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Ganmam’s evil wife.

My dad was finally paralyzed for half of his life, and my mother was going to pull up.Xiao San came to the door, paid the surgery fee, and personally served as a caregiver.My mother said that the property was too much, the relationship was too complicated, and the laziness was too old.Xiao San said that she did not try to house, no money, or to destroy other people’s families.When I went home with my big belly, my mother lay on the big sofa to eat fruits.Xiao San cooks in the kitchen and tells me that they are treating them frankly.

My mother called me to call him a little mother. Later, I was tortured by my mother -in -law and collapsed. My little mother held a kitchen knife to come to the door. I see who dares to bully my daughter.

I have known that my family’s situation has been complicated since I was a child. My parents are a bit like the family marriage in the Fa President, but they are a strong combination and family interests to the maximum.At that time, they were in their early thirties. My mother was purely her first love that she had been talking about for fifteen years, and she never believed in love anymore.So I readily accepted the marriage object I introduced to her.

At that time, my dad was bigger and bigger, and my dad was purely a rich second generation, and he was still handsome.The reason why he was married was because he didn’t play enough.At that time, I happened to catch up with my grandfather’s business. My grandpa could work hard, so I had to marry my mother.After marriage, my mother also opened her eyes and closed her eyes.

Even when I remembered that when I was in elementary school, some women called her to say that President Zhao was given to him last night and gave him 5,000 yuan.I remember that my mother was free to cut off the vegetables and didn’t lift her head. She said cheerfully to Xiao San: Then you are really worthless, I do n’t do it.I had to hang up the phone directly for Xiaosan. Usually, my mother was opened for my parents’ meeting, taking me out to play.

My dad is like a cash machine and a invisible person.After I was sensible, I asked my mother why I did not divorce?My mother said that laziness is not necessarily good, there is no such thing, and there is that problem. Don’t go to Sun Wukong to have a monkey.

So summarize my mother’s life creed, that is, I don’t bother others, and others don’t bother me, because this career is quite successful.

When I met Lu Yi in college, I fell directly.Please, he brought me breakfast, and took up his seat for more than a year.Then after my performance, I was still on the school’s large lawn, surrounded a bunch of flowers and played the guitar to confess to me. In front of the school, I said that I could n’t chase my life in my life. It was a red rose.My dad has never given my mother.And in this love relationship, I felt that the uniqueness I had never felt in my dad was that kind of indispensable, only you felt in your eyes.

When I graduated, when I graduated, Lu Yi’s family told my mother that when I was going to marry him, my mother asked the conventional question with a smile: Where did my mother work?Louis has joined Huaxing Company.My aunt and my mother worked to work, then your annual salary of one million will not be able to raise a circle. She can make 50,000 to 60,000 Lands a month, and my mother’s house is also very expensive.

Louis, who has not lived in a house of less than two hundred square meters from an early age, has not been in Louis, but my mother is a very Buddhist person. She thinks that everyone has a calamity that must be experienced in her life. No one can help.There will be something else.So when I insisted on getting married, my mother sighed.

Our family is really not bad for you, but you may have to suffer, but I feel happy that I am more happy than my mother.I have a person who loves me so much, work stable and handsome, and even thinks that I will experience a complete family that my mother has never experienced.But I was dumbfounded on the day of marriage.My mother -in -law took most of the people in the village to eat the seats. The most luxurious hotel in the city was full of cigarette butts and paper balls.The very prestigious village chief almost spit on the major shareholders of the coal mine company.

Lu Yi, his brother, with a bunch of hair colorful, and the younger brothers jumped with a passionate spagnic A.My mother’s group of ladies and ladies watched the big red flowers wearing my mother -in -law and my father -in -law’s chest, and she couldn’t dare to enjoy it.My mother was so angry that I left the speech and left directly. I felt that it would be fine at the time.

Later, I learned that this was just the beginning. Lu Yi’s family must have no money to buy a house, but my dad generously gave me an independent villa.My grandfather and my grandfather sent a car alone and stopped directly in the garage.Then the two of them also compared my grandfather and heard that I gave me a Maserati small sports car.

He immediately took a Mercedes -Benz big G, saying that the co -pilot was sitting comfortably. I stepped on the high heels to deal with the wedding for a day. When I thought of being able to go back to the new home, I was tired and complained.But I was dumbfounded at the door of my house.Several elderly pedals were parked at the door of the villa yard, which was the kind of tattered car with mud ideas and a strong sense of age.

The garage door was open, but the Maserati inside was gone. I walked into the open villa door angrily, and a inferior smoke flavor went straight to my head.

Lu Yi’s mother led a bunch of relatives and was sitting in my living room.Look at this big house, there will be great interest in the future.Fuck Lu Yi, we will all expect you in our village in the future.Lu Yi’s fucking chest was still wearing the big red flowers, surrounded by everyone around the sofa, and threw melon seeds on the ground while raing the seeds.There are also a few children jumping around on my milk white sofa wearing shoes, flying up.I rushed up and picked up a glass and smashed the ground.What are you doing, who made you come in?The fucking was the Hermes carpet with hundreds of thousands of customized, a bunch of fruit juice and wine on the beaplast carpet, as well as cigarette butts, sputum and melon seeds.

Seeing my temper, Lu Yi also frowned, how did you bring them in?A aunt in a flower shirt threw the seeds of melon seeds on the ground, whispered, it was developed, and it didn’t look down on our poor relatives. We go.Lu Yi fucking felt that his face was refuted, and he directly raised his tone.What are you going?This is my son’s house.She held my aunt at my nose with one hand, and I told you what to love and a horse, a broken blanket.My son wants to change a few in the future.When I took the elevator upstairs, I heard them, and I was gimmicking below, and the boy was dead.If you let her hold it tonight, it will be difficult for you to look up in your life.Lu Yi, you are too good -tempered, you have to be prestigious, otherwise your daughter -in -law is not comfortable you.

I have n’t heard of any carpet, and I have n’t heard it. In the town, I was more than a dozen dollars. I was so angry that I was crying. I locked my door and sat on the bed to call my mother.After more than ten, she finally took it, and I said in anger for a long time, but my mother was still so shocked that she couldn’t stand it and divorced it.When I go home, this sentence is accompanied by my mother’s unique and sarcasm. In the collapse, I seem to be a provocation and ridicule, which means that you are not obedient.Should I stay, I yelled and hung up the phone, 110?

After I changed my pajamas and passed by the living room, the group of people looked at me like the monkeys in the zoo. Several people whispered, not ashamed .. There were outsiders who didn’t know wearing some clothes .. A child said loudly:Mom, she didn’t wear clothes.I turned my eyes.My full -dimensional red camisole skirt and sleeping robe, why didn’t I wear clothes?It turned out that pajamas were not clothes, and Lu Yi came over to put on my jacket embarrassingly.I ignored him and opened the door directly.Several police officers stood at the door. I pointed at a group of people in their heads. The uncle of the police was their private house.I don’t know them at all, and a younger old man stood up majesticly.

I am the village chief, and I have something to say to me.The police picked up the walkie -talkie and called for a lot of calls, and sent four cars. After dozens of people were pulled away, Lu Yi did not arrive: Are you not pulled away?My mother -in -law cried and grabbed the ground, and took me away. I won’t live. I picked up the key of the car. I can send you to you. Like them, I started to start for ten days and a fine of one person.Lu Yi’s fucking can’t wait to strangle me, I don’t talk nonsense with him, I turn my head directly to look at Lu Yi, I’m tired now.I will come down tomorrow morning. You must restore the original here, otherwise you will roll out.I threw the car key on Lu Yi, and there was, and sent your mother away.

When I went downstairs the next morning, the family had recovered neatly, the carpet was gone, and the sofa was clean.Lu Yi came out of the kitchen holding the dinner plate and coaxed me with a flattering look.So I did not regenerate Lu Yi’s anger, after all, people can’t choose their native family.Just like I can’t choose to let a normal person be my dad, I opened the car door and prepared to open my Maserati to work.Put Bao Shun’s hand on the co -pilot. When I got out of the car, I went to get the bag. As a result, I touched the slimmer of one hand, and there was a disgusting taste.I scolded and touched my hand under the bag, and touched a white suit with a burst of pulp.

I immediately turned around and sent the car to the car wash plant.To be honest, if I wasn’t afraid of my sadness, I wanted to sell him, but this could not be the case.I took down the driving recorder and sighed. The poor small machine must record such a matter on the first day of work.When he went home at night, Lu Yi kneeled in the living room to admit the mistake, saying that when he saw the car key on the coffee table, he wanted to drive a good car with a ghostly car.

Yesterday, the operation of illegally invading the house did not catch you away. You are lucky.However, you are the crime of theft, and the amount is not small, but it is not only closed for ten days.I gave him patience, and Lu Yi couldn’t help but pull me into the bedroom to say, saying that his brother did not go to college, and he should get married, but his girlfriend always thought he was poor.The girl hit her face, and I was laughed at anger.Take my car to face.

We are familiar.I agreed, Lu Yi knelt on the ground and cried.Start telling the story of his orphans and widows.Blame his mother to take all the money for him to study. His brother has no one care, and then it becomes like this: please, see you, don’t compare with a child.Warning Lu Yi, I don’t want to see any of his relatives in this life. If his brother comes to provoke me again, don’t blame me to turn his face ruthless.

Lu Yi hesitated and knelt on the ground and vowed to say: I promise that I did not hear or see anyone in his family over the year after marriage for more than half a year.During that time, I was quite happy, and I felt that Lu Yishou promised: Then I was pregnant.I received a call from my mother when I was five or six months pregnant, and hurried to the hospital after get off work.Your dad’s stroke is paralyzed, it is indeed my mother.The tone was as if it was raining today, and he came alone.

My mother didn’t like Lu Yi, and she was annoyed when she saw him. It mainly felt that he was in his bones.I know this, but it doesn’t matter, because my mother is annoying to see me.When the doctor saw me, I explained my dad again, and there was a stress ulcer brain.It is now recommended to prepare oxygen pipes, and considering that patients cannot take care of themselves, it is recommended that a person with a special person for care for 24 hours.

My mother was not taken care of, and I had no money to take out where to sign it.The doctor opened his mouth awkwardly and then returned.A woman in her early forties suddenly rushed in and grabbed the doctor’s hand. I went out of money. I was a nursing worker. Please do your best to cure him.Said that she cried.My mother passed the Primary Three for so many years. For the first time, I cried so fashionable. I picked up my mother whispered and said, "Mom, she seems to be really sad, and the doctor slipped with interest.My mother stepped forward and helped the woman from the ground, how much do you want?Tears on a woman’s face: I don’t want money, I have money, my mother is speechless.

Then you want to marry him or divide his inheritance.Speaking of my dad’s death, the woman suddenly cried and couldn’t hold it. She cried and explained: I don’t end, I will never destroy your marriage.We have known each other for more than 30 years, and he has helped me since he was a child.I know you don’t want to care about him, I can take care of him.My mother looked at her expression seemed to be looking at a bodhisattva.

He wondered: What do you pictures?There was a lot of things outside him, and he couldn’t take a bath by himself.Woman, I do n’t try anything, for a while, my mother turned to look at me. You go back first.I am confused, and I don’t want to care anyway, my mother can always deal with this break.

A few months later, Lu Yi went to the neighborhood on a business trip, and I moved home with a big belly.I was shocked as soon as I entered the house. The woman was in my kitchen, cooking and cooking, and wearing my mother’s real silk pajamas.And my mother -in -law was lying on the sofa, while eating the cut fruit, watching the variety show while eating the cut fruit.

I felt that I was frightened that the fetus was unstable, and then the woman helped me sit on the sofa, covered me a blanket, and poured a cup of hot milk.My mother greeted: Do you do it too hard, don’t care about it.what’s the situation?We are waiting frankly.Now is a good sister, don’t you recognize her as a godmother.The woman wiped her hands, and then didn’t know where to take out two big Hermès bags. This is the change fee given to you by the godmother. After going to the godmother’s shop for maintenance, it is free.

I was stunned, which one Yang Meiqin Mei Xincai, my legs are soft, and a good guy is the largest private medical chain institution in the city.In the evening, Yang Meiqin went to give me a meal to my dad.She finally explained to me. She said that Yang Meiqin has been in love with my dad for more than 30 years. She has been behind my dad since junior high school. In the past, my dad has long forgotten such a person.My mother’s expression is a bit envious and a little sorry.People have been so decades of life, and we are not embarrassed, not to mention that she is really good.

I teach this little three in secret. This is not ordinary. She took advantage of my mother’s only empathy in her heart, and even took my mother.But one said that in the past few weeks of raising a fetus at home, Yang Meiqin treats me as a national treasure.

But one said that in the past few weeks of raising a fetus at home, Yang Meiqin treats me as a national treasure.She never cared for my mother to buy a few foods to buy vegetables, and drove her own Porsche Cayenne every day. Go to the vegetable market to pick me up the old hens to stew soup.Business, give me food to my dad at night, accompany my dad to make rehabilitation.My mother deliberately gave her a bedroom in my house, watching her satisfied and busy. Except for her really loved my dad to love the house and Wu, I really couldn’t think of any other reason.

Come and watch the TV, I call.At this time, the ringtone of the mobile phone rang, please register the name of the property when you came to the property, that is, you have just been taken away by the police from your house, asking me if you can pay attention to it.We have heads and faces in the high -end community, and my head is buzzing.At home, the two went back to the maiden family one by one, and the police took it away.I opened it out, and my mother and Yang Meiqin heard both. My mother had a look of melon people’s expression, and her family was entering the thief.

I picked up my jacket. In the past, I looked at Aunt Qin with a worry and immediately stood up with me.I went to the villa with you there, but I did n’t turn on the villa, but the flowers and plants I took care of it in the yard have been messy, as if I was pushed by the bulldozer.Aunt Qin pulled out an electric baton from her pocket nervously, pulled me behind, and walked behind me.

After turning on the lights, we saw that the lobby was full of broken wine bottle, glass tadlion, a smoke and vomiting smell in the air, as well as snack packaging and barbecue bamboo sticks in the air.My fate carpet and sofa are completely finished this time.The top is all red wine, and a bowl of instant noodles are buckled down.The most outrageous thing is that I saw two big characters on the window. Aunt Qin quickly patted my back and was careful of the child.Don’t be angry, some aunts are faintly footsteps upstairs, and we are bravely stepped up.

As soon as I opened the bedroom door, a good guy, a woman wearing my pajamas bounced from the bed, and the makeup spent on her face, and she didn’t know what was dirty in her hair.We two eyes stare, who are you?I haven’t asked you yet, who you are.The woman took the doll at the bedside into my arms and blocked her chest, and then raised her mobile phone. Don’t move.Come again, I called the police, and I recognized it.Isn’t this the heroine taken in the driving recorder?I immediately sat down and hugged.

I saw an old acquaintance Louis in the police station, and I greeted him enthusiastically.You just taken away by the police is you.This woman took the ears of Louis’s younger brother, and pointed at my nose and asked: Who is this woman?You fucking the children outside the outside.Louis’s brother still wants to pretend to be stupid, I don’t know.The woman slapped his face with a slap, and did not know her to find your home, and did not know her to know your password.The police pulled them away and then took us to three houses.

One of the policemen saw that I was a glass of water for my pregnant woman. You said: What is your pregnant woman running to someone else’s house at night?I am Liangmin, Yang Meiqin.Is there a possibility of comrades in police?This household is actually her.After a while, Louis fucking four or five middle -aged men and a older old man rushed into the police station and cried when they came in.The world is not unreasonable, and the return of his own son’s home actually made people catch the police station.

Village chief, you go to support me.The village chief came forward again and watched a bunch of police officers telling you to talk to me. The police finally understood that Louis and his mother and his mother cheated from Louis mouth to the electronic lock password at home.EssenceTwo months when we were not there, they decided to engage in my villa, and then treat my villa as a wedding room.I felt that the children in my stomach could hear a few feet, and I cried out.Yang Meiqin hurriedly helped me sit down.Police Officer Yang Meiqin, isn’t this a private house?

Uncle Police was closed for ten days last time and this time.The police scratched their heads, and others must be official, but the mother must not be a private break in her son’s house.But your homeowner is not easy to judge again.Really rushed to the police station in the middle of the night, saying that she finally took everyone away from the police station.The woman was also wearing my pajamas to slap Louis’s brother.I want that Maserati as a breakup fee, otherwise I will go to your unit to make trouble.Louis’s brother and the daughter’s scolding bitch, without me to help you find my brother, you can have a serious job. I think that Louis’s brother is still working in a barber shop.The feet are not afraid of wearing shoes.But my husband was so powerful that he arranged for them.

Yang Meiqin suddenly rushed over and picked my pajamas from the woman’s face in front of a house. She threw it into the trash can at the door of the police station.Then turned his head and looked at my girlfriend.I nodded Yang Meiqin and looked very beautiful and rolled.My mother -in -law pulled Lu Yi and started crying. The object that your brother was hard to find ran away, but where can I go to find it.He wants your brother’s life and your mother’s life.

The village chief is fine. Don’t make Louis take us back to your home at the door of the police station.Why did I suddenly feel that a warm current flows from my thighs, and Yang Meiqin immediately hit her 200. Don’t be afraid to die.When I was promoted to the operating room, I saw my mother wrapped in pajamas, and I started to cry with grievances, and my mother panicked.It was Yang Meiqin calm down, and took me the list after running.After a few hours, I woke up from the bed.What about Louis, mom, my child.My mother wiped my lips with a cotton swab, and your husband went home to clean up.Then he looked at the embarrassment of the lively, and told me like gossip. Your husband was so funny.

The doctor came out with your daughter at the time, and his mother knelt on the door and cried.My son didn’t help, I’m sorry for you. The old man Lu’s family was going to break his son and laughed at me hahaha.My mother learned to laugh and laughed at Yang Meiqin and pushed him hard. What do you tell him?The child should be uncomfortable. I sighed and didn’t speak. My mother poked my face. You can go to the stream. I rolled my eyes and you can’t go?After speaking, I realized that I might be wrong.

I didn’t expect Yang Meiqin to be very generous.Your parents are not the same as your situation. The two of them are unclear for their pre -marital property and relationships. It is a defeat to separate, and it will not affect their lives when they are separated.But you are still young and you can start living again.

He was talking to me. My mother saw that I didn’t speak and poked my face, as if coaxing me.Tell you a good thing, Louis will not mention it for a long time. I turned my eyes, did you do it?My mother has nothing to do with me.I did n’t even have the contact information of the chairman of Huaxin Company. I opened my heart and said that when I was on the door, I knew that I was marrying.Louis’s family must be as happy as me. I don’t know that his brother and that daughter received my gift on weekends.There was a scream of a woman in the hospital corridor. I asked Zhao Yuanyuan to kill you in which ward. I killed you.

Get out, my mother calmly locked the door of the ward, and her eyes were flowing between me and Yang Meiqin. Even if the child did bad things, you were very old and crazy with her.I spread their hands, how can we do what we do?Yang Meiqin just played the video of the two light ass on the car in the door of their unit for a day and laughed to death.Yang Meiqin found two large car cars with a large electronic screen and played on it.The two of them were doing things in my Maserati, and the unit security came away and drove away. The security guard left and turned around.

In short, none of the windows on the entire building where their unit was on the street was opened. I couldn’t laugh, and my mother didn’t even stop Lu Yi.As soon as Yang Meiqin glanced, he dared to put two more cars at the door of his company for a few days because it was my girlfriend. After I was discharged from the hospital, I was not very satisfied with the months and caregivers at home for several months.

If it weren’t for the paper towels and disposable gloves at home, it disappeared quickly, or the price of buying vegetables was doubled and more outrageous.I was shocked at the time, and the flower branches dressed by his daughter looked at Louis with grievances.Then Louis secretly returned to the house to explain honestly with me, saying that the nanny talked to him every day, and also showed him the photos.In the end I packed things and went to the confinement center, and Louis dug me.

My mother knew that when we got married, our family didn’t work. He knew it was wrong now and wanted to take care of you.After all, even if you spend a lot of money hire people, there is no thoughtful care of my own mother, I wrapped my hands and I couldn’t stand it.Louis, my mother has guaranteed me.

And he really wants to serve you sincerely. If you sleep for two days, I will let him go back and watch Louis sincerity.My heart is soft, okay, it is normal to start two days.Although Louis’s mother is not too high in sanitary standards, the stewed beef is really delicious.Before Louis arrived home, his mother only gave me a small bowl of beef and I was eating.

He suddenly said, how much does you have to hire someone before?My monthly was two or three thousand for a month, and the two were cleaned up to 10,000 or 20,000.This house cannot be cleaned up.After making up, my mother -in -law’s face collapsed.I murmured the loser, I stopped eating meat.What?My mother -in -law stared at me upright, and my son made two money to make you spend.You do n’t do anything at home every day, and you have to feel bad for him.In this way, you do n’t want 40,000 to hire people. Then this will let me do it, and give me 20,000 a month.I immediately put down the bowl.Forget it, go home and rest.I am not worse than 20,000. After Lu Yi returned home, it was wrong to see the atmosphere. I insisted on letting his mother go home.Lu Yi hesitated to tell me the truth. His family had a house in the countryside. He was demolished a while ago. In order to marry his brother, he bought his brother to buy a house.Loan, his mother is homeless now.Because his brother said that his mother divorced with them one by one.Suddenly I didn’t understand. Lu Yi seemed to know her on the first day, and you were not afraid of me to divorce you.Louis was sad and faintly complained.Last time you made trouble, my brother -in -law had cut off the relationship with my family, and she could no longer care about my mother.I am strange to yin and yang. Isn’t this a big villa and Maserati also married?Your brother should thank me.If it weren’t for me, no one asked that woman, she could marry a daughter -in -law.Louis’s tears flowed down.

She knelt on the ground, and I pulled me up from a young age.If you do it because of this, I also recognize me, and I will do my life.Okay, I just eat soft and not hard.There are so many rooms in the villa, it is really not bad for her mother, but I am a little panicked in my heart, and I soon regret it.Her mother seemed to have any serious illness saying that my body was not recovered, and she strongly asked Louis not to sleep with me, and even moved Louis’s pillows and quilts away.

She just gave birth to a child, but she was not clean and her yin was heavy.At this time, you are almost close to her, and you will be moldy for a lifetime.Her mother tries to give an example, you look at the TV series.

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