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As early as the second century AD,

A Greek doctor named Soranus,

It is recommended that women jump over repeatedly after the same room for contraception.

In the ancient Egyptian era, women took oil, grains, and fruits mixture to contraception;

In China more than 4,000 years ago, women took mercury, cream, horse -saving sub -alkali, etc. for contraception.

GregoryPincus is considered the "father of contraceptive pills"

He did a study in the laboratory that because his experiments could not have the risk of pregnancy, the female and progesterone content in contraceptives he adopted were high. However, in fact, he completed his research and has a significant effect.

So far, contraceptives have developed to the fourth generation:

The first generation is oloneone and nail artone,

The second generation is the puppet progesterone and Zuo Nuo progesterone,

The third generation is a dexonone, anemidone, and a nododine,

The fourth -generation short -acting oral contraceptive contains the latest progesterone alcohol.

Do you feel that the name grows the same, it is difficult to distinguish the male and female?

For love and peace,

The next introduction uses the product name:


Famous Ding Ding -Mom Fellon (Embrogenol)

Usage: Oral, take a piece at a time, take 21 days, and then stop the medicine for 7 days. From the 8th day of the drug, take the next box of medicine.It is best to take it at the same time every day.In the stoppage period, retreat bleeding occurs 2-3 days after taking the last drug, and it may continue until taking the next box of drugs.

Momfalon has been tested in the market for a long time, and the price is cheap, but a side effect makes female friends talk about changing, that is, "getting fat".In fact, this is not fat, but medicine in medicine. It only needs to stop the medicine for a while, and naturally you will lose weight.

In addition, Mom Fulong may also cause breast tenderness, breast pain, milk secretion, headache, migraine, changes in sexual desire, uncomfortable wearing contact lenses, nausea, vomiting, vaginal secretions, changes in weight, allergies, etc.

It is worth mentioning that in order to delay menstruation, the next box should be taken after taking a box, and there is no stopping period.Based on the time to formulate menstruation, the drug can be discontinued 2-5 days ago. Generally, menstruation will be about the development time.Continue to take the next box after 7 days of stopping the medicine.During taking the second box of drugs, there may be breakthrough bleeding or bleeding.


The next show -You Siming (Estoliosol tablets)

Usage: You Siming’s usage is no different from Mom Fulong. They are delivered with a small amount of liquid at about the same time every day.Because the ingredients in You Siming are similar to the progesterone produced by the human body, it can even make the skin smooth.

The most commonly reported adverse reactions of You Siming are nausea and breast pain, and greater than 6%of users have experienced the above adverse reactions.


Emergency contraception — Yuting/Jin Yuting (Zuo Nuo Pogetone Tablets)

Usage: Applicable to women’s emergency contraception, that is, useless or other contraceptive methods when accidental measures or other contraceptive methods.Oral, take the first piece within 72 hours after the intercourse, and take the second piece after 12 hours.And now Jin Yuting, which is launched, is actually the upgraded version of Yuting, which can take effect by eating one capsule.However, if the aunt in the third week after the accident has not yet visited, I have to buy a test stick to test it.

It is worth mentioning that Yuting only used as an emergency remedy contraceptive for contraceptive failure, and could not be used as an induction drug; if mild nausea, vomiting, generally no treatment, he could disappear.

Limited to traditional concepts, the Chinese people’s "three -point poisoning" ideas are widely circulated. In addition, most Chinese people avoid "sex" and the popularity of sexual knowledge is low. As a result, everyone generally believes"Men" practice.

In fact, compared to condoms, contraceptives that use contraceptives correctly ≈1, while condoms have risks such as falling off and damaging.

As of now, more than 1 billion women in the world have used their contraceptives, and they are also the first choice for contraception in European and American women. At the same time, the use of contraceptives also indirectly supports women to directly master their bodies, rather than being controlled by sexual partners.

In addition, women also need to consider accidents such as sexual assault, and the use of emergency contraceptives afterwards is a better protection measure.

What is surprising is that while the contraceptive pill was crowned "scum men’s practice", the flow of people appeared on the streets and alleys and David, and even the abortion abortion after unexpected pregnancy became a must -have for domestic youth filmsRoutine.

In this way, whether the interests of merchants are smoked or the market demand is huge, it is unknown.But this situation is worth thinking about.

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