15 brown sugar comparison: Taikoo, red cotton flavored evaluation at the bottom; brown sugar can calcium supplement?

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Is brown sugar "nourishing blood" is reliable?

Some people say that "women can’t have no sugar for a hundred days", especially during the "aunt", a glass of brown sugar water in the morning and evening is the conventional operation of many female friends.

But does brown sugar really have blood effect?Which brown sugar is more pure and true?What are the differences between different brown sugar flavors?

In January 2021, the "Consumer Report" sent 15 mainstream brown sugar products to the authoritative third -party testing agency to find out for you.

Total sugar: Evaluate brown sugar purity

Iron, calcium: Nutritional indicators

Subjective evaluation: odor, taste

1. The content of 15 brown sugar iron is between 1.5mg/kg ~ 6.4mg/kg. Among them, Schukeman brown sugar is 6.4 mg/kg, and the glycemic garden is 1.5mg/kg of pure brown sugar.

2. However, for adult women’s recommended intake of 20mg iron daily, at least 3.1 kilograms of brown sugar is required to satisfy at least daily. Therefore, no matter which brown sugar is difficult to "replenish blood and regulate menstruation", it is more a psychological placebo effect.Essence

3. However, the test found that the calcium content of 15 brown sugar reaches 38.4 mg/kg ~ 370.1mg/kg. Among them, the calcium content of ancient pine, Wang Jinji, and Taikoo is above 300mg/kg. Relatively speaking, there is a certain amount of calcium supplementationEffect.

4. The total sugar content of two products including Hushengtang pure brown sugar and southern cards of brown sugar reached 91.0%and 90.0%, respectively, indicating that their purity is high; Wang Jinji original old brown sugar and Yunnan White medicine can only be 81.8%, respectively.And 81.5%.

5. In terms of subjective evaluation, Taikoo and Red Cotton are "vomit" because of the scent and the taste or bitter taste. The taste scores are only 3.8 and 4.7, respectively.Qingyuan Hall has been well received because of its strong smell and pleasant taste, and the taste score reaches 7.2.

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According to the medicines such as "Thousands of Gold", the history of brown sugar can be traced back to the Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties. It was used as a medicinal in the early days. It was quickly popular after the Tang Dynasty. It entered the table of ordinary people and became a "tonic.

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According to the definition, brown sugar is based on sugarcane, extract sugar juice, and after cleaning, directly cook without splitting (separate the crystallization of the sweet sugar in the boiled sugar cream and the crystallization of sugar as the honey)A kind of sugar.

Documents show that the main components of brown sugar are sucrose and reducing sugar, and also include trace water, minerals, and some water insoluble impurities.

The sum of sucrose and reducing sugar is called total sugar. The total sugar content is a key indicator for measuring the quality of brown sugar. The higher the content, the higher the purity of brown sugar products.

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The national standards of "GB/T 35885-2018 brown sugar" stipulate that the total sugar content of superior, first and second brown sugar is ≥90%, ≥85%, and ≥83%, respectively.

The test results show that the total sugar content of 15 brown sugar is 81.5%~ 91.0%. Among them, the pure brown sugar and southern font brown sugar of Shanghai Shengtang reached 91.0%and 90.0%, indicating that the purity of these 2 brown sugar is relatively high.Essence

It is worth noting that the content of rose brown sugar and Wang Jinji’s original brown sugar in Yunnan Baiyaozi only 81.5%and 81.8%, respectively. The minimum requirements of the national standard of "GB/T 35885-2018 brown sugar" in terms of value (≥ ≥83%).

However, the above two brown sugar executed "GB 13104-2014 Sugar" and "GB/T 29602-2013 solid drinks" national standards.In terms of standards, consumers need to distinguish it carefully.

In addition, if you judge from the appearance, how should consumers choose brown sugar?Is the darker color of brown sugar, the better the quality?

Reference "GB/T 35885-2018 Brown Sugar" national standards, the senses of brown sugar are naturally natural, with golden yellow to reddish brown without obvious black residue and impurities.

In other words, the quality of brown sugar is not proportional to the color, and the colorful brown sugar may also have more risk substances -acrylamide.

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Chemical analysis found that acrylamide substances are a by -product of food when food occurs. Animal tests show that acrylamide has potential neurotoxicity, genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity.

"The darker the color of the sugar, the more fully responded the response, and the higher the content of acrylamide." Some experts in industry have written.

She reminded that it cannot be said that as long as the acrylamide is consumed, it will definitely increase human carcinogenic risk. A wise attitude is to pay attention to controlling its intake in daily life.

Whenever the "Auntie" comes, many female friends will choose to drink a glass of brown sugar water in the morning and evening, thinking that doing so can "replenish blood and regulate menstruation" to make up for blood lost due to menstruation.

Scientifically speaking, the loss of blood is actually the loss of iron, because the blood contains a large amount of hemoglobin, which is a red iron content, of which the number of iron accounts for about 70 ~ 80%of the total iron content of the human body.

Therefore, "blood replenishment" is essentially equivalent to "iron supplement".Many female friends believe that brown sugar is rich in iron -containing elements, so it can "nourish blood".

The test results show that the iron content of 15 brown sugar products is large and high, with a large high and low content, and the content is between 1.5 mg/kg ~ 6.4mg/kg.

Among them, the content of pure brown sugar and Shanghai Shengtang pure brown sugar iron content is low, only 1.5 mg/kg; Schutoran brown sugar, Taikoo brown sugar and Wang Jinji original old brown sugar are higher, respectively 6.4 mg/kg, 4.7mg/4.7mg/KG and 4.4mg/kg.

However, although the iron content of brown sugar above is relatively high, can this level of iron content meet the "blood" needs of female friends?

The "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2013 Edition)" pointed out that the recommended intake of normal adult women’s daily iron is 20mg.And menstrual women need to supplement more iron because they have lost blood.

Calculated with the highest iron content (6.4mg/kg), the highest in Schumantan, normal adult women also need to consume 3.1kg (kg) brown sugar daily to meet the recommended intake of iron. It can be seen that the iron supplementation of brown sugar is very small.

Some experts have written that eating 100 grams of brown sugar can get a few milligrams of iron, but the calorie intake is as many as 400 calories. If you eat it in large quantities, brown sugar will undoubtedly become a "junk food".

"For women with anemia, brown sugar can provide iron elements very limited. It cannot be used as the main way to treat anemia." Fan Zhihong also wrote an article reminding.

She also said that if she feels comfortable after drinking brown sugar, even if it is just a psychological comfort, there is no need to blame herself, but brown sugar is sugar after all, and it is not appropriate to eat it without restrictions in the name of health care.

Does our female friends still have other convenient and practical "iron supplement" methods?In fact, the iron content of many ordinary foods is quite considerable, especially the dark red food.

Although the iron supplementation effect of brown sugar may be minimal, it is found that the calcium content of 15 brown sugar has reached 38.4 mg/kg ~ 370.1 mg/kg. Among them, the calcium content of ancient pine, Wang Jinji, and Taikoo is above 300 mg/kg.Relatively speaking, there is a certain effect of calcium supplementation.

Smell and taste are one of the important indicators of the quality of brown sugar.Whether a brown sugar has a pure aroma and sugarcane taste is an important basis for most consumers to make choices for purchasing.

In the process of refining, sugar and amino acids in brown sugar will occur in complex gamuard reactions to produce many substances. These substances are the source of brown sugar flavors.

Just as the national standards of "GB/T 35885-2018 Brown Sugar", brown sugar or its water-soluble liquid should be sweet, and it has the aroma of brown sugar and the aroma of caramel, but it should not have bitterness.

In order to compare their aroma and taste, this magazine specially invited 10 volunteers with normal smell and taste to conduct a subjective blind evaluation experiment of brown sugar.

The subjective blind review results show that the flavor scores of 15 brown sugar have not reached the level of "very much", which is surprising.

Qingyuan Tang’s original old brown sugar taste score of 7.2, which is the level of "prefer", and the only brown sugar with more than 7 points. Most volunteers said that the brown sugar has a strong aroma, sweet and sweet taste, pleasant tasteEssence

Xiaozhong Gongfang brown sugar, Yunnan White Medica Rose brown sugar, Wang Jinji’s original old brown sugar, Zhengbei pure brown sugar square sugar, Jiuzhitang old brown sugar, Shanghai Shengtang pure brown sugar, ancient square brown sugar flavor scores are 6.7, 6.6, respectively, 6.6, 6.6, respectively6.5, 6.3, 6.3, 6.2 and 6.0 are the level of "general like".

Some volunteers evaluated that the small bell workshop is relatively sweet. The vegetation of Yunnan Baiyao has a strong flower fragrance. Wang Jinji has a scorching fragrance but a bit bitter taste. The north is sweet and delicious.Strange, the fragrance of Shanghai Shengtang is bland but not unpleasant. The ancient side is more fragrant but sweet.

The five brown sugar flavors such as the southern card brown sugar, the pure brown sugar, the pure brown sugar, the Schumantan brown sugar, and the pure brown sugar of the southern character are 5.9, 5.5, 5.3, 5.1, and 5.0, which also belongs to the "general favorite".level.

Some volunteers said that the south characters have the flavor of Banlangen but just sweet, and the Ganzaka Garden is a bit sour and alcohol. Gutong has a caramel flavor but is pungent. The taste is too sweet.Shouquan, Shouquan Zhai has sugarcane flavor but is not fresh, and tastes cold.

Two brown sugar, such as red cotton pure brown sugar and Taikoo brown sugar, are scored less than 4.7 and 3.8, respectively, which belongs to the level of "acceptable".

Some volunteers vomit, the smell of red cotton is a bit pungent, the taste is sweet and bitter, and it is strange. The same smell of the same smell is not like brown sugar, and the taste has medicine.

[Special statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality conditions of the same batch or other models of products.

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