"The funeral 4 won’t go, go to the family to cry", which 4 kinds of people can’t go to the funeral?Must keep in mind

As the saying goes: "Raising children to prevent the elderly" is a very traditional concept. While marrying a wife and having a child, it also adds a guarantee for the family to continue the incense.

Although some personal selfishness is inside, the deeper cultural traditions are also shining all the time, that is: filial piety.

A seemingly simple word "filial piety" has connected China ’s 5,000 years of history and culture, playing a very critical role.

No matter where he is, the children of Huaxia have the perception of "fallen leaves and roots". When their lives go to the end, they must try to return to the hometown of raw birth, and then sleep here.I walked in this world.

The funeral culture is equally vast and profound, and there are many particular attention in it.The memory and sorrow of the deceased turned into tears and spilled at the funeral.

At such an important moment, the ancestor left a advice: "The funeral 4 will not go, go to the family to cry."

This saying seems to be very incompetent, in fact, for the sake of the living, after all, the deceased has gone, and the living has to continue.You have to look forward in all things to re -illuminate the road.Carry the bag, and go to the road of life.

So the question is, which four people say the "4 people" that the ancestor said?Why do you have a very serious consequences when you go to the funeral?

Next, we took these questions in our hearts to find the footprints of the ancestors and explore the secrets behind the saying.

The first person who cannot go to the funeral: children, age lower than 5 years old.

Children are an important part of family inheritance. It is reasonable that in important occasions such as funerals, they should be present. Why can’t children under the age of 5 participate in the funeral of their loved ones?

The reason is actually very simple. This is a kind of love for children, a protection measure, allowing them to have a psychological environment of healthy growth.

Children who are less than 5 years old have not understood many things, and they cannot understand that adults have lost their love of their loved ones.To impose this solemn emotion to them, the young heart is unbearable. On the road of filial piety, it will be counterproductive.

Children are naturally naughty and played. Even at the funeral, they are unrestrained. This is very inappropriate. During the funeral, the children are supported by the children, which is also a helpless decision.

In addition, everyone in the funeral is in a sore mood. Many relatives will be lost because of excessive sadness. In the process of crying, they will scare children. They have difficulty understanding why adults are so distressed, but they see their dadsMoms are sad, and they will feel that their sky is falling. At the same time, they will leave a shadow for their childhood memories.

The second kind of person who cannot participate in the funeral: pregnant women who are pregnant.

This is a better understanding that pregnant women have a special physical fitness. It is not recommended that there are severe exercise, and it is not recommended that emotional fluctuations are not recommended.

At the funeral, it is inevitable that because of the friendship with the deceased’s life, emotional is out of control, which is very unfavorable for pregnant women and fetuses.

Whether it is a pregnant woman or a fetal problem, this is a true portrayal of "no scourge". At the funeral that was originally sad, it was very unwise to make loved ones even more sad.

Even if the deceased will never allow such things to happen. Good health is blessing, and the family can develop prosperous. This is a virtuous circle.

The third one who cannot go to the funeral is the old man who is old.

The reason is the same as pregnant women, all for safety.The elderly have already degraded because of their various functions, and it is difficult to withstand strong emotional fluctuations, otherwise it will aggravate the burden on the body and cause serious consequences.

The worst case: Before the funeral is over, you have to prepare the next funeral again. No one is willing to see such a scene.

The fourth type cannot go to the funeral: there are people who determine the life of life.

In ancient times, the imperial examinations, today’s college entrance examinations, are key tests for changing their destiny with knowledge. Because they are national tests, and they are a fair competition for those who read, so each family attaches great importance to it.

Those who want to take this test cannot go to the funeral, because they will be disturbed by sad emotions, and it is difficult to exert all their strengths in the examination room.

This is why many families hide the news of the death of their loved ones. When the exam is over, it is the reason.It is the hard -to -read of the cold windows, waiting for the opportunity to transform this life.

Even if the relatives are known to Jiuquan, they will not let the children of the college entrance examination be separated from the examination room, and they are not willing to see the results of thousands of days and nights fighting. This is a kind of helplessness and love from the most relatives.

For these four kinds of people mentioned in the "funeral 4, go to the family cry", carefully analyzed it, the ancestors still made sense and worthy of reference.

However, in actual life, it is also necessary to change flexibly. After all, the funeral is a very special occasion, and it is also the opportunity to see the deceased in love.The author believes that as long as the conditions are allowed, you can still participate in the funeral.

For the advice of the ancestors, we must also keep it in mind. After all, these sayings are summarized with real life experience. It is a lesson of the front car. In order to prevent the descendants from repeating the mistakes, these sayings have the inheritance of these sayings.Promoting traditional culture, there is a long way to go.

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