13 early characteristics after pregnancy, let you easily distinguish "pregnancy"

Pregnancy is not necessarily a good thing for us. Many times, because there are no security measures, unexpected pregnancy makes many women caught off guard.It is not possible to use early pregnancy test strips in time.

However, there are some early pregnancy symptoms that may be slowly manifested after the fertilized eggs. Today we sort out the physical characteristics that will appear after 14 early pregnancy.

1. Bed bleeding

When the fertilized eggs bed on the internal mucosa of the uterus, this part of the uterus will change slightly.Bed bleeding occurs about 3 days before menstruation.The secretion may have a small amount of pink blood wire.However, there are also a large amount of bleeding, which is like a holiday.

2. chest tightness, breast pain

Symptoms of chest tightness and breast tenderness not only appear after pregnancy, but also similar symptoms during the holiday.If you have this symptom a week after menstruation, it means that you are likely to be pregnant.

3. Pain in the lower abdomen

The fertilized egg landing is painful, and the abdomen will cause pain.However, menstruation also has symptoms of abdominal pain, but the pain of menstruation belongs to tingling, and the pain of pregnancy has divergent pain.

4. Headache

During pregnancy, the increased luteinization hormone in the mother stimulates soft uterine endometrium to protect the fertilized eggs, improves the blood circulation of the uterine, and causes blood vessels to relax.At this time, women have migraine and are accompanied by nausea.

5. Skin acne

After pregnancy, the amount of luteal production has increased, and the secretion of cortex has begun to increase, so acne or acne appear on the face or forehead.

6. Sensitive smell

After pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone, women’s sense of smell becomes more sensitive.Many of the usual smell may be disgusting and retching after smelling.

7. Sleeping, sleepy

Many people also have physical skin after pregnancy, full of sleepy.I don’t know why, that is, I can’t wake up.I don’t know why I will be drowsiness after pregnancy, it is likely to protect the biological instinct of the fetus.

8. Emotional out of control

Many women also lose their emotions during menstruation. After pregnancy, they receive the influence of women’s hormones. Many people will still be mood out of control without menstruation, become extremely sensitive, sad for a while, and happy.

9. Pregnancy

After pregnancy, in most cases, the symptoms of loss of appetite and nausea, especially waking up every morning, are the most serious, which is also caused by progesterone.

10. Basic body temperature rises.

After pregnancy, the increase in luteal hormone secretion has increased the body temperature of the human body. Although menstruation can also cause the basal body temperature to rise, if the foundation increases by more than 3 weeks, it is pregnancy.

11. Taste changes

Needless to say, many people have this common sense.The change of taste is likely to be caused by pregnancy.The sour girl cannot prove the baby’s gender, but it is enough to indicate that you are pregnant.

12. Specific breathing

After pregnancy, babies and mothers need more oxygen, so the number of breathing will increase significantly.As the fetus becomes larger, the squeezing of the lungs and diaphragm has continued the entire pregnancy.

13. Menstruation disappears

After pregnancy, the menstruation of the time will definitely not come as scheduled.It is that menstruation is delayed for a few days, and it cannot indicate that there is no pregnancy.If you have a regular menstruation before and this time, then the possibility of pregnancy is very high.

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