"Zhen Huan Biography" that you didn’t understand: Zhen Huan was pregnant with a twin son, why let the emperor and the queen queen keep secret!

Zhen Ye returned to the palace with her twins. Many people were very concerned about his belly. After all, the child was not the emperor.Zhen Huan went to the palace of the Taiyuan Palace. The queen mother also felt that Zhen Ye’s belly was larger than the belly of five months faster than usual. Then Zhen Ye said that she was pregnant with a twin son.Essence

The emperor was also very happy, and the news was sued the world, but it was stopped by Zhen Ye. Not only did he not want to sue the world, but he also wanted the queen mother and the emperor to keep it secret for himself. Why?

First of all, let’s look at Zhen Huan’s reason. Zhen Ye said that he only wanted to raise his fetus with peace of mind, and wanted to wait until Guo Yue.Is this really the case?In fact, it was a game that Zhen Huan did to the queen.

The main queen is there, Zhen Huan is very careful. She has to beware of the queen. If the queen knows that she is now pregnant with a twins, she will definitely act. This is the first point.

Another point is that Zhen Huan has a pregnancy back to the palace, and there are many rumors in the palace. Now this belly is larger than normal people. The queen will definitely chew the roots of the emperor at this time.The purpose is to make the emperor feel that the queen is a villain.Zhen Huan’s trap.

Although the Chinese concubine and the queen are vicious, what they do stem from being in favor of other women.The queen’s mother is also poor. The queen is out of the shadow from an early age. When the emperor marries Yi Xiu as a side Fujin and Chunyuan for Fujin, the queen is pregnant with her child, but when her child is three years old, he has a high fever.More than, she was hot, and Chunyuan was pregnant with her children again. The emperor was only immersed in the joy of Chunyuan and never cared about her half.

When the queen cried and told the truth of everything, we had a little touch in our hearts, right? The queen really loved the emperor.

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