1 Common Chinese medicine, known as "ginseng" in the south, soaking in water can strengthen the spleen and blood, improve insomnia

Nowadays, with work pressure, learning pressure, etc., the accumulated burden will cause people to be overwhelming.

In addition, everyone likes staying up late, you may not notice it, but the burnout body and the not rosy face are all revealing that your body is likely to be inadequate.

At this time, you might as well come with a few longan meat to make you "full blood resurrection"!

In addition to replenishing qi and blood, in ancient times, there was also the saying "South Guiyuan, Northern Ginseng". Does the small longan are like a big tonic as ginseng?This article takes you to find out!

As a traditional Chinese medicinal material for medicine and food, longan meat supplements are relatively slow, with small bias, basically non -toxic, and can be taken for a long time. Southern people often put a few upper one when soup.

Longan meat is warm, sweet, and enters the heart and spleen meridian.

Longan meat was first recorded in "Shennong Bai Cao Jing": "It tastes sweet, treats the five internal organs evil spirits, An Zhi, anorexia. Jiufu strong soul, smart, light body, and gods."

The specific effect of longan meat:

01 Ningxin and Elementary God

Longan meat is in the Heart Sutra, and Chinese medicine believes that the main god of the heart, the main blood, is related to consciousness, spirit, and conscious thinking activities.

If you often think too much, you ca n’t sleep at night, and even have palpitations and panic, you can try longan meat soaked in water before going to bed.This tea helps improve sleep quality and relieve insomnia and dreams.

The ancient Fang Yuling cream of traditional Chinese medicine uses a longan meat plus the western ginseng, which is steamed on the rice cooker, which has the effects of soothe the nerves, improved sleep, and nourishing blood.

02 brain health effect

Longan meat can improve brain function and promote intellectual development. It contains nutrients such as polysaccharides and vitamins that can promote brain cell regeneration, and have good curative effects on neurasthenia and decreased memory.Young adolescents can eat more longan meat, which helps promote brain development.

03 Winning Spleen and Stomach

Longan meat enters the spleen meridian and is sweet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sweetness is sweet and spleen. Longan meat can play the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the spleen.

The spleen is the basis of the day after tomorrow. Only when the spleen and stomach get better can the body get better and better.

The famous Chinese medicine Fang Guifu spleen soup is made of longan meat with atractylodes, Poria, astragalus, jujube kernels, ginseng, woody, and licorice, and ginger jujube, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

04 Buying qi and blood

Longan meat can nourish qi and nourish blood. It is commonly used in the deficiency of qi and blood, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness of qi, pale tongue, weak pulse, etc., or those who are old and weak.

Mr. Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor during the Republic of China, believes that longan meat can "breed your heart blood", "nourish the spleen and blood", and is often used to treat patients with heart and spleen and blood deficiency.

■ Longan meat+red dates

Method: A moderate amount of red dates and longan meat, brew with boiling water.

Efficacy: beauty and beauty, nourishing blood, nourishing qi and soothe.

■ Longan meat+wolfberry

Method: Take the amount of wolfberry, longan meat, chrysanthemums in the cup in an appropriate amount, and brew it with hot water.

Efficacy: relieve dry eye, astringent eye.

■ Longan meat+American ginseng

Method: 3 grams of longan meat, 1 gram of American ginseng, right amount of rock sugar.Boil the boiling water and cover it for 20 minutes.

Efficacy: nourish qi nourishing blood, improve insomnia, nourish yin and livelihood.

■ Longan meat porridge

Material: 15 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of red dates, 100 grams of japonica rice.

Method: Put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first cook it with high heat until boiling and boil it for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: strengthen the spleen and nourish the heart.For heart and spleen deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, anemia, palpitations, insomnia and forgetfulness, eating less stools, fatigue, and enlargement of lower limbs.

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