"Why are I pregnant?!" 80%of women fell into these four major contraceptive misunderstandings

Artificial abortion will cause great harm to women’s bodies, especially reproductive health, especially repeated abortion and repeated abortion in the short term.At present, my country’s abortion rate has reached 29%, which is much higher than the average level of developed countries.Ye Qingjian, deputy chief physician of the 3rd Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, introduced that the survey showed that the most common causes of abortion failure are: safety contraception, in vitro ejaculation, condoms, emergency contraceptives, 80%of women fell into these misunderstandings.Why are these contraceptive methods "cheating"?How can women protect themselves from being harmed by artificial abortion?

Misunderstanding 1: The last moment is only wearing a set

Dr. Ye Qingjian introduced that in the clinic, I often encountered three consecutive questions from pregnant women: "Doctor, I brought a suit, how could I get pregnant?", "Is my condom broken?", "Did I buy it, did I buy itIs it a fake condom, a cheap goods? "… Carefully asked them the time when they wearing a condom, they all put on the condom when the man was fast ejaculation or sexually handed over to the middle. This failure was" taken for granted ".

why?The reason is simple. Men will secrete some prostate fluids before ejaculation, which contains a small amount of semen. Although it is a small amount, it is far enough to make normal women pregnant.Therefore, we must put on contraceptives at the beginning of sex. Please remember: "Put correctly to ensure contraception."

Misunderstanding 2: Take "Regret" contraception

The epidemic has not ended. Recently, Dr. Ye Qingjian encountered several women who required people to be abortion in the clinic. Two of them emphasized: "Doctors, I have medicine on time, why are you still pregnant? This medicine is very expensive.More than forty! ".If you ask the medical history carefully, you know that they are "taking emergency contraceptives on time."

"This situation is common in women who lack the correct method of contraception." Dr. Ye Qingjian pointed out that the main role of emergency contraceptives is to inhibit ovulation and prevent fertilized eggs in bed, and increase the consistency of cervical mucus.Essence"I often make an analogy with female friends as an explanation: emergency contraceptives are like emergency braking on highways, which is not only dangerous, but also the risk of failure is very high. If the eggs are ready to be discharged, like arrows are on the string, there are any situations that have to be posted.Under this circumstances, taking emergency contraceptives cannot inhibit ovulation. In addition, the brakes may not be stopped. On the highway ‘pro -side’s buttocks, it causes small disputes, such as abnormal menstrual bleeding. It may also cause major disputes, such as:Pregnancy abortion or ectopic pregnancy. "

Dr. Ye reminded that taking emergency contraceptives as a conventional contraceptive method is a very dangerous thing. It is like often emergency braking on highways, which may lead to more serious traffic accidents, such as premature ovarian failure and ectopic pregnancy."In my career career, I have experienced several female patients taking emergency contraceptives, thinking that bleeding is menstruation. In fact, it is the ectopic pregnancy we mentioned above. After the blood loss shock, I rushed to the hospital.

Misunderstanding 3: Use a safe period of contraception

The third "pit father" contraceptive method is the "safe contraception".Women often say that "the first seventh and eight is a safe period", which means that the first seven days before menstruation. Sexual life is safe within eight days after menstruation and will not get pregnant.Dr. Ye Qingjian pointed out that abortion and contraceptive clinics often heard the patient ask: "Doctors, I am in a safe period, how can I get pregnant?"

In fact, women with menstruation and normal ovulation are 7 days after menstruation are the follicle period, and the first 8 days of the menstrual period are the luteal period. These two times are not time for women to ovulate. In theory, sexual life is not easy at this time.pregnant.However, women are so sad that they are easily affected by emotions and environmental. Ovulation will be pushed in advance or pushing back. Some women have irregular menstruation and are not controlled by artificial control. Therefore, in the eyes of obstetricians and gynecologists, there is no "safety period".

Misunderstanding 4: Breastfeeding will not get pregnant during breastfeeding

Most women believe that they will not get pregnant when they have just finished abortion or breastfeeding. In sexual life, there is no need for contraception in the shortly after miscarriage.In fact, this understanding is very dangerous.After early pregnancy, ovulation recovery is very fast, and ovulation can be restored in 2 weeks. Therefore, you can get pregnant again before the first menstruation of the abortion.

Dr. Ye Qingjian introduced that there were women who asked in the clinic: "Doctors, why did I have no menstruation for 40 days after I finished the flow of people?" As soon as I checked the urine pregnancy is positive, the patient thought it was a failure of abortion surgery.week."Doctor, I just lived in the operation and lived at one time. Why did I get pregnant?" The doctor reminded that repeated abortion in the short term is not uncommon, and it has a great impact on women’s reproductive health.Therefore, women must stay away from the "pit father" contraceptive method and protect themselves in order to rest assured that bold love.

Medical Guidance:

Ye Qingjian, deputy chief physician of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Wu Lixia, Anesthesia Surgery Center of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

【Reporter】 Yan Huifang

【Author】 Yan Huifang

[Source] Southern No. south of a Healthy Life Circle

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