of not being good."

After the Minister Guo of the Organization Department of the Anqing Municipal Party Committee knew, he called Chen Qiangbiao. "I thought of five names, namely Xinya, Shengao, Jieou, Yu Mei and Chan Fei.The soil, the latter word implies the five continents of Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. What do you see? "

After Chen Qiangbiao and Shi Youqin discussed, they decided to use Minister Guo’s name.

After the couple were waiting for the children to go to school, they took them to Anqing City. After the local government learned about the situation of Shi Youqin, the kindergarten tuition fees for five children were eliminated, and a company gave them 3,000 yuan a month. Chen Qiangbiao followed.A communication engineering team worked, and Shi Youqin found a job of housekeeping services. Although the money was not much, he could make up for the family.

Time flies, and now the five twins are already 16 -year -old teenagers. They work hard in high school to fight for the future of light.

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