"The Story of the Strange" king testing the pregnant stick official announced that he was pregnant and married a 6 -year -old husband for one year.

Following Selina Ren Jiaxuan’s excitement announced the news of pregnancy, on March 14, because of the popularity of "The Story of Qi Qi", the king of "Mainland" and "Kangxi successor" also officially announced the good news of pregnancy.

This afternoon, the king (Shen Xia) took a pregnancy test stick on a social platform. From the photos taken from the sun, in order to determine whether he was pregnant, the king tested three times in a row. Two of the test strip tests were two bars.However, the second bars are reddish, and the third time is even less invisible. In this regard, the king anxiously issued a post for help netizens: "Is there any or not."

I remember that Selina also tested her pregnancy through test strips and pregnancy test sticks. She and the king’s situation was somewhat similar. Selina revealed that after the first time she measured the two bars, she asked her boyfriend to buy different test strips.The second bar is a bit shallow, but it is two bars, and it is also determined to be pregnant.From this point of view, the king should also be pregnant.Despite this, it is in case of it, some fans warrity suggests that the king will take a blood to see the value.

Although the king has not announced the blood test results, many netizens have lined up and wishes "Congratulations to the King of Baby" "I have a little baby."Prepare pregnancy.

I have to say that the speed of the king’s pregnancy can indeed be said to be fascinating. You must know that the king and her husband Lu Pengxing only announced the pregnancy last night. I asked netizens to teach experience. I did not expect to usher in good news in less than a day.It’s enviable.

When it comes to the king’s husband Lu Pengxing, he is 6 years younger than her. He is an actor who has participated in the TV series "Red Yan Xiying". However, compared to his works, his relationship with the king has attracted more attention.

Netizens think that the king loves too much.

In a question, in February last year, the king had a certificate of marriage. Seven months later, the wedding was held. From time to time, the two people after the marriage also shared their daily show affection, and their feelings were very sweet.

Last month, the king of the first anniversary of marriage with her husband, she happily posted: "The first anniversary is still very happy, not greasy, not enough, not tireless, and she will still be heartbroken."Two people who love couples are the best attack on the outside world.

Today, the two kings and husband Lu Pengxing ushered in the crystallization of love as expected. From the two worlds to a family of three, I believe that their little life will become more and more happy, and finally bless the king again.

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