"The World" starring Yin Tao: After divorced, I long for love and entangle the pension of my parents

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Yin Tao and Lei Jiayin "The World" stills

"The World" is the most popular New Year’s Eve drama at the moment, with 58 episodes in length. It is adapted from the novel of the same name of the well -known writer Liang Xiaosheng.

From January 28, 2022, the play has been on a set of CCTV and iQiyi, and the ratings have continued to rise.

The famous actress Yin Tao plays the heroine "Zheng Juan" in the play. She is kind and endured, her fate is bumpy, and her enthusiasm is not losing her life.She and her husband Zhou Bingkun’s fate touched the hearts of the audience.

Yin Tao is beautiful, simple, and kind in life, and has received good tutoring.She had a short -term failure marriage, and she still yearn for beautiful love.Yin Tao is the only daughter in the family. The parents who are far away from Chongqing gradually grow old.

Yin Tao’s "The World" stills

In "The World", Zheng Juan’s drama is quite heavy and runs through the entire scene.The fate of many protagonists in the play has a lot of connection with her.

Zheng Juan is the wife of the Zhou family three weeks.She was bitter and was abandoned by her biological parents as soon as she was born.The adoptive mother, Mrs. Zheng, raised her adults by selling popsicles and rock sugar gourds.

Zheng Juan has a blind brother Zheng Guangming, which was picked up by Mrs. Zheng.Poor life can’t cover Zheng Juan’s beauty, and often hacks to bully Zheng Juan.As a result, Tu Zhiqiang’s hero saved the beauty and won Zheng Juan’s love.

Once, after Tu Zhiqiang’s friend Luo Shibin was drunk, he forcibly had a relationship with Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan was pregnant for this.Later, Tu Zhiqiang was killed after being killed, and Zheng Juan’s destiny fluttered.

Yin Tao and Lei Jiayin "The World" stills

Zhou Bingkun and Tu Zhiqiang are young, and the two are neighbors.After repeated contact, he fell in love with Zheng Juan, who was kind and died.After Zheng Juan gave birth to his son, he took his son and his brother to live hard.

Zhou Bingkun proposed to marry Zheng Juan and was resolutely opposed by his family.Later, when the Zhou family was in trouble, Zheng Juan took care of Zhou Bingkun’s mother.Zheng Juan’s kindness moved the Zhou family, and they accepted Zheng Juan.

Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun gave birth to another son after getting married.Coupled with her previous son, Zheng Nan, who gave birth to Luo Shibin, a family of four lived together.After experiencing all kinds of storms and suffering, life gradually showed Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun …

Yin Tao described the three -pointer of "Zheng Juan "’s kindness, forbearance, strongness, and longing for a better life. Many viewers shed tears of Zheng Juan’s bumpy fate while chasing the drama.

Yin Tao and his parents when he was a kid

Yin Tao was born in Shapingba District, Chongqing City in December 1979. He is the only daughter in the family. His parents are the artist of the army.Later, both parents switched from the army and entered a state -owned enterprise in Chongqing to work.

Yin Tao Pavilion, which is 1.66 meters tall, is naturally beautiful, born with beauty.When she was in the girl, she had bright eyes and brightly smiled, as if she was a fairy that came out of the painting.

After graduating from junior high school, Yin Tao was admitted to Chongqing Art School to learn film and television performances.After three years, Yin Tao graduated and was assigned to Chongqing Drama Troupe as a professional actor.

Beijing is the national film and television cultural center, and Yin Tao is eager to go there to broaden his horizons.In his consent of his parents, Yin Tao was admitted to the PLA Academy of Art in 1999.Her college entrance examination scores exceeded 100 points than the military admission score line.

Yin Tao’s "Women’s Lifetime" stills

Yin Tao, Zhang Fengyi "The Sky of History" stills

Graduated from college in 2003, Yin Tao applied for the empty government drama group.At that time, there were dozens of graduates from art colleges competing with Yin Tao, and they could only admit one person in the end.As a result, Yin Tao won with his outstanding comprehensive quality.

In 2004, "The Sky of History" was popular, and Yin Tao became famous for starring in the heroine "Dongfang Wen Yin".

After becoming popular, Yin Tao filmed a series of hot broadcasts such as "Happy Like Flowers", "The Secret History of Yang Guifei", "The History of Wu Zetian", "The History of Wu Zetian", "The Eagle Brigade", "Highland", "Peach Blossom", etc.Be a front -line actress.

Yin Tao has a rigorous style from a young age, humble and low -key.

However, in 2009, Yin Tao did not expect to dream that he would encounter a "unnecessary" rumor damage.


It’s really sitting at home behind closed doors, the misfortune comes from the sky!In order to earn traffic, a blogger lost the conscience and bottom line of being a person. He woven the leave news online, saying that Yin Tao was "raised" by a senior official in the Chongqing police community for 3 years.

Some netizens did not know the truth and followed the Internet.But more kind netizens feel that this is a rumor that is unnecessary and rebuke the rumor.

Yin Tao has never experienced this kind of formation and will only cry at home.

With the upgrade of the speculation of the outside world, the empty government drama troupe could not stand it anymore, and rumors came out in the name of the unit.

Some netizens who know the truth have left a message on the Internet, saying that Yin Tao has never met the senior officials who have been in the horse. They do not know each other, and have nothing to do with the other party. This is completely ingenious artificial rumor injury.

Yin Tao and his grandfather


The rumor of "unnecessary" brought major harm to Yin Tao and hurt Yin Tao’s kind parents.

The clear person was self -clearing, and the rumors could not hide the truth.After the truth surfaced, many netizens supported Yin Tao on the Internet, hoping that she would pick up legal weapons to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests.

Yin Tao was busy filming and could not afford this time cost. In addition, she was kind, and after the rumor publicly apologized to her, Yin Tao chose to forgive.

In 2010, Yin Tao was married. Her husband Shen Juncheng was two years younger than her. He was also from Chongqing. He was studying in Britain.

Because the two people’s aspirations were incompatible and the long -term gathering and less, the marriage ended in just one year.

Yin Tao and Tian Yupeng’s "Flying Flying to the Sky" stills

In 2011, Yin Tao returned to his single.Beautiful and kind was pursued by the opposite sex around her. After experiencing emotional vicissitudes, Yin Tao was more cautious about emotion and did not dare to embrace love easily.

In 2015, Yin Tao was 36 years old, and her parents began to worry about her personal problems.They knew that her daughter was under pressure and couldn’t bear to put pressure on her, and buried anxiety and worry in her heart.

Yin Tao returned to Chongqing to visit his parents after filming, and his parents often stopped talking.On one occasion, Yin Tao chose Beanjiao with his mother, and the mother suddenly came up: "I can still have you, you are still single, don’t you waste good resources?"

Yin Tao was laughing by his mother’s humor.She told her mother: "Mom, love can’t be in a hurry, the fate has to be slowly."


My father spoke: "Child, don’t conceal you, my mother and I often can’t sleep because of your personal problems. If you have any appropriate one, find one quickly, and then drag down the choice will only become narrower."

Yin Tao longs for love, has expectations for beautiful love, but he never meets the person who is fascinated.Some people think that the actor is very wide, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Yin Tao was filming in the crew in a year, and the people in the crew were in contact. There was no chance to know more people. Her contact surface was relatively narrow.

The people around you said to Yin Tao, "Are you so beautiful, do you want to marry a giants? Is it particularly high for the other half?"

Yin Tao replied, "No, I like culture and cultivation, and the requirements for the other half are not high, and I have never thought about marrying a giant."

Yin Tao and Li Jing are doing programs on television

In 2015, when Yin Tao was interviewed by "Very Static Distance", the host Li Jing asked: "Yin Tao, you are too beautiful and there is no sense of crisis. If you are not so beautiful, you will be anxious for personal problems."

In fact, Yin Tao knows the worries of her parents. She has been struggling with her personal problems, and she has been relatives, but she has never encountered people who can make her determined to enter a love marriage.

In 2017, Yin Tao’s parents gradually became old and suffered from old age.Yin Tao was not assured to let them live in Chongqing. As the only daughter of her family, she was responsible and obliged to support her parents’ old age.

So she received her parents from Beijing to live together.Parents have lived in the south for most of their lives, and they are not suitable for Beijing’s diet and climate.In addition, the second old man has no colleagues and friends here, and he feels very lonely.

Especially when Yin Tao went out to filming, his parents stayed at home all day. The two were sitting in front of the TV. You see me and I see you, and his eyes are full of loneliness.


Yin Tao’s parents

In the spring of 2018, parents proposed to Yin Tao that they wanted to return to Chongqing to live.They knew that their daughter was filial, but did not want to be a lonely "old North Drifting".

In Beijing, they always feel empty and feel that every day is so long.

Mother said, "In Chongqing, we have many old colleagues and friends who can go together. Here we can only be bored at home every day, and you let us return to Chongqing."

In this case, Yin Tao had to send his parents back to Chongqing.A few years ago, Yin Tao bought a house for his parents in Chongqing. After his parents lived in, neighbors did not know.

So they moved back to the old house.The house has been more than 30 years old, and it looks very old. After the wall is brushed, it still looks dull.But parents are willing to live here because there are neighbors upstairs and downstairs.

Yin Tao, Peng Yu stills

But in the past two years, some neighbors have bought a new house and moved away, and some have lived in Chongqing’s children.So Yin Tao’s parents took the bus to meet the old neighbors every few days, and everyone was happy together.

Parents knew that Yin Tao was busy with filming and was under pressure, and dare not easily call her daughter.Yin Tao was particularly afraid of answering his parents’ calls, especially after 9 o’clock in the evening, the phone called at home, and something would definitely happen.So before answering, she was numb.

In 2021, the mother was sick and did not tell Yin Tao.My wife took care of her in the hospital because she was too tired, and Yin Tao’s father was also ill.The old couple lived in the hospital and saw the children of the patients taking care of them. The parents of the Yin family had no taste in their hearts.

Parents have never told Yin Tao about this. Later, when she returned home to visit relatives, she learned about this from relatives. Yin Tao was in tangles and troubles.


Parents do not meet the lives of Beijing and are unwilling to come to Beijing to retire. Yin Tao works in Beijing and returns to Chongqing to live.How do I give my parents for the elderly?

In order to make up for his parents’ arrears, sometimes Yin Tao is filming outside, and his parents will receive the life of the crew.She took her parents to live in a hotel -style apartment. Her parents could cook for her, and a family of three enjoyed a rare gathering time.

But after all, this opportunity is limited. Most of the time Yin Tao spent among his parents, and his parents are also worried about Yin Tao’s personal problem.Because Yin Tao has never walked into a love marriage, he has always been single.

In February 2022, Yin Tao was 43 years old, and her parents were increasingly anxious about her personal problems.The biggest wish of the second old man is that Yin Tao can get married and become a family.

Yin Tao, Zhang Yi stills

And Yin Tao cares about her parents’ pension problems: she is not with her parents all the year round. She is worried that the second elderly will be sick and afraid that they will encounter difficulties in life.The two generations care about each other and worry each other. They have trouble and tangling in their hearts.

Comment on "Fame Celebration":

"The World" is currently on the air, and Yin Tao has become popular again, becoming the focus of the media and audiences.The life story of Yin Tao and his parents reflects the most common practical issues in today’s two major.

One is the marriage of elderly children; the other is the pension of elderly parents.It is now a diversified society. Many older men and women choose not to be in love or not, and some are unwilling to have babies when they are married.In fact, this is a negative attitude towards life, which is incompatible with the mainstream values.

From left to right: Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Lei Jiayin, Yin Tao’s "The World" stills


Older children are not married, the most anxious and most troublesome is the elderly parents.So the marriage was the hottest topic today.

The children worked hard in the workplace, stressed, and lack of surgery, and could not be filial piety in front of their parents.Especially the only woman, this trouble is particularly prominent.

How to keep the elderly for elderly parents?This is not only a matter of children, but not only a family matter, but also about millions of households.It is hoped that the relevant departments will form a joint force and take measures to properly solve the elderly’s elderly difficulties.

The troubles of Yin Tao and his parents exist in many children and parents.I hope Yin Tao will find her boyfriend as soon as possible so that parents can keep their cares happily!


It is not easy, so stay tuned and follow!

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