"Too shocking" Female doctorate stolen during pregnancy caused amniotic fluid to rupture!The content of the chat is unbearable!

Recently, a shocking news is like a lightning studying abroad circle like a lightning. The female doctor who is pregnant for eight months is ruptured by the amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

The female doctor named Wu Jiayi, who was studying at the University of California. Her incident experience was shocking and distressed.The identity of her mother should be a long -term responsibility. However, Wu Jiayi deviated from this responsibility during pregnancy and chose derailment.It is understood that she had a secret meeting with love husband within a month and showed her dissatisfaction with marriage and dependence on the love husband in the chat record.Such behavior makes people understand her thoughts and moral bottom lines.

What is even more distressing is that this derailment has led to the rupture of amniotic fluid and eventually led to the abortion of the child.Pregnant women need to pay special attention to their health and emotional stability during pregnancy, and work hard for their children’s health.However, Wu Jiayi’s behavior violated these common sense, not only irresponsible to his physical health, but also harming innocent children.This is not only an irresponsible behavior, but also a disrespect for life.

After the scandal was revealed and divorced from her husband, she posted another whitewashing itself, saying that she was "aborted husband’s domestic violence", and also slandered her husband as "Mom Bao".

After the husband couldn’t bear it, he chose to expose the truth.Derailed others, betrayed partners, and lies for whitening!Wu Jiayi’s deception nature is clear.The joy she was deceived eventually became the barriers of her life.

Due to derailment during pregnancy, the amniotic fluid rupture, eventually falling into the state of death and destruction of life … Extramarital love is like poppy flowers. It looks gorgeous and charming, but it is a fatal poison. Once the contamination is often like the abyss and rare end.

Public opinion is full of anger and puzzlement about the outbreak of this incident.People are more disgusting and angry about the endless situation of derailment.This behavior that deviates from marriage morals and family responsibilities is undoubtedly harmful to the victims, and it is also a trample on social conscience.

After this incident, netizens also gave their own opinions on the incident, but more of their regrets and shameless behaviors of life.

In short, this online exposure has aroused the public’s thinking and attention of family values.Marriage is a precious relationship, and husbands and wives should support, respect, and guard against each other.For those women with pregnant women, they need to cherish the health of themselves and their unprepared children, and follow the correct moral bottom line.In this way, we can build a healthy and stable family and society.

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