"The Flowers of the Year" is hot and full of Ejiao!But Ejiao is taboo for these three types

Recently, there is a very hot drama "The Flower of the Flowers That Year". It is often mentioned in the play. When the body is weak, Ejiao is eaten, and Ejiao must also be eaten at first.So, what is the effect of Ejiao?What are the taboos of eating Ejiao?

1. Nourish blood and nourish yin

Ejiao flavor is sweet and sticky, and has a good hemostasis. It is particularly good at treating blood deficiency symptoms caused by bleeding.During the clinical application process, it can be used or compatible with other drugs. Its blood supplementation effect is significant. Ejiao can also nourish yin to nourish kidney water.

2. Anti -aging

Ejiao contains bone collagen, protein, with a variety of trace elements, a variety of amino acids, etc.These are important substances in human nutrition, which have obvious anti -aging and prolonging life.

3. Calcium supplement

Ejiao contains rich calcium. Through the effect of glycine, it promotes the absorption and storage of calcium, improves calcium balance in the body, and can prevent and treat osteoporosis.It is the ideal supplement in health care.

4. Meridity and tire

Ejiao can be used for irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis, and blood heat, and has the function of nourishing blood and regulating menstruation.Ejiao can nourish yin and blood, and can be taught.It has a good treatment effect on common fetal elements, restless fetal movements, and even abortion.

5. Expansion microvascular

Experiments have shown that Ejiao has a significant inhibitory effect on increased blood viscosity.Taking Ejiao in middle -aged and elderly people can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, and resist arrhythmia.

6. Anti -cancer

Experimental observations have found that Ejiao has a two -way regulating effect on cellular immunity.And has a good enhancement effect on the activity of NK cells, and NK cells play a certain role in suppressing tumors.In addition, Ejiao has the effect of promoting lymphocyte transformation, which can slow down tumor growth, improve symptoms, and prolong life.When using radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the use of Ejiao can reduce side effects, enhance physical fitness, and enhance drug tolerance.

1. People with wet and wet body in the body

It can be manifested as dry mouth and sticky mouth, fatigue, dizziness, or confused head, bloating, and poor stool. The most important thing is that the tongue coating is thick, or white or yellow.

2. People with congestion in the body

The skin tone is dull, the pigment is stubborn, it is prone to ecchymosis, the lips are dull, the tongue is dark or there is a stasis point, the veins of the lower tongue are dark or thickened, and the pulse is astringent.Women often have poor menstruation, generally dragging, blood clots, stomach pain, dark color, short time on their bodies, and so on.

3. Those who fell in love with the fire

For example, people with heart fire, liver fire, lung fire, and even yin deficiency and fire, if only gelatin is used, there will still be deficiency and no supplement, and the fire will become bigger and bigger.

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