"Xing Luo Ning into Sugar" Fanwai: The night is resurrected and does not know the piano, green sunflowers, and the twin


Text/Xi Xi slightly cool

The finale of "Star Ko Ning Sugar", who feels like loneliness?Shao Dian has a piano and mocking the wind together in Dongqiu. One year later, Ye Yan and Qingkui finally "blossomed", but the more bizarre plot was still behind.Blood "raising" his wife, many audiences even felt that Shao Dian and Qin and Mociles were "true love". Since this ending made many audiences be difficult to calm down, it would give it a beautiful ending.

Not much to say, the last manuscript of "Xing Luo Ning into Sugar" is the last manuscript for this drama as an end draft of the show.

The flowers of Yeyu and Qingkui finally blossomed. They became the holy tree of Dongqiu and were worshiped and admired by 10,000 people. Shao Dian has the piano and ridicule. They still live in Dongqiu.House houses, keep their beloved people every day, no, beloved flowers.

Ten years later, a month round night.

Shao Dian has a piano and ridicule at the moon. They sit under the holy tree and recall the past of the year. One by one laughed like a fool, because they both believed that the night and Qingkui would come back.It is not difficult to have the days when Shao Dian and the wind are ridiculed, but the so -called alcohol is sorrowful, and alcohol will inspire a lot of emotions. On this night, Shao Dian has a piano and ridicule.

Drunk eyes, Shao Dian has a piano as if there are two women coming from the tree of the gods. Shao Dian has a dreamer and dreamed of it. It is not until you see the green sunflower and the ridicule.Fang Xing, he felt that blood rushed from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Shao Dian reached out his hand, but the heat wave turned into tears.

Yeyu and Shao Dian have a piano just watching each other, as if 100,000 years have passed, neither of them moved, and over there, the cheers that laughed at the wind like killing pigs, so that Shao Dian had the piano.Everything is not a dream. Shao Dian Youqin finally took a step. He carefully wanted to embrace the night.

"Pap", I did not expect that a slap in the night came over, "Who are you?"

Ye Zhihua turned into a human figure, but forgot to the past, but Qingkui had the memory of the previous life. The rebirth twin flowers are exactly the same as before. The only difference is that Qingkui remembers everything., But Ye Yan has no memory of Qianchen, especially with Shao Dian. Although Ye Shi also wants to be close, he always can’t help but want to challenge the Shao Dian to have the piano, which makes him angry.With the piano, he had forgotten the night four times, and finally many years later, he also tasted the forgetfulness.

Although I do n’t remember myself, I have a piano with a piano but happy every day like a child., I plan to capture Ye’s heart again.

Ye Yan is very naughty. She is like a child. Every day she jumps with the life of Shandian Qinqin. Shao Dian Youqin accompanied the night to visit the world for a century. During this period, green sunflower and ridicule have been heldAfter the wedding, and the green sunflower had given birth to twin sons a few days ago, he felt sorry for his ridicule. He wanted his daughter, but Shao Dian had a piano but was a bit gloated.Born.

Ye Yan still didn’t remember what happened, but she gradually fell in love with Shao Dian and Qin. This night, Shao Dian Youqin once again sent the dangerous moon Yan Xingchen to Ye Xie as a matter of love.After picking up the danger, the danger, but blurted out: I hope you are like a star, in the sky, calm on the ground, be able to afford to admire, and can withstand it.

"I have always felt that there is a very important man in his life. He took the stars for me. It turns out that that person is you, there is a piano!" Ye Yan finally remembered the past., Wenren, their story gradually became clearer in the mind of Yeyan, and Ye Xun rushed into the arms of Shao Dian and Qin.With the two little girls carved with him, he went to heaven and entered the earth and was happy.Shao Dian Youqin knew that the picture in his mind would no longer be a dream. His good days finally came.

The Fanwai of "Star Conducting into Sugar", Wei Liang wrote this. Today’s broken thoughts are also absent. Finally, you want to use the favorite words in this drama to give this drama a saying.

May you be born like a star, in the sky, and calmly.

Love you slightly cool.

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