"You’re reasonable for pregnancy", my husband complained that his daughter -in -law has a strong temper, but these stimulus is the key

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Yesterday, my girlfriend quarreled with my husband and drove him out of the house in the middle of the night.According to her husband, "My clothes and shoes were all thrown downstairs from the window. She was pregnant and became a villager!" My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant now, since I was pregnant, I have a temper after pregnancy., I often find my husband.The girlfriend’s husband is also a good temper and is considerate of her pregnancy, but often so noisy, he wants to divorce.

In fact, the mood is bad during pregnancy, it is really not the fault of pregnant mothers. The following stimulus is the key.

Stimulation of progesterone

After pregnancy, the stimulation of progesterone and the mood of pregnant mothers will change a little with before pregnancy.Because after pregnancy, under the influence of progesterone, pregnant mothers will have insomnia, chest swelling, hidden abdomen pain, and drowsiness, which seriously disrupt the previous life and rest, and the physical condition is not as good as before.Some pregnant mothers will also become sensitive and emotional due to pregnancy, because a little thing will be sullen and sad.And the mood is too bad, you will vent at the people around you, and then cry and fall, it is really a bit like a "vixen".

At this time, the pregnant mother’s family should not blindly blame and blame, to be more considerate, enlightened, and accompany her.If you don’t care about it or quarrel with the pregnant mother, the mood of the pregnant woman will be worse, and it is not good for the development of the fetus.Therefore, when pregnant mothers lose their temper, family members, especially husbands, do not talk to the pregnant mother as if they are pre -pregnancy.Of course, if you are too serious, the pregnant mother can’t stand it himself, so you must go to see the psychologist in time.

Stimulation of pregnancy torture

It is said that pregnancy vomiting is not a disease, and vomiting must be life.Pregnant mothers must not underestimate pregnancy vomiting. If you spit well, it will also affect your emotions.My cousin is because of pregnancy and vomiting, I ca n’t eat meals, I ca n’t sleep well.Therefore, as soon as she was uncomfortable in the morning, the family hid away, and she couldn’t avoid it.Later, she responded during pregnancy, her mood slowly became better, and her family lived.

Therefore, if the prospective dad finds that the daughter -in -law has a greater temper during the pregnancy reaction, we must also be considerate.Don’t conflict with her, prepare more light meals for her, and buy some fruits that relieve pregnancy, so that "the vixen" can be seen several times.

Stimulation of physical pain during pregnancy

This stimulus is generally in the third trimester, the fetus continues to increase, the uterus is squeezed in the internal organs, and the pregnant woman will appear after the body is heavy.Like some pregnant mothers, the tailbone pain in the third trimester is painful, nor should I sit, and it is not, lying down is not, and then the pain of the body will make my mood very anxious and naturally strong.In addition, physical pain such as back pain, puffy legs, and finger joint pain can also stimulate the emotions of pregnant mothers. The family should find more ways to help her relieve.

In fact, in October, the hardest body and mind is the pregnant woman. The family cares and considerate, and the pregnant mother will feel better.In this way, it is also very helpful to alleviate its bad emotions.Especially the prospective dad, don’t blindly blame the daughter -in -law as a "span", and care about it.

Pregnant mothers, are you temper during pregnancy?What does my husband say you?


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