15 duties of prospective father during pregnancy

“, New Life”during pregnancy

Here are some points that your wife must remember when pregnant.Follow these, you will be a helpful husband and a great father!

1. Educate yourself

Sometimes, just understanding and understanding what your wife is experiencing is a huge progress, so let yourself understand what happened during pregnancy.When your wife is pregnant, there are many things that need to be taken care of, so you need to understand eating habits, clothes, or more serious things, such as the intake and pregnancy of supplements, so that you can support your wife.

2. If she fights with Chen Tu, please help

Pregnancy vomiting may be a painful experience that makes women feel exhausted immediately.As a husband, you need to support your wife during this period.Encourage her to stand beside her and make her feel comfortable.Set a rest space for her so that she can relax when the pregnancy is coming.

3. sensitivity

In the next few months, the situation will definitely change.There will be emotional fluctuations, emotional struggles, pain, etc.During this time, these changes are very natural, so when your wife experiences these changes, learn to be patient.She kept sensitive to her requirements and always responded with goodwill.This will make her grateful to you.

4. Encourage and support her

At this stage of her life, your wife needs support and encouragement.Pregnancy is a period of twists and turns -on the one hand, she is happy and excited; on the other hand, there are physical changes, uncertainty and fear.In her journey of pregnancy, it is important to encourage her and remind her that you are with her and she don’t have to worry.

5. Flexible

In some days, your wife may need more things -it may be difficult for a working husband.Sometimes you may have to change your plan and even cancel the plan to accompany your wife, so please consider doing so during her pregnancy.Try to arrange an informal meeting with friends according to your wife’s needs, and do not hesitate to ask for flexible working hours from time to time so that you can spend time with your wife.In this way, when she needs you, you can be by her side.

6. cook with her

Many things seem to be a difficult task during pregnancy, and cooking is one of them.Participate in the kitchen and make what she will make.She will appreciate this gesture, and it will also reduce her burden, so that she will have a full rest and calm.Don’t hesitate, go all out to perform your duties!

7. Accompanying her

It is mostly recommended that pregnant women have a full rest and do not overwork, so most of them will eventually return to their hometown, because there is a safe place there.It is also important to ensure that you keep in touch -if possible, accompany her to the eighth month of her pregnancy and take responsibility.

8. Plan with her

Waiting for your child is exciting.As a responsible couple, it is important to make a plan for the future so that you can prepare after the baby is born.Make a plan with your wife and discuss all important things -this will encourage her and remind her that the two of you are indeed together.This is also when you can start to consider your name for your child.

9. Responsibility

Responsibility at home is an important way to express support for his wife.Help her handle small things she may need to help, and at the same time, she also assumes some labor she does not have to say.By undertaking some of her emotional labor, you will make her calm and happy.

10. Be a good listener

Pregnancy may be a frustrating experience or a magical experience, so your wife is likely to have some dissatisfaction.At these times, making a good listener is very helpful -listening to your wife’s complaint about the milestone of pain and discomfort, desire and her physical change.Listening to her voice will make her very happy because she will be able to express her frustration and restore her calm attitude.

11. Help to do housework

It’s time to bear the responsibility of housework.She will soon become more difficult to take care of the house. This is your house and her house -it is time to take care of it!It is not easy to bring children.Therefore, it is important to share the responsibility at least.

12. Look at a doctor

Wife with you to see a doctor is an important thing you should do during her pregnancy.If complications occur, you may bring pressure to see a doctor, and you should not let your wife face it alone.Whenever your wife needs a doctor to check, you must go with her.

13. Ready to deliver

Prepare an important day with her.Sometimes, preparing for delivery and waiting for babies will put great pressure on women, so please make sure to prepare resources when she needs.Prepare a pregnant woman bag with everything she needs in the hospital.Reading about changing diapers, how to wrap your baby, how to let the baby vomit, and other indispensable knowledge about good parenting.Make sure your wife can handle things when she rests and take care of infants.Always represent your support.

14. Monitor her food and water intake

Pregnancy means always ensuring that women’s diet is correct -to give you the responsibility to understand what she needs to eat to maintain the health of her and the baby.When do she need to take supplements?Does she eat the right food at the right time?What do she hate to eat?What does she long for?What food is good for babies and what is not suitable?Is she drinking enough water?Make sure you answered all these questions during your wife’s pregnancy, because her health is crucial.

15. Make her feel particularly

With the progress of pregnancy, your wife may feel low because of physical changes, and it is a bit inappropriate to appearance.At this time, you may not understand how to make her believe that she is perfect.So try to make her feel beautiful and special.You can try to take a picture of pregnant women and make her feel very special.When her husband takes care of his wife during pregnancy, she has a significant difference in her views.

After the child is born, both parents should be responsible.In the same way, even if a woman is pregnant, both parents must bear the same responsibility to solve the problem together.

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