"You can have children, I will marry you": Women never find men in the garbage dump

Recently, I saw such a help:

I am 26 years old and my boyfriend is 27 years old. We are together for 5 years. He chased me.

He chased me for about half a year, and later we were together. Many things happened in the middle, and we also divided into combination many times.

Last year, he told his parents and relatives to come to my family, but for some reason, the last two were unhappy.

In September last year, his mother suddenly said that if we went to fortune telling, it was calculated whether we were suitable. For this matter, we quarreled again and finally broke up.

After one month of disconnection, he came to me to reunite, and we were together again.

This year, his mother suddenly said that their family wanted a child, which meant that we wanted us to check the body.

However, I dare not go, because I found a polycystic ovary 5 years ago, we have been together for 5 years, and have never been pregnant.

His mother asked him in front of me. If he couldn’t give birth, would he still marry?He said directly in front of me. If he couldn’t give birth, he would not marry, and he would marry.

Later, after my soft and hard bubbles, he said that if the problem was small, marry, if the problem is big, I don’t know. He said that he was very embarrassed and let him die.

I knew that this was embarrassed. I was sad, and I cherished the days before the inspection.

Recently, he flipped through my mobile phone and found that I was chatting with the boy. We said nothing, that is, it was a normal chat, and he had to break up with me.

I am confused now, what should I do?

After reading this for help, this girl should be fortunate that she was not my daughter. If she was my daughter, I had to clean the water in her head.

I do n’t know, people do n’t want to marry you at all. You still rush to marry. What do you draw for their family?

Figure they look down on you?Figure them slowly you?Figure to humiliate you?

People must be light and then light.

This is too general to write for help. The key places are not written, but it is really difficult to give you a fair and objective evaluation in some of the most important places.

However, one thing, it is certain that people don’t want to marry you at all.

If you do n’t believe it, we can analyze from your help:

You wrote that they came to discuss relatives last year, but in the end they disappeared.

What is the reason why this is not happy?Is it a matter of color gifts?Or is it unsuccessful?Or is it unhappy about other reasons?

This reason is really important, because you know these, you can point you out and give solutions.

However, what can be known is that their family should not be sincere, otherwise they will not disperse.

As for his mother’s fortune telling, this is not a big problem, because many elderly people will calculate before the child gets married and pick a good day.

She wants to make her go. She is happy. It is not good for her to be depressed and have nothing to do with you.

But if your boyfriend is a mother, then you must be careful, because she will only get along with you with his mother’s thoughts.

At that time, it is not your fault, and it will become your fault.

As for you, the other party came to you after 1 month.

You must have thought at the time: he still loves me, and I have me in my heart.

The other party is not such a psychology. He probably comes back to find you because he did not find good.

Back because of the moment of emptiness and loneliness, not really turning back.

The most outrageous thing is that their family wants a child, and the daughter of someone else who is not a fiancee is not even a fiancee to check the body.

They also said so reasonable, and asked if there was a problem in front of you, and if they married or not marry you, this is the naked insult.

This family has not respected you from the surface to the bones, but just treats you as a woman who stigmates his own family.

And your boyfriend, he said without any fear that he can marry if he can give birth, and you can’t marry this kind of words.

At this step, the boy’s face has been exposed, and he is unwilling to play in front of you. As long as he is a little self -esteem girl, it is estimated that he will not leave him anymore.

But you still begging him softly, your approach is really speechless.

Many times, we can’t blame boys to see light girls, because many girls have not paid attention to themselves and care about ourselves.

You know, the attitude of others treats you is based on your attitude towards yourself.

As for the breaking up when he sees the normal chat history of you and others, it can only show that when a person does not love you, you have a wrong breath. How can you still expect others to understand you.

So listen to me.

Break up quickly, then adjust your body, learn a lot, improve your ability, and happily enter the next relationship.

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