"Words that understand" during the early birth check of pregnancy

When I first went to the hospital for a checkup, after listening to the doctor, pregnant mothers always unconsciously asked, "What does this mean?" "Is there a problem with the baby?"The problem that I couldn’t understand during the consultation time was that there were many expectant mothers who were still ambiguous at the second consultation.During the pregnancy test, the doctor said a lot, but the pregnant mother may not understand what he meant, and now explains the words that need to be paid attention to during part of the pregnancy test.

"Ketone body appears in urine"

The ketone body is a kind of substance that appears in urine due to severe dehydration and insufficient nutritional imbalance. For pregnant women, this is a measure of the severity of pregnancy reactions.It shows that there is a severe pregnancy reaction.

"In -the -uterus bleeding"

When I heard "bleeding" in the early stages of pregnancy, I would be very surprised, but in fact, the undercipulum bleeding was common in the early stages of pregnancy. It was formed by blood condensation when the placenta was formed inside the uterine.The placenta will not stabilize until 4 to 5 months of pregnancy, so the bleeding before that can be slowly recovered.If the fetal heart is normal, the doctor does not specifically say that there is no problem, but if the hematoma formed becomes larger, it needs to be treated.

"Can’t confirm fetal heart sound"

The earliest time to confirm that the baby’s heartbeat is about 2 weeks after menstruation, that is, 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, if the first pregnancy test time is earlier than this time, it is normal to not confirm the fetal heart sound.EssenceHowever, under the premise of confirming the fetal heart sound, the fetal heart sound is not confirmed during examination, it is likely that the fetus is stopped.

"There is a possibility of abnormal pregnancy"

The so -called ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized eggs are not implanting in the uterus, that is, it is impossible to confirm the existence of the fetus in the uterus. If this is the case, it is necessary to treat it early.However, there are also some cases that cannot be seen in the uterus because of the calculation of the number of pregnancy weeks.

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